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Ya Know

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Ya Know……

I labor here almost every day trying to spot the humor in what’s happening in the world and these…people. These fucking amateurs make me look like a freaking naive idiot.


It’s rarely reported in the U.S. news media, but many of the liberal activists and journalists who participate in RT programming openly bash the United States and defend Russia.

The American “star” at the Dec. 10, 2015, RT celebration was Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein. Speaking on a panel titled “Frenemies,” which challenged the view that Russia was an “enemy state,” Stein condemned “this very simplistic defense of who is our friend and who is our enemy is counterproductive.”

Seriously. As they’re screeching about the Russians doing something (nobody will tell us what) with Trump, they’re ignoring this and worse.

You might think they would report on a presidential candidate sucking up to Russia instead of making it up about a different. But then you would be thinking. That’s a problem.

They’re beyond parody,’ I would have to mix peyote, opium and some kind-bud to be able to make shit like that up.

Sometimes that just bothers me.

Via these people.

I thought I posted this last week.

It’s also the first post using my crappy tablet. So…..Two ‘things’ as I’m sitting in 20 degree weather waiting for a fucking blizzard.

Law And Ordure

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Important, Above The Post Question And Answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How can you tell Trump’s speech was strong last night?

Shepard Smith is freaking the fuck out today!

Now back to our post in its entirety!


This “law” smells like ordure!

EUROPEAN lawmakers have voted to lift Marine Le Pen’s parliamentary immunity to allow French prosecutors to take legal action against the Front National leader for tweeting pictures of Islamic State (ISIS) violence.

She didn’t support ISIS (obviously), she pointed out their murderousness and apparently, that’s against their law and ordure.

She must be doing very well in the polls. This is the ‘burning her at the stake’ part of the French election.


Speaking of which, more ordure as law from France

Mr Fillon was selected late last year in national primaries held by the centre-right Republicans that attracted some four million voters.

For a time he was the favourite in the race to succeed Francois Hollande as president – until the fake job allegations emerged.

It’s funny how that Totally Important Investigation didn’t start until he was doing well in the polls.

It’s also funny that, in bringing him down, they raised Marine Le Pen. Like Trump, in bringing down her opponents they’re strengthening her and her voters are not paying attention to the vitriol their EUnuch betters are spewing.


Law over Ordure in Canada!

Five separate decisions by the Immigration and Refugee Board to release an imprisoned refugee — who is considered a danger for sexual assault and randomly attacking people on the street — have been overturned by the Chief Justice of the Federal Court, revealing growing conflict over how to handle violent refugees who cannot be deported.

The funniest part? Why they can’t be deported.

In overruling release decisions for a man who has been in prison for more than three years because he won’t co-operate with his deportation,…

Saying, “Please go home violent bad guy.” just doesn’t seem to be working. Whodathunkthat?

Some common sense.

Chief Justice Paul S. Crampton issued a call to reconcile “the tensions in this court’s jurisprudence” on the thorny issue.

He landed soundly on the side of detention.

To do otherwise, he wrote, “would have the perverse effect of rewarding the detainee for his failure to co-operate with his removal.”

That’s often most of the ordure coming from idiotic lefty laws, the consequences (whether intended or un) are often really bad and very stupid.

Good for at least one Canadian judge.

I say you just send them home. Don’t ask the country trying to export its criminals, just drop them off and wave bye-bye.


International law, as currently stupidified, is basically ordure.

The Russians and Chinese have vetoed a UN Security Council motion condemning Syria for the use of chemical weapons, their seventh and sixth vetoes on Syria since the current crisis began in 2011.

Yup. Murder with chemical weapons, which is against all the right International Laws!!!!!! and yet, nobody can seem to enforce that law.

If a law-breaker is not punished, is there really law? If the law says you can’t break it but someone else can say, ‘No harm no foul’, it’s not law. It’s posturing ordure.


The major producers of laws and ordure are upset over stupid gov’t accounting tricks.

The Trump administration billed the $603 billion budget as an increase of 10 percent or $54 billion, but that number is only in comparison to sequestration levels of $549 billion. Sequestration has not been triggered since 2013. President Obama’s 2017 budget request and 2018 plans both went over the sequestration limits and put the onus on Congress to pass a budget deal to avoid the cuts.

Well, not all stupid gov’t accounting tricks, like oh…say…. The Sequester!!!!!!! that cut…the projected increase, just those used by people they don’t like.


What do you get when one Minitrue outlet tries to cover for another’s lies? Ordure!

ABC News apologized late Tuesday for a misleading edit around a quote from former George W. Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer that portrayed him as being harshly critical of President Trump press secretary Sean Spicer.

The headline says, “mistake” but at least they do call it a “misleading edit”, but they still try to soften the lie.

In editing the piece for air, his quote was shortened and as a result his opinions mischaracterized. We are fixing the piece online to include his full quote and context.

“We apologize and regret the error.”

