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Remember when we at least pretended to have rule of law here? Good times, good times.

Today, we have a report about union thugs breaking and entering, criminally trespassing, holding hostages (which is kidnapping as well) and destroying property and there were no arrests.

Remove all breakables from near you, then click the link and read the first three paragraphs. They detail the multiple, major felonies and note that there were no arrests. After the union thugs committed multiple felonies, they went back to their union hall and, presumably, had a few brewskis to celebrate their felonious thuggery.

Wrap your head around that. Since they are union thugs who had lost a court battle, they can apparently commit multiple felonies without repercussion.

Which makes the “context” of Jimmy Hoffa’s calls to take me out all the more obvious.

Man, I need to stop reading anything on the intertubes except for gun selling sites and failblog.

Saw it at Drudge.

Update: The Jawas have more with an illuminating pic of one union thug using a baseball bat as the holder for his weapon….errr…. protest sign.

Labor Day thoughts on my Union experience

Posted: September 4, 2011 by socklessjoe in Union Wins Again

A few months ago I became a “fair share” worker in an AFSCME shop.  Due to the understandable fear of losing my job or other reprisal, portions of this account will be regrettably vague.

Shortly after my start date, I received a “welcome” package in the mail from the union, detailing the many benefits of membership.  Aside from collective bargaining and representation at disputes I may encounter with management, they actually have negotiated some good group rates for things like car insurance and other non-work related aspects of life.  If one was neutral or undecided about joining, it was a pretty good pitch.  The package included one union authorization card.

The next day (-or maybe two) after that, I received the “fair share” package, detailing what they would be taking from my paycheck even if I didn’t join, and explaining what sorts of activities they could engage in with my totally-not-political and only-collective-bargaining-for-realz fair share money.  Well, when you read the fine print, they actually can engage in certain political activities up to a certain point.  And while I’m sure that the accountants have every dime accounted for, I don’t actually believe there is any real way to enforce those limits, and I am positive that the proverbial line is crossed with frequency.  The “fair share” package included two authorization cards.

One of the things I thought the union was supposed to do for me was prevent “management” from dumping new work on me that wasn’t in my job description.  I’ve gotta give them a double-FAIL on that one.  The consequences of the first change is that the work backlog in my area went up something like 60 to 70% in a matter of weeks.  And as a consequence of THAT, my (union) supervisor had to write a report to management about why the backlog was so high.  My job description was changed a mere couple of weeks after I started. Nary a word from the union about this.

With the second change the union actively worked to screw my section over.  Apparently there’s also a clerical backlog in my general area of government, so for one hour a day, a section adjacent to ours was asked to do mindless clerical work until the backlog can be cleared.  So the other section naturally complained to the union about this.  But instead of complaining about how they were being asked to do more work (-to the detriment of their own work), they complained that my section wasn’t being asked to do this busywork as well.  So naturally, now we have to do it too. And all our other work.  And the work that was dumped on us earlier.

So forgive me, AFSCME, if I’m not exactly in love with you.  You steal my money without my consent, you use my money to support political causes I find abhorrent, and you don’t even perform what is your actual duty, which is to fight for the interests of the workers you represent.

So happy frelling Labor Day, and bite me.  I’ll be jumping at the first non-union gig I can find.

Well, if you’re as member of the union, that is. If you’re a taxpayer who doesn’t belong to one of those unions, not so much.

Seriously, I challenge you not to tear your hair out as you check this shit out:

DROP [Deferred Retirement Option Plan–Sean M.] “allows LAPD and L.A. city fire personnel who’ve been on the force for at least 25 years and are 50 years old to collect both a salary and their pension for their last five years on the job. And, of course, they continue to collect their pension for the rest of their lives.”

The average size of a DROP check is $306,000 for cops, $328,000 for firefighters. If we multiply that average with the number of employees who have participated in the program — 2,808 — we find that the city has spent about $900 million on the program.

I heard about this on the radio this evening, and they mentioned that, IIRC, an LAPD Assistant Chief pulled out more than $900 million in compensation for “retiring” while still on the job.

There’s a lot more, including video, at the link.

Correction: According to the video I just mentioned, the guy who got more than nine grand was a Deputy Fire Chief with the Los Angeles Fire Dept, not an Assistant Chief with the LAPD. Still, FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUU….

Correction 2–Electric Boogaloo: The guy got a check for over $900,000. In the post I said it was $900 million, and in the previous correction, I said it was $9,000. I assure you that this time I didn’t fuck it up. Just watch the video at the link.

Stupid Val-U-Rite.

Cupcake Cannon!

What say you, Dramatic Eagle?

Shooters will recognize the name Olin, for those that don’t…think WinchesterOlin is a major munitions producer, and has operated this plant in East Alton for over 100 years.  Olin already moved all rimfire production to the new Mississippi plant, and after the rejection of Olin’s proposed contract by the union, centerfire cartridge production will be moving to Mississippi as well.  Illinois, and East Alton in particular, are gonna hurt bad once Olin completes their relocation.  Olin warned that they were going to move the plant if they didn’t get some concessions from the unions.  So congrats union guys, you’ve voted yourselves out of the job, just like many of your other union brothers before you…feel stupid yet?