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It’s hard to take what’s going on seriously just as it’s hard not to get fucking OUTRAGED!!!! at what’s going on.

I’d call it “cognitive dissonance”, but there’s not a lot of cognition going with the dissonating.

As Rachel Lucas says,

It is to the point that writing about the news is like writing about telekinetic squirrels.

In other words, it can’t possibly even be real, so writing about it feels creepy, pointless, and silly.

I’ve noticed that Certain People think that because I am not on American soil, I might not be aware of U.S. news. I keep telling those people that I have the internet. Sadly for me, I’m indeed following all the crazy shit going on, and the only reason I don’t blog about it six times a day is because IT IS INSANE, OH MY GOD, WHAT THE HELL?


I’m with you. But I’m pretty creepy, I love pointless and you have to accept the silly with the scary.

Take this.

The talking heads’ twittering excitement over the Dow is hilarious. “Can the economy be this strong while unemployment is still high?” they ask.

When gas is up, it’s inflation. When bread and milk is up, it’s inflation. When gold is up, it’s inflation. When the average price of anything goes up, it’s a sign of inflation…

Except stocks. When the average price of stocks goes up, it’s because the economy is strong.



Don’t think too hard about it, that way lies brain damage. Repeated facepalms can do that.


Publicola is tracking the CO “let’s hassle the law-abiding” shit, it’s in a few posts so you’ll have to scroll. One bit.

HB 1224 passed 34-30 with 1 rep excused. That’s the magazine capacity limit bill….

HB 1224 now heads to the governor’s desk. Again if I’m not mistaken, if the governor does not sign within 2 weeks of final passage a bill will become law. Hickenlooper can sign it into law, or just sit back and do nothing. He’d have to actively veto it to stop it. So if he does not veto it, Colorado will have a magazine ban effective July 1rst of 2013.


Let’s jerk law-abiding people around and make it take 6 extra seconds to fire 30 rounds at the range while sending jobs and people out of state!


This is hilarious.

Illegal immigrants have started surrendering to local Border Patrol agents after crossing the Rio Grande, convinced they’ll be released by Immigration and Customs Enforcement,

Do you realize our Border Patrol people are now doubling as coyotes? Telekinetic squirrels indeed.


In News Of The Expected, a few days ago we saw Syrian terrorists getting active in the Golan Heights, so what’s a blue-helmeted peacekeeper to do?

The UN has halted peacekeeping patrols in the Golan Heights amid fears that fallout from the Syrian war

Listen, they’re keepers of the peace, they don’t get involved in fighting.


I love this one. So the oligarchs of the EU decided on a budget and sent it to the EUnuch Parliament.

MEPs have rejected the EU budget deal agreed by leaders last month….

Dublin believes a deal will be done within months.


Months.  Let’s say they’re off by a year or two, that still means they’ll be ahead of us in actually having a budget.


I keep hearing Beppe Grillo is the next Mussolini, I figure he’s Chimpino Grillolini. Why? The picture they use is one of him yelling, which lets you know he’s bad. Also this bit

Since then, the country has been in a state of political paralysis as Mr Grillo refuses to contemplate a power-sharing deal with the centre-Left Democratic party.

The platform of his party was that he would refuse to work with any other party. So they’re upset with his keeping the central platform of his party.

As for fascism, it’s based on fasces, which are the bundles of sticks the Romans used which is/was a symbol of “working together”. He’s also claiming the EU is just waiting to recoup some of their investments in Italy before they drop Italy.

When that happens, he’ll be blamed. Count on it.


I love this one too. So NYC has a rat problem, just like any other hundreds of year old city with moldering, decaying sections, docks and underground areas, so they’re looking to fix it. A laudable goal, too bad it’s NYC pols who are in charge.

They’re going to sterilize female rats, which will mean they’re going to spread sterilizing stuff around the city.

I don’t know exactly how that’s going to fuck things up, but I do know that it will fuck things up and it won’t sterilize all the rats so all it will do is fuck things up without actually solving the problem. It will require a fix for whatever that fix fucks up.


Today’s “Here, this’ll fool the rubes” via SondraK.  OFA, the people who sell access to Obama, have this to say.

We are not a partisan organization; we will hold both Republicans and Democrats accountable to ensure that they are advancing the agenda endorsed by the majority of the American people. We are not a political organization…


Non-partisan suckers of Obama dick. Some work the shaft harder than others.


Via Cold Fury we see James Lileks getting intemperate.  No, really, James “I’m the nicest, most pleasant guy in the world” fucking Lileks. He’s talking about Piers Morgan explaining to us dim Americans how it’s a mayor’s job to make us do the stuff he thinks is best.

Not “encourage.” Not “exalt.” Not “inspire by example.” MAKE. It’s always MAKE with these people. If you can’t make people do things, how are you going to get anything done? That Volga Canal isn’t going to dig itself, you know.

(Sorry. Reducto ad Stalin.)


That’s an eddiebear rant with extra fucksickles from him.


I’ve seen some people getting upset about this, once again leave it to me to be all contrarian and shit.

The Obama administration is drawing up plans to give all U.S. spy agencies full access to a massive database that contains financial data on American citizens and others who bank in the country, according to a Treasury Department document seen by Reuters.

You know they’re already doing it, for once Obama is practicing the transparency he preached.