So what was the ‘error’?

He twitted, It looks to me if the ball was dropped on Saturday, Sean recovered it and ran for a 1st down on Monday.”

ABC edited,   “It looks to me if the ball was dropped on Saturday” after ABC referred to “deliberate falsehoods.” 

The “deliberate falsehoods” were not from the media, except in the sense that they lied to make it look as if Trump lied.

So the point, they dowdified a quote in a particularly hilarious and egregious way, and “regret the error”. No, you got caught lying, apologize for being spewing fake news.

See? Ordure!


Aren’t there laws against this ordure?

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Council 31 announced last week that 81 percent of its 38,000 members authorized the union’s bargaining committee to call a strike if a new contract cannot be reached with the state.

Union members, who include prison guards, healthcare providers for veterans and the disabled, child welfare investigators, state highway workers and others

I thought public sector workers could not go on strike.

The website, Working for a Better Illinois, asks residents to supply contact information if they are interested in employment in accounting, clerical work, data processing, public safety, construction, engineering, maintenance and other areas.

“Although individuals would be hired on a temporary basis in response to the strike, the state would then begin taking the steps necessary to fill positions permanently,” the governor’s office said. (we really need a font that denotes awesomeness V)

That’s awesome. He’s a Republican, he should replace the apparatchiks for the Dem party…the workers with the folks unemployed because of the onerous, ordurous laws as promulgated by Dems and officiously enforced by these entitled, assoholic bureaucrats. Not as scabs, but as the new, public sector workforce.

That’s erudro! The opposite of ordure! (For the record, after I wrote that I looked to see if erudro meant anything, it does. And it’s pretty much the opposite of ordure. I love it when a …luck comes together!)


I have a few posts that get hits all the time. One is my post on where to get ammo for your Wildey, another is titled Israeli War Crimes!!!!!!! about how the UN and Hamas accused Israel but it wasn’t actually a war crime. It’s helpfully illustrated with a picture of a Hamas terrorist hanging (via their shirts) a couple kids on the outside of his house so Israel won’t bomb him.

I figure people come here on a search for Israeli war crimes and instead see a little bit of the standard standard used for Israel. Makes me laugh just thinking of pissing off people like that.


Poor Rosie, she’s doing something IMPORTANT!!!!!! For America!!!!!!! by opposing Trumphitler, it’s hilarious that she just doesn’t seem to realize she’s actually on his 2020 reelection team.

The former co-host of The View slammed the media for not reporting that Trump lies. O’Donnell said progressive activists are going to go “down and dirty from now on, just like Donald Trump.”

Oh, you’re going down on Trump, and it’s so dirty.

“The truth matters.  Even if our major media companies will not call him a liar, we will. He lies. He lies,” she said. “It’s about time they all start saying it.”

Way to keep your finger on the zeitgeist there Rosie. I’d say America is pretty much wanting them to stop calling him a liar, stop lying about him and start doing their fucking jobs.



This one I just can’t figure out, seems like the law being ordure to me.

An Australian man whose joyride on a motorized cooler went viral on Facebook pleaded guilty to a drunk-driving charge stemming from the stunt.

Wasn’t that the whole point? So you could carry your beer with you as you drive around? He saw a need and met it. He should be being lauded not persecuted!

Police stopped Wallace some time after the video and his blood-alcohol content was measured at 0.162, nearly three times the legal limit.

So in other words, he was 3 times the legal limit and he could still drive his bad ass cooler? There’s vid there, a facebook vid I don’t know how to embed and it’s not on youtube.

I thought you were cool Australia, but first you take everybody’s guns and now this? So sad.

Another song by my favorite Aussie pop-star!

Makes me want to fire an automatic and hav a Foster’s it does.




Okay, which one of you has been vacationing in England? Sure this guy broke some laws, but he had needs.

A lusty burglar broke into a sex shop – then watched a porn film and before stealing a love doll…
He then browsed the store’s sex toys , but clearly had his eyes on one particular product – a £300 Heidi Lauritsen life size inflatable doll.

…he then appeared to have watched a pornographic DVD that was sitting on the shop’s counter…

he could have taken… a computer and DVD player and a £10,000 photocopier…

…£25,000 of kit in there but that doll was the only thing that was taken.

He broke in just to watch some porn and grab a sex doll.

I’m not sure who she is, an image search was mostly sex dolls for a bunch of links then a bunch of dudes. Harrison Ford is there near the top for some reason.

She appears to be a sex doll model. I almost majored in that in college but my minor in cupcakes forced me into another field.

This makes me wonder if it was one of the prince-royals.



Some pics of the queen below.


Boys Don’t Cry

Posted: February 22, 2017 by Moron Pundit in Uncategorized

The Washington Post changed its masthead.

In their defense, they were listening to The Cure a lot…

This Moron is on Fire

Posted: February 20, 2017 by Moron Pundit in Uncategorized

Seriously, I’d suggest you just click and scroll until you’ve read most of it.

