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The local community college is offering counseling if you’re “distressed by either the vitriol of the campaign or the results”.


If I had time (meaning, I was a special snowflake student and not working a full-time job and raising a family) I might seek counseling because it’s terrifying to me that someone who would bully and intimidate the women her husband sexually assaulted and harassed could make it so close to the White House and it seems like none of the womyn on campus care.  I just might be able to milk a few free credit hours out of being betrayed by the local vagina squad.

In other words…if you’re so distressed by the vitriol of the campaign or the results that you must seek professional help, please GTFO of campus because you’re not even mature enough for community college.

Stay weird, Nederland. Yes, the same Nederland that’s home of Frozen Dead Guy Days.

To sum up the article (but you should read the whole thing)… Nederland was home to a Mansonesque cult in the 70s. One of the cult leaders was killed by a city marshal, who then dumped the body down a mine shaft. 45 years later, a little person attempts to avenge the death of his cult leader friend by planting a bomb at the police station – but the marshal has been dead for over a decade. The bomb was to be detonated by cell phone but failed to go off.

Someone is actually filing suit to get the “ballot selfie” law overturned.

I was going to write some about this, but there’s nothing I could say that our three readers wouldn’t realize on their own. I’m just glad I work for a company where it wouldn’t fly to be asked for a ballot selfie to confirm I voted the way my boss wants me to. Some of us aren’t so lucky.

peculiar organic food shoppers

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One of the nice things about living in Denver is being just an hour’s drive from Greeley, which has a consistently interesting crime blotter.

Sadly, they’ll still vote for her

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Resurrection of the dead

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I suppose I should be in favor of zombies voting…

Colorado has some of the most permissive voting laws in the nation.

  • We allow online voter registration
  • We have a ballot by mail system that is almost exclusively used
  • We permit same-day voting registration
  • Convicted felons regain the ability to vote after their sentences are complete
  • Failing to vote no longer changes a voter’s status to inactive; instead mail from the county must be returned undeliverable

The last item may not lend itself to mass voter fraud, but it certainly allows a deceased voter’s survivor to cast an extra ballot.

Just as disheartening is the lackadaisical attitude of the county clerks. Being “amazed that the number [of fraudulent votes caught] wasn’t larger” shows a blind faith in the system that isn’t warranted and a lack of understanding of basic math. The number of fraudulent cases should be compared to the number of ballots audited, not the total number cast.

The shooter at Arapahoe High School (not going to name him, he doesn’t deserve the recognition) came armed for massacre, including extra ammunition, a machete, and Molotov cocktails. It’s fairly obvious from the amount of weaponry carried that the shooter had no intentions of simply killing his debate coach. Few news outlets are reporting on why the attack was cut short, though. It wasn’t because the targeted debate coach had left the school, and it wasn’t because the shooter suddenly had an attack of conscience.

The reason the shooter suddenly stopped his attack and killed himself was because Arapahoe High School had an armed school resource officer who confronted him. The shooter felt he was cornered and killed himself.

Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson had this to say:

We believe that the response from the  school resource officer … was absolutely critical to the fact that we did not have additional injury and/or death in this particular matter.

I think we have our proof of concept for armed school officers saving lives.