I wrote about the firefight (including automatic weapons and hand grenades) in a Mexican town on the Texas border. Nobody is covering it. Not CNN, not the NY Times, nobody in Minitrue has touched it. Here’s a google news search for “Reynosa”, the town where it happened.

‘Four trucks filled with bodies’ after Reynosa firefight
Monitor‎ – 1 day ago
REYNOSA — Fear and panic filled the streets of Reynosa on Sunday night as rival gunmen battled during a three-hour firefight that saw …
Gulf Cartel Rivals Battle In Reynosa kurv
all 4 news articles »

All four articles. Seriously? Machine guns and hand grenades in a city on the border with Texas and 4 articles on the front page in English?

So the point, an interesting article.

A higher percentage of journalists in Mexico suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) than among correspondents who covered the conflicts in the Middle East, Bosnia, Chechnya or Rwanda.

Yeah, I bet. When Mexican cartels kill you, your dog ,your family and your milkman for reporting on them, well, that’s kinda traumatic.

A little hilarity,

But the Mexican government, the health authorities and even media outlets themselves still aren’t taking measures to protect reporters.

That’s because they’re too busy hiding it.


I have reason to wonder about the reliability of Breitbart, but this article feels right.

The U.S will take part in deliberations over the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) starting on March 18.

When the treaty was last debated–July 2012–the U.S. joined Russia, Indonesia, and India in saying they needed more time to think about it. Then, the very day after Obama was re-elected, “the U.S. Mission to the U.N. made clear its support for renewed ATT negotiations.”

And by “feels right”, I mean, “It feels like a hot poker up the ass.”


The Things That Bother Veeshir.

I have a package coming via UPS (For the record, I hate UPS and have for over 20 years, they almost never get my package to me ontime or easily, my favorite was when they delivered my package to the same street in another town and the girl asked me if I knew my address.)

So I checked their “package tracking” deal and saw this. See if you can see why it bothers me.

Scheduled Delivery:

Monday, 18/03/2013, By End of Day


That’s how fucking furriners write dates, not muricans. It’s 3/18/2013.

I know, petty. But it’s the little things that bother me the most. I’ve in denial on as much of the big stuff as I can be.


I promised you oyster herpes and I delivers what I promises!

The incurable, deadly virus is, however, alarming fishing communities in Europe, where oyster herpes seems to be spreading—and could go on spreading as seas continue to warm, experts say.

It’s funny how in the midst of a cooling spell, all this warmening is going to KILL US ALL!!!!!!!!

Via the semi-complete Great Global Warmmongering List (I say “semi-complete” because nobody can track all the idiocies and ridiculosities they claim)

Don’t send this article to anybody you know in NYC, they might try to fix the rat problem by giving them herpes.

Actually, check that. Send it. What happens in NYC is good for comic relief now that I live 2,500 miles away.

Who can ask for more?

Well, this is Ungood. Plus ungood!

The story posted on alleges that NRA will not oppose expanding the background check system to include all private firearm sales, “provided the legislation does not require private gun sellers to maintain records of the checks”.  This statement is completely untrue.


The hell you say! How dare you contradict Minitrue!


Good or Ungood?

MSNBC Contributor Compares The Vatican To The Soviet Union…

Wow, so that means we’re supposed to be in favor of the Vat……oh wait, we’ve always been at war with the Soviet Union.


Four men — including the would-be groom — have been arrested for a marriage proposal stunt in which hundreds of motorcycles blocked a Southern California freeway, authorities said.

Only Big Brother.. Obama can tangle traffic for frivilous reasons.

Good Prole!

Wearing bulletproof vests and carrying 40-caliber Glock pistols, nine California Justice Department agents assembled outside a ranch-style house in a suburb east of Los Angeles. They were looking for a gun owner who’d recently spent two days in a mental hospital.

They knocked on the door and asked to come in. About 45 minutes later, they came away peacefully with three firearms….

She didn’t blame the attorney general’s agents for taking the guns based on the information they had, she said.


That’s the spirit. Gov’t knows best and good proles know their place, that’s why California is so enlightened!

Via Weasel Zippers, ungood. Very ungood.

A federal appeals judge has upheld most of a 2010 Arizona state law that prohibits school districts from offering coursework that endorses the overthrow of the United States government or stokes resentment toward a race or class of people.

How dare they!?!?!?!?!? Big Brother has declared that it’s okay to say white people are the cause of all evils!

It’s plus ungood that they’re actually questioning the gov’t!

Today the Department of Justice inspector general released a report on potential Labor secretary nominee Tom Perez’s DOJ Civil Rights Division. The timing of the release to coincide with his nomination was certainly accidental, because the report paints a damning portrait of the DOJ unit he managed.

The full report is here.

 The 250-page report offers an inside glimpse of systemic racialist dysfunction inside one of the most powerful federal government agencies.

Room 101 for them.

Good. Plus good in Lebanon!

Hezbollah’s “black shirts” will decide the coming president, prime minister, and cabinet.

Obama’s partners for peace!

I’m waiting for O’brien to tell me if this is good or ungood, so don’t have an opinion until I tell you the proper one.

Last week we saw some Syrian gov’t types ran from Syria and were being escorted by Iraqis when they were killed by freedom fighters, but we didn’t know which freedom fighters. Now we do.

Al Qaeda in Iraq claimed credit for the March 4 attack in Anbar province that killed 48 Syrian soldiers who were fleeing their civil war and nine Iraqi troops who were escorting them to Baghdad.