A small taste:

There is something deep here, some psychological damage present in the West, such that we, as an entire civilization, have lost the ability to take pleasure in anything, and have merely exchanged pleasure for pain in everything we do. Pleasure has lost its novelty. We are like Slaanesh in the Warhammer 40k world.

Where once we celebrated achievement, putting a man on the moon, inventing, building, and learning… now we celebrate victimhood in a form of emotional sadomasochism. Everything is about being made to feel bad. Imagine coming to work in the morning, chugging your cup of coffee, seeing a friend and saying “hey, how’s it going?” Said friend responds cheerfully and happily, “oh, it’s been going horrible, I got run over by a bus, and discriminated against by HR, catcalled by a thug, and my house burned down then got sucked into a tornado! How’s it with you?”

It’s almost that ridiculous.

If you walked on the moon, check your privilege, because I’m a bigger victim than you. If you cured AIDS, fuck you, you were privileged because you’re white, or have a penis. They will say things like, oh you want to know what challenge is, Mr. Quantum Physicist? Challenge is trying to make it in STEM when you’re mentally ill, bipolar, on meds, when you’re a genderqueer black Hispanic Muslim lesbian from Somalia. Who got sucked into a tornado.

Forget curing cancer, cure racism, they say.

That post really is a barn burner. 

On a personal front, I’m just getting back from a long-overdue and much-enjoyed family vacation so I am a bit behind the news.   I have a lot to say once I catch up – if I can ever get my thoughts to cohere enough to be writable.

Why am I back?   Because war has been declared and I intend to join the fray in whatever capacity is required.  For now, blogging.  Let’s hope it stays there.  I much prefer drawing penises on people to what, in my more pessimistic moments,  I fear is coming.

First, notice that Trump is working within the system to get around that judge’s decision about his travel ban. Obama, of course, was not so deferential to those who opposed his godhood. From June.

On Thursday morning, Supreme Court upheld an injunction on Obama’s….

“What was unaffected by today’s ruling, or lack of a ruling, is the enforcement priorities that we’ve put in place,” the president stated.


Then think about how the two things have been treated differently.Have I mentioned, Fuck Minitrue lately?
I saw CNN talking about this the other day

The US ambassador to the United Nations offered a strong condemnation of Russia in her first appearance at the UN Security Council on Thursday,

They were trying to act as if Trump had no idea what she was going to say and the panel wondered if he was going to bring her to heel.

Either these people are so stupid they really do think Putin preferred Trump to an easily-and-often-bribed Hillary or they’re so biased they think repeating enough will make everybody believe no matter all evidence to the contrary.

So how are newmagazines accepting Trump?



Oh wait, that’s the previous evil American, you can click if you want to see the latest in vicious, violent, leftist, smear campaigns.


I’ve been silent on Trump keeping Comey, mostly because I just can’t figure it out. WTF? He should have put him on the same plane with Obama.

So Friday Comey did another Friday Afternoon Hillary’s Felonious Actions News Dump. It’s fucked up and many pages.

 Page 55 is really interesting because it shows the results of a forensic examination on July 15th 2016 which discovered 1,539 work related emails between Clinton and Huma Abedin that were not turned over to the State Department. The 7/15/16 date is important because this discovery was AFTER FBI Director James Comey gave the press conference stating the FBI did not -at that time- have evidence to support a criminal finding.

That’s the part that makes me really not understand why Comey is not selling Kias in Paramus, NJ.


Via the puppy blender, How fascists take power. As you read, you’ll notice how what today’s ‘anti-fascists’ are doing is old and well known.

I will say it’s long been obvious they’re not anti-fascists, just anti-those-fascists (and those-fascists usually aren’t fascist, like Milo).


Also via the puppy blender, we see Scott Adams deciding he’s had enough of the fascists at Berkeley. It’s an interesting read.


Surprising nobody, one of the violent fascists destroying Berkeley worked there.

I have to admit, I’m having a serious problem being against these riots.

On the one hand, felonious rioting is not a good thing.

On the other hand, they’re destroying their own cities and college campuses and that’s just hilarious. Especially when they ask Trump for federal funds to rebuild.

On the gripping hand

Warden is a Badass

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Three awesome posts in a row.   Read it all.


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I’m told by people I quite respect that the Left and the Right are equally responsible for the degradation of political discourse in this country.


Show me, honestly, a counter example to this from the Right:

Show me a mob of masked thugs walk right into a public place and nearly murder a man in broad daylight without so much as an arrest.

I understand the desire for neutrality when both sides don’t represent your specific politics.  But to say that both sides are equally vile in the public space is to be willfully blind.

Men hidden in black masks are assaulting people in broad daylight on a regular basis.  There is nothing similar happening from the other side, primarily because the media only gives cover to one side.

It MUST stop.  Period.  And pretending a strongly worded letter at AoSHQ is equivalent is absurd.