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I recently received an odd, frantic email from some wannabe politico in search of a conservative blogger who would write a column about Obamacare and jobs to save Tom Corbett’s re-election campaign from itself. As if such a Column to End All Columns could be written.

I don’t want to be too hard on this fellow, as I too sometimes suffer from wannabe-ism. Far less so than in the past, as I become more jaded and more likely to just give up and flee the state. I have little hope for an electorate that thought “binders full of women” was a substantive and revealing gotcha against Romney. I’m still not even exactly sure what that binders thing was all about.

Embattled PA Governor Tom Corbett signed the annual budget bill several days late, line-item vetoing some appropriations for the Legislature, instructing them to fix the state employee pension system. He did so in style.

You're number one!

You’re number one!

It pains me greatly that Corbett will probably lose re-election. And while he can certainly be blamed in part for poor relationships with the legislative leaders, the cold hard fact is that the Legislature deserves an unambiguous middle finger.

They have not passed pension reform.
They have not passed liquor privatization, or even “modernization”, the near-beer version of de-Sovietizing our idiotic laws regarding the sale of alcohol.

This is, by the way, and ostensibly Republican-controlled Legislature.

Heaven forbid they enact Paycheck Protection, one of the only things that could blunt the institutional power of the commie labor unions that really control this state.

I know the legislators are pissed. I know they can’t wait until Tom Wolf is Governor so they can raise taxes and spend until the cows come home, and go on pretending that nothing is wrong.

Word of warning to the NRCC – watch for collateral damage. Case study: Melissa Hart.


If Toomey made a deal with the devil Bloomberg, as many suspect, it’s already biting him in the butt.

The deal, I presume, was that MAIG would stop running the “bad” ad.

Ok, great.

But now they’re running a “good” ad.  A kiss of death ad.  An ad that will continually remind every GOP primary voter what he did, twisting the knife a little.

Deals with the devil never really turn out the way you hope.

In a phrase: corporate cronyism.

More broadly, a glib lack of seriousness about policy.

I was trucking along with this Buckley Carlson column just fine… Obama hypocritically bending environmental rules and helping to bail out the oil refinery in Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania as a cold political bribe to solidify light-blue PA’s 20 electoral votes

Then I got to the end:

It is a model of efficiency I hope the Romney administration is capable of emulating — without the demagoguery.

I don’t know if Carlson is serious or not.  Snark is difficult to pull off in a written medium.   He seems serious to me though.

I’m certainly glad the Marcus Hook refinery might remain open, but I’m not very happy about how it happened.

What she would want to see is an environmental policy that is consistent and makes sense so that everybody knows the rules.  Sunoco never should have been put in the situation where it would plan to shed refineries.  We should not see political favoritism in regulation, and we should not want to see state bailouts (–no thank you, Governor Corbett) of private industry.




Cartels in NEPA?

Posted: February 19, 2012 by doubleplusundead in WTF Is Wrong With PA

Holy chit, hispanic kid damn near took off a black kid’s hand with a machete in Wilkes-Barre.  These are young high schoolers.  Yikes.

Fuck you. Goblinfuck you with recycled fuckwipes for tolerating this clown to represent you. Fuck you for continuing your descent into poverty and not doing anything about it. Fuck you for continuing to vote for the dickheads who use violence as a debate strategy. And fuck you because I am sick of seeing towns such as you mooch off of others, and then threaten us if we don’t toe your line.

The Archbishop of the Diocese of Denver, Charles J. Chaput, will be installed as Archbishop of Philadelphia on September 8.  I think it’s a good move for Philadelphia; Archbishop Chaput doesn’t tolerate the sort of scandal that has overshadowed Cardinal Rigali’s leadership.

I’m very fond of Archbishop Chaput and will miss him terribly, and I know many members of the Archdiocese of Denver feel the same way.  He’s very down-to-earth and does an excellent job of explaining things in terms everyone can understand.   And you can’t miss how much he cares for each and every person he meets – there’s an immediate undeniable connection, and it’s obvious that he has an incredible devotion to his flock.

We’ll be praying for Archbishop Chaput to have the strength and wisdom to take on the difficulties the Church faces in Philadelphia.