So al Quaeda is fighting Hezbollah and Iran? How am I supposed to know how to think when one group that Dear Leader killed personally is supposedly fighting another group that’s a partner for peace?

Good! Plusgood! Global Warming is so bad it’s causing blizzrds in England!

In the south of the UK, roads were blocked by snow and hundreds of drivers were trapped in their cars.

It’s so hot it’s snowing!

Which means that a doubeplusungood thing is more likely to happen what with all the warming!

Warming oceans could cause Earth’s axis to tilt in the coming century, a new study suggests. The effect was previously thought to be negligible, but researchers now say the shift will be large enough that it should be taken into account when interpreting how the Earth wobbles.

Oh noes!!!!!!

Bob Owens talks about some doubleplusgood, common sense gun regulations!

Take a looking at a sampling of what it Sebastian notes it would outlaw:

  • If you leave home for more than 7 days and leave anyone at home, that becomes a felony illegal transfer. 5 years in prison for each of you.
  • if you take a friend shooting and allow him to fire your gun, that is a felony illegal transfer. 5 years in prison for each of you.
  • If you have a gun lost or stolen and don’t report it within 24 hours, you’ve committed a felony. 5 years in prison.
  • If you lend a gun to someone for to try out at the range, provide a loaner for a student in training, let your son shoot a rifle you purchased while hunting, or provide a gun to a woman for self-defense, you’ve committed a felony. 5 years in prison for each of you.

That’s just scratching the surface. Make sure you read the rest about how it could Schumer’s law put gun dealers out of business, and create a de facto national registry… a prelude to confiscation.


It’s doubleplusgood that they’re keeping guns out of the wrong hands! And working on confiscation is the best way to start!

It’s doubleplusgood that McCain and Graham hate people because of McCain losing an election!

That Senator McCain harbors a grudge against “the Bushies” for the South Carolina primary defeat that ended his presidential run in 2000 is the worst kept secret in Washington. Having “his” candidate lose in his home state was also a blow to Graham. Known for his long memory, some Senate staffers joke the “R” behind McCain’s name is for “revenge.” Other quip Lindsey Graham is “the senator from McCain.”…

That weekend, McCain and Graham hit the Sunday talk show circuit expressing justifiable concern about Hagel’s qualifications for the job. But when Senator Cruz later asked Hagel equally hard-hitting questions in an Armed Services Committee meeting, McCain and Graham publicly raked him over the coals for being too tough on Hagel.

This left Beltway insiders and regular folk scratching their heads. Unless, of course, they remembered Cruz’s Bush association…..

So naturally, Lindsey Graham appeared on the Senate floor the next morning with a ridiculous sign comparing Americans killed in the U.S. by al-Qaeda (2,958) vs. drones (0.)


I have an illustration for whenever I mention Graham, it’s good that I did this!

little lord graham




Details here. Thank you, Milton Tingling.

A likely story

Posted: March 10, 2013 by Sean M. in FAIL, You'll pry 'em from my cold dead hands

“As I was leaving, I noticed a used AR-15. Bought that too. Even to buy an assault weapon, the background check only takes a matter of minutes. I don’t have possession yet but I’ll be turning it over to the Tucson PD when I do.”

You’re gonna have to click here to find out which solid citizen is making the streets safer, one gun purchase at a time.

No rhyme, no reason, just a bunch of links that piss me off with a little funny in between.

Fuck you John  Fucking McCain and Lindsey Fucking Graham.

Almost exactly 24 hours after the Kentucky freshman began his information-seeking filibuster against CIA nominee John O. Brennan, fellow Republican Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham took to the Senate floor to denounce his demands and say he was doing a “disservice” to the debate on drones.

“I don’t think what happened yesterday was helpful to the American people,” said Mr. McCain, Republicans’ presidential nominee in 2008 — who topped Mr. Paul’s father, former Rep. Ron Paul, in that year’s primary.

No, seriously. Fuck you.

As for this

What we saw yesterday is going to give ammunition to those who say the rules of the Senate are being abused,” the Arizona Republican said

Fuck you. What we see from you today is being used by CNN to explain how Rand Paul is a doody-head who even Republicans hate. I was curious to see what CNN was saying about Rand Paul, they were talking about McCain and Graham.

Seriously, do you have to help Minitrue do their job?

I have to admit, I look forward to both the GOP and the Democratic party nominating Jeb Bush in 2016. We should just let them join the Dems to form the “We’re better than you” party.

The Norks are feeling all ignored I guess.

NORTH Korea led by tyrant Kim Jong-un has sensationally vowed to launch a NUCLEAR attack on the USA.

Or maybe China wants to start WWIII. Personally I’d wait until our fine political betters finish fitting us for chains, but I’m not a murderous commie dictator so what do I know?

Speaking of chains, Headline

Senate committee starting votes on curbing guns

Coburn is trying to stop the bullshit, but you know it’ll get out of committee along party line votes and then McCain, Graham and the rest of the usual assholes will give them “bi-partisan” cover.

A reposting that belongs here.

So do I man, so do I.

Speaking of Fuck You,

The proposal, known as a continuing resolution, passed by a 267-151 vote, with more than 50 Democrats joining most Republicans in supporting it.

See? No budget, just another continuing spending of $trillions that’s totally not a budget so those aren’t earmarks and it’s not a bloated piece of fuck you. It’s supposed to “soften” the effect of the sequestion.

For “soften” read, not even make the small reduction in the growth of the rate of increase.

Fuck. Is there some German word for being pissed off when you say “I told you so”?

Interesting take on the current HIGHEST STOCK MARKET EVER!!!!!! news.

They tell us not to worry that the Dow is truly down by 50 percent if you price it in gold.

Hmmmm, sort of takes the happy out of it, huh? Welcome to the 21st century.

That riot over the soccer hooligans in Port Said is still going on, and it’s getting worse. Egypt is about to “have to” institute all the emergency measures Mubarak instituted 20 years ago. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Friends of al Quaeda active in Syria! Yay! Actually, they’re taking ‘credit’ for some suicide bombings, who knows if they’re related. It’s still jihadi vs jihadi supporters/jihadis with Teh Peepul just waiting to see who gets to kill them.

Interesting, could this be a reverse Hama?

Rebels take Syrian army’s artillery division in the town of Maariya near the Golan Heights, activists say

Recall that when Hama ‘rebelled’, the Dorktator’s father ringed it with artillery and leveled it, killing tens of thousands, how funny would it be if the rebels ringed Assad’s palace with artillery and leveled it?

Speaking of jihadi assholes, J Fucking Kerry and the First Worf are honoring someone who, like Obama, is rooting for the jihadis.

Ibrahim jubilantly tweeted: “An explosion on a bus carrying Israelis in Burgas airport in Bulgaria on the Black Sea. Today is a very sweet day with a lot of very sweet news.”[…]

Ibrahim holds other repellent views as well. As a mob was attacking the United States embassy in Cairo on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11, pulling down the American flag and raising the flag of Al Qaeda, Ibrahim wrote on twitter: “Today is the anniversary of 9/11. May every year come with America burning.” Possibly fearing the consequences of her tweet, she deleted it a couple of hours later, but not before a screen shot was saved by an Egyptian activist.

That’s almost funny. What would make it hilarious would be  if she wore a bomb vest when she accepted it.

This one is very fucking funny. It’s like those “Behead those who say Islam is violent” deals.

There have been angry scenes outside the headquarters of the tyre maker Goodyear in France, over a factory that is being closed down.

Staff clashed with police outside the offices near Paris as a workers’ committee held a series of meetings to discuss the closure of the Amiens factory in the north of the country.

Heh, so Goodyear is leaving because you assholes cannot be reasoned with so you go a-rioting? Fun-nee.

Via Jay, we see NY’s whoopie boot heel,

Police responded to his home on Feb. 12 and Feb. 13 after receiving complaints from his next-door neighbor that his loud laughs could be heard across the driveway.

The 42-year-old was charged with acting “in such a manner as to annoy, disturb, interfere with, obstruct, or be offensive to others.”

At his arraignment Tuesday, a judge declined to dismiss the charges.

Seriously? You know those things clowns use to smack each other that sound like dog toys? The ones NYS use make the same noise but they’re lead filled.

Via Arma Borealis, we see this bit of hilarity. So someone thought they saw a guy with a gun and everybody responded in a reasonable manner, they shut down that part of the state and told everybody to hide under their beds. Yawn. But this is what makes it so damn funny.

one of the officers involved in the response was apparently injured in an accidental shooting.

That’s the set-up, they didn’t find any evil gunman,  here’s the punchline

Glickman said the lockdown went smoothly

That’s fucking hilarious, some idiot shot himself or another cop and the lockdown went smoothly?

I like Peyton Manning, he plays football, keeps his mouth shut and makes some funny commercials. I have no idea what drugs he does, which women he beats and what sort of animals he’s cruel to, so rare in today’s sports.

John Lilyea has a great link to him going on a USO tour. I won’t link the resultant link because it has an autoplay thing, I hate those.

Now, via Knowledge is Power, we see this that I can’t decide if it’s funny on purpose, funny on accident or the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.


Bwahahahahaahaha….. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?!?!?!?

Via Harvey at Imao, we see the Field and Stream article where Slo Joe made his “shoot through the door” bit.

It’s even most stupider than…check that. It’s just as stupid as you’d expect from that moh-ron who couldn’t find a booger to eat if you gave him a map and your booger hook.

Surprisingly he actually stumbles through the question on what the 2nd amendment means, in a fairly decent way. That’s about it though.

Q: Do you think it’s an individual right??

A:t is an individual right, but it is also clear constitutionally that the government can limit the type of weapon you can own. For example, if the idea was to be able to repel a tyrannical government,…(stupidity about F-15s and atomic bombs). You have a right for self-defense against any intruder or any illegal activity being perpetrated on you, and for your physical self-defense.

He’s not all that bright. The Founding Fathers expressly said it was to repel a tyrannical gov’t.

A. The Federalist Papers, No. 28: Alexander Hamilton expressed that when a government betrays the people by amassing too much power and becoming tyrannical, the people have no choice but to exercise their original right of self-defense — to fight the government.

Would-be tyrants like to pretend only crazy tea-bagging rednecks believe that.


Q:How does the administration plan to address the fact that over 4 million AR-15-style rifles have been legally sold and purchased, and are routinely used by sportsmen, hunters, and others for everyday legal activity? Can you explain the administration’s legal rationale for believing that these semiautomatic rifles can be regulated through Congress and now through an amendment to the Constitution?”


A: The answer is that there is a clear argument within the definition of the Supreme Court laid out that that particular weapon is not a usual weapon in the sense that you need it for your self-protection or for hunting purposes. If you have to go up into the Poconos and go bear hunting or deer hunting with that weapon, and you need a clip that has 30 rounds in it, then you shouldn’t be hunting. You’re a danger to yourself. If you can’t get the bear or the deer in four or five shots, you’ve got a problem.


Nitwit. First, as they noted, there are many millions of them. Second, it’s not about hunting. Third, if you need four or five shots to get a deer, you’ve got a problem.

The next question is when he suggest you commit a felony so we’ll skip that.

Q:What’s the difference between, say, a semiautomatic hunting rifle that has traditional looks and characteristics and one that is an AR and labeled an assault rifle?


A:The thing that makes it the deadliest are the size of the round and how many rounds you have in a magazine. And the cops are coming to us and saying, “We’re being outgunned….

Moh-ron. He goes on that rant for two more questions, about how the cops are outgunned. So I have a semi-auto AR and I’m outgunning the cop who has a full auto M-4? And what about if the cop has a shotgun that you say is better than an AR?

Q: It’s a very popular rifle, and it’s popular for varmints and smaller game, and actually, the round is actually not as effective or powerful as many more traditional big-game rounds.

A:In fact, I know that’s true, having fired the assault weapons or however you want to characterize semiautomatic rifles. But the answer is that basically police say, “We’re being outgunned,


He’s just not that bright. He doesn’t seem to understand that an AR-15 is less powerful than the Remington 30.06s that kids get when they’re 16 to hunt deer.

This is the part where he dances in children’s blood.

Q: …Considering that with only minimal training, a magazine in a semiautomatic handgun or rifle can be replaced in about three seconds, what is the purpose served by limiting the magazines to 10 rounds or less?”…

A:If in fact the only thing available was 10 rounds in the AR-15 used by the guy who butchered those children up in Sandy Hook, he would have had to change that magazine three more times. And in that time frame, the police would have been there sooner, saving the lives of one or two or three children who got shot.


Seriously? You’re saying that 9 seconds is a big difference? (3 reloads, 3 seconds per reload). Don’t forget to clean that blood off your shoes Joe. It can leave a stain.

Also, the maniac who shot the judge and the congresswoman in Phoenix had a mall ninja magazine that jammed, when he tried to reload is when he was taken down. I have a mall ninja magazine for my Remington 742. It holds 10 rounds, unlike the 4-round factory mags. You need to work the bolt on the first two shots and the last two shots, so it’s really a 6 round mag for a semi-auto rifle and a 4-round mag for a bolt-action.

He goes on the “Even if it saves only 1 life!” bullshit” when told that the guy who killed the children whose blood he’s dancing in had the guns illegally. Which one life would it have saved? Certainly not the children’s.

I had to stop after this, it goes on for a long time and there’s just so much stupidity I can handle.

But most of it is, most of the guns found at a crime scene are guns that have been stolen or missing. That’s why we think there should be a requirement to report a stolen weapon immediately, or within a certain time period, or a lost weapon, a requirement to report it

So, the police knowing a gun is stolen will help how? No, how will that help stop a crime?

Not at all. He then goes on about a database that’s totally not registration, it’s just he gov’t knowing who owns what guns and making sure to track them forever and ever. Another bit is that he’s the one who suggested cops (Look, I’m the guy that wrote the crime bill, the so-called Biden Crime) in every school but the evil GOP blocked that.

He also says that they have a database saving NCIS checks now. I’d think that’s just him being stupid, but I’ve never trusted them to not keep that data from background checks. It’s a good thing I’ve had to sell so many guns while I’ve been unemployed before this “gunshow loophole” was implemented.


Now that I have your attention, let’s go to the boobs!

So a few years ago Tsar Putin I had a guy named Litvinenko killed in London using some sort of radioactive stuff in a needle. So the Brits decided to get tough and investigate it!

The results will stay secret. (Grauniad link, I had my choice of BBC, NY Times of the Grauniad, sorry).

Shit, those wimpy boobs in the Brit gov’t ar….damn that’s one fanfastic fucking gif up there.

Lest we think Britain is totally useless, check this out.

A GRANDAD whose house was pelted with stones by a schoolboy was NICKED and FINED after frogmarching him to his parents for a telling-off.

See? They’re not totally useless, they’re totally fucking useless!

In non-boob news, Columbia teaches us how to negotiate with terrorists.

Colombian government forces have killed a FARC brigade commander close to the Marxist group’s chief peace negotiator

Now that’s how you do it. FARC ceased their cease fire so the Columbians started killing them again. Nice.


The Holocaust Just Got More Shocking

No you idiots, all it does is illustrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that those Germans who claimed “I didn’t know!!!” were lying sacks of shit. Just like anybody with a brain already knew.

I have a hard time watching some war movies and not wishing we had perfected the bomb 2 years earlier. Especially in the Band of Brothers when they find the camp and Germans pretend they had no idea what was happening in that horrible place.

Damn, everybody wants to be where the revolution starts.

Brophy points to a section of the bill that defines a high-capacity magazine as one capable of accepting or — that can be readily converted — to accept more than 15 rounds or eight shotgun shells.

That’s just about every pump-action shotgun, you can put a mag extender on them so they’re illegal even without doing so.

So that’s why Biden was pushing double-barrels.

I know, I’m banging my chubby fists on the high-chair again, but….

Jonah Goldberg is upset they’re not inviting Christie to CPAC,

Oh, and he parroted the gun-control line and flip-flopped on accepting a federal bribe to accept Obamacare funding to expand Medicaid.

He thinks they need a big tent, stop being so strict about who they let in.

Yeah, that’s worked so well for the Church of England and the Catholic Church in America.

When your stock in trade is a belief system, it helps to actually FUCKING BELIEVE IN SOMETHING!

Sorry. I just get worked up. Added, I deleted “you assholes”, that was unnecessary. I was all worked up.

Heinlein always said that If “everybody knows” such-and-such, then it ain’t so, by at least ten thousand to one

Case in point. There aren’t more black men in prison than college.

I have to admit, I’ve always accepted that. It always embarrasses me when I forget that truism.

This one is funny on so many levels. 20 years after it could do any good, the state of Michigan is declaring Detroit a disaster area and taking over.

The quotes are what make it.

Mayor Dave Bing said Friday he does not favor an emergency manager to solve Detroit’s problems,

Wait, you mean a grifter is upset that he’s going to lose his source of graft? Color me pointing and laughing.

But wait, he demands his graft!

“There needs to be additional conversation with Lansing regarding their plan to move the city forward,” Bing said. “We have always said that we need help from Lansing to implement our initiatives such as public safety, transportation, lighting and others.

I’ll translate: Gimme, gimme, gimme.

I have to admit, I totally agree with this resident.

“I don’t think it’s right at all,”Angela Woodmere, 37, said Friday outside the Maccabees Building on Woodward. “We elected Detroit politicians and Snyder shouldn’t be dictating how they run the city.”

People get the gov’t they want, they voted for Henry Gondorff, they should keep him.

Speaking of scumbags. Via the Jawas we see Obama’s peace partners giving toys to children!!!! yay!!!!!

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government has decided to educate children about the dangers of toy-like bombs after militants allegedly targeted them recently with bombs disguised as candy, toys and even a string of ball-shaped explosives tied to a cricket bat.

Fucking savages. As for the Obama bit, it might not be the Taliban, but you know Obama would side with this set of boy-fucking savages just like he does with the Taliban.

Via Samizdata, we see this story about art. No, about Art!

So a hundred years ago some guy named Duchamp was at an art exhibit and he grabbed a urinal, signed it and put it on display. Some people are still doing it today. (Recall the janitor who “tidied up” a pile of garbage not realizing it was a million dollar pile of garbage). So the reviewer has this to say:

But it’s not going to come from repeating the same old tricks of 100 years ago. The urinal lovers now are the art establishment.

Hilariously true, but I laugh because I think of the haughty smugnitude you would get back from any Arteeeeest you said that to.

Couple Castle Arghhhhh! links.

First, the dumbest thing I’ve seen all day. (and that’s fucking saying something)

Cadets on the Brigade Energy and Environmental staff will introduce a new insignia to the Corps when they don their cadet uniforms this week. These cadet energy and environmental officers and noncommissioned officers, or E2Os, are tasked with leading the charge on initiatives related to recycling, energy and water conservation at the academy.

Silver Gore Award!

What does 4 up, 3 squiggly mean to you soldier? You’re pathetic sergeant!

The Silver Gore can’t be far behind. I swear, they’re just fucking with us now.

At first glance this looks awesome, but look closer.


Where the hell is the mine sweeper guy! Geez, they’re gonna be boned without him. Everybody knows the dinosaurs plant mines.

A sad post and one where the NY Post blew the headline again.

A massive spill at a Chivas plant has sent the smell of spirits flowing through a Scottish sewer

It should read Hundreds of people found in the sewers of Dumbarton, Scotland.

True Heroes! I so rarely get to use that category. There are only 4 of Doolittle’s Raider’s left alive.

There’s only one thing about that that doesn’t totally suck.

Years ago the President of Hennessy Company presented a bottle of 1896 vintage “Very Special Hennessy” cognac to General Jimmy Doolittle, in honor of his birth year and it was decided that the last two survivors would toast the fallen with it. Due to their advanced age it was decided that they would make the toast this year, before there were none left.


Update: I hate it when I forget something that I wanted to put in the top of the post.

Breitbart died 1 year ago today and the world is a worse place for it.


What the hell is going on out there? Seriously, things are not so much scary and endy as confusing and WE’RE ALL GONNA something.

Take this.

The Senate on Thursday rejected rival proposals to stop the sequester, ensuring the $85 billion in automatic spending cuts will begin on Friday.

Seriously? There’s infighting in the Senate so they’re cutting spending? WTF? Those assholes only fight to raise spending, not cut it. How am I supposed to hate you assholes if you don’t stop cutting spending? (actually, as we all know, they’re not cutting spending, they’re cutting a minor part of the increase in spending in the important parts, but still)

Gateway Pundit says, “Awful” cuz Senate Dems haven’t passed any sequester bills. I’m not picking on him, cuz I doubt he’s the only one who feels that way, but why is that awful? The fewer spending bills Dems pass the happier I am.

This one is all about teh fucked up. Also via GP, apparently Boehner used the word “ass” and Reid has his petticoats in a bunch because the word “ass” reminds him of a whorehouse. First, Boehner wasn’t calling either Obama or Reid an ass so don’t get your hopes up, but more importantly, what exactly was Reid doing in a whorehouse that the word “Ass” reminds him of one?

Hey, DADT is over, I can ask.

At first this looks odd, but I would suggest it’s not. Income is down over 3% and spending is up .2%.

Hey, eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.

This is the Yelling at the Puppyblender section of the post.

First, PB notices a story about gov’t workers who are involved in union stuff don’t actually do any gov’t work, they do union work.  That’s how it works. I only know the Patent Office for sure, but you fill out your hours and you have “other time”, which means time not doing work on patents, it’s for training or helping your boss or something like that, but the union assholes get other time for doing union work. It’s fucking bullshit, but that’s the gov’t.

I love this one, PB links an article about how the Supreme Court is getting more powerful than Congress.  Yawn, I’ve seen that story a bunch of times over the last 30 years. Why I’m linking is this.

In the Voting Rights Act case, justices are weighing the constitutionality of part of the law Congress reauthorized in 2006 that requires areas with a history of racial discrimination…(get jerked around V)

Who decides which areas have that history? You know they’re talking about them racist bastids in The South.  I saw a documentary once on PBS in Boston. It was about the 50s when blacks were moving north to big cities to get jobs. They had some guy who was big in Boston gov’t (read: Mafioso, just like now) and his quote was, “We didn’t want the blacks mixing in so we decided to make sure they moved to Roxbury with the Jews.” To this day, Roxbury is black and West Roxbury is Jewish.

Dollars to doughnuts that Boston is not included in that Voting Rights Act. Cuz Boston isn’t racist. So long as black folks know their place.

Veeshir defends Obama! Mark your calendars, then have a shot. One of Obama’s illegal aliens releases released an illegal alien who then murdered. So why do I say I’m defending Obama? Because I’ve seen people try to tie it to his sequester warnings that he’s going to KILL US ALL!!!!, this is unrelated. It’s just standard, Obama trying to make America suck as much as he thinks it does.

This one is beautiful. The EU has legislated that young people will have jobs! Fucking brilliant! Why can’t our Congress here outlaw unemployment? Call your legislator, let’s get people working again!

This is the revolution part.

The NYS boycott is up to 106 companies. I’d like to highlight one of them. Progressive Micro Devices does not make guns, they make sensors for stuff like the Virtual Border Fence.

Secondly, Progressive Micro has gone out on a limb here. They make ground sensors, which are not something that most regular citizens would buy. They are generally something that sold to governments. Progressive Micro is putting themselves in the position where they might actually be losing business because of their stance.

I’m praising a company called “Progressive” something. Good for them.

I also really want to praise the guys who named this gun making company that is on the list.

Umbrella Corporation! That’s fucking awesome. It would be better if they made umbrellas, but I’ll take it. That’s almost as cool as the cul de sac where a buddy of mine lived, Kangaroo Court.

NYS pro-gun rally.  Man oh man did NY pols (and I) underestimate their folks.

An aside, fuck you Dennis Rodman and ESPN for acting as if the Kim Jong KG is not a poofy-stomached maniac. Rodman tweeted something about hoping to see Gangnam style. Sigh, they only do that in the north when their guards shoot at their feet to get them to dance. I never liked Rodman, but I had to respect him, now I can’t even do that.

Now here’s Veeshir banging his chubby fist on his high chair and whining at the way the world is.

Chad and I had a deal about ‘standing’ and who has it. I understand he was right and I was wrong, so far as American jurisprudence has decided in this Brave New World, doesn’t mean I agree with it or fucking like it. Quite the fucking opposite in point of fact.

Take this,  according to 31 USC § 1105, Obama has to submit a budget by March, 1 every year. He has only made that deadline once, and never submitted any budget that got one vote, so far as I know, but that’s not why I’m whining.

I’m whining because I should be able to sue him because I’m an American and his breaking of that law affects me personally.

But I don’t have standing. Why not? Because fuck me, that’s why.

Now, let’s have a little Viva Italia!

I have a buddy who lived in Italy for a few years, he was involved in some organic cooking school, and I asked him about good old Beppo Grillo, he of the Italian Vaffanculo Day Protests, he responded and I’ve put it below the fold, with his permission.

I asked him about the literal meaning of Vaffanculo.

Yes, it literally means: ‘ to go-do-make up the ass’. But, more idiomatically, ‘Fuck you up your ass!’

I’ve been using that word forever and knew what each part meant but never put it together. Harry Reid would love that word. Let’s send him to Italy!

As for the below, like most of my friends from upstate NY, he’s pretty lefty, so ignore the military industrial complex stuff.


Bastids, the world is giving us a little chin music and I, for one, am not happy about it!

I’ll start off slow.

This one baffles me.  Aldi’s won a cheese contest. They’re a German supermarket chain that’s all over EUnuchstan, Australia and the US.

Now, I don’t know what they’re like overseas, but I went into one in Ohio once.  It’s like a cross between a dollar store, a supermarket and the place where Tom Parsons gets his gin. There was a bunch of stuff that resembled food that I would not eat and generic soda-like stuff that I wouldn’t drink.

How the hell did they win a cheese making contest? Did they just go around to their stores and pick up the old milk cartons or are they non-crappy overseas?

Fucking Biden is hilarious,  we’ve all seen him tell us two different felonies to commit just this week, today you’re supposed to shoot through a door (always a felony unless you have a badge)  Bob Owens asks

At what point does a public official making such outrageous, dangerous statements cross the line into criminal incitement?

Never Bob. Rather, he crossed that line but it doesn’t matter, he has that all important (D) after his name.

So many problems could be avoided if someone would just take the time to stop and say, “Are we sure this is a good idea?”, alas, that sort of introspection is no longer in vogue. Via the guy who named his blog after me, we find this hilarity.

Last week an employee came up with a brochure that used offensive images.

It included a mug shot of a bug-eyed black man, and another of comedian Dave Chappelle as a crack fiend. There were also photographs of overweight cops, Judge Judy, Barney Fife and Lindsay Lohan.

Sputter. It’s an orientation pamphalet. Lindsey Lohan was a nice touch, the pic of Chapelle is him doing some crack head, Curmodgeonly and Skeptical has the pic from the actual paper that he took.

Read the whole thing, it’s a true 21st century story, there is cluelessness, idiocy, racism, sexism all smothered in a huge helping of  OUTRAGE!!!!!!!!!!!

Teh Peepul are revolting sire. NYS pols managed something I didn’t think was possible, they’re really getting their subjects pissed off.  The upstate pol, from Hudson, NY, called gun owners Tea Party psychotards (I get shit for calling my dog a ‘tard-dog, but I’m not a lefty), then had a “town hall” about “No Guns For You!”, well, people showed up and weren’t happy.

Hudson is east of Albany, at the north end of the Takonic Parkway, it’s one of those simulacrums of Queens surrounded by farms and stuff. I wouldn’t have expected them to do this, it’s not the country part, it’s the city part. Small city, probably less than 20K people, but still.

Let’s stick with Gateway Pundit,  so we have high unemployment and we need to decide who will make a plane for our military. No brainer, right? Beechcraft was in on the deal and they’ve made stuff for us before and it’s about 1,400, high-tech jobs so yay! Jobs in Kansas. But that would have been in the Before, we’re in the Now.

“On Thursday February 27th, Department of Defense (DOD) officials awarded the Light Air Support (LAS) contract to the Brazilian aircraft maker, Embraer. Interestingly and without explanation, the cost of the contract to taxpayers somehow ballooned from $355 million to $427.5 million, a 20 percent increase..(emphasis by GP I think V)

As FrnakJ said once, Obama might not be setting out to destroy America, but his actions make more sense if you assume he is.

Another of those exporting our values. In a story about how bad drinking is

But Chamoun wasn’t drunk. He’s legally blind and was being assisted down some nightclub stairs by a friend. “I was even holding my cane,” says the 24-year-old, “but the idiots cut it off in the vid.”

ABC in Australia, unlike MSNBC in America, is officially a state-run media outlet, so it’s nice to see them following our state-run MSNBC. Oh, and I don’t think you meant “idiots” Chamoun, I think you meant, “Assholes”. They knew exactly what they were doing.

Via Yourish, we see some EUnuchstanian oligarchs went to the Middle East to figure out the biggest block to Middle East peace. Can you guess? Is it the war in Syria? Is it Iran paying for terrorism? Is it Egypt sinking into jihadism? Lebanon becoming a Hezbollah-run state?

I’m sorry, I know on this you guys are paying attention about this for sure. Of course, it’s the Jooooooooooos!

Nearly two dozen European diplomats have urged the EU to intensify efforts to block Israeli settlement in and near Jerusalem, saying such construction on occupied lands is the “single biggest threat” to a Mideast peace deal,

You know they said that with that smug, Hans Blix smile. hansbrix

A few anger-inducing ones and we’ll end on a cool note.

This one pisses me off to no end.  According to that poll, nobody not in the media trusts the media and yet, people obviously still believe them. Fuck.

The Feinstein Great Gun Grab that We’ll Never Have To Worry About Because It’s So Stupid And Won’t Do Any Good is in committee. The vote is expected along party lines. Yeah, so was the vote for Hagel’s nomination.

As a few people have noted, people are not buying those tens of millions of guns to turn them in next week.

Politicians everywhere are no longer trying to see how much they can do under the radar, they’re trying to see how much they can do before we give them an excuse to use all that ammo the NOAA and Social Security Admin is buying.

A public service. According to this article , women are fatter cuz they stopped doing housework



Just sayin’.


Now the awesome story from Jay In Ames, if it’s a repost, I don’t care.

Meet America’s first war dog, a stray Pit Bull/Terrier mix, named Stubby. He became Sgt. Stubby, was the most decorated war dog of World War I and the only dog to be promoted to sergeant through combat.

Read the whole thing, it’s awesome wrapped in medals and smothered in beggin strips. A coupl exploits were that he was injured and went back to the trenches and also captured a German spy. Seriously. Captured a fucking spy.

Damn, all my dog does is bad things and then sleep on the bed. I’m gonna go kick him. Lazy ‘tard dog.

Above the Post Important Update:

Shit, this was the one story I really wanted in this post.

The first lady isn’t happy to just invade the Oscars, she’s getting a TV show!

a new TV series set in that sci-fi universe … a spinoff, tentatively titled Star Trek: Captain Worf.

Geez, she just can’t leave us alone.

I’ve been too wordy lately, I’ll try to shut up and blog.

This post is going to answer the question: Can you step on a post that’s a repost?

I didn’t want to post again today, but my tabs are full.

First, some endy funny.

So Obama started his “Pay for Play” site and did it with his usual competence.

They didn’t get related intertubes names so

.net address by the time Obama’s team took notice.

Bovard has routed his new site to the homepage of the National Rifle Association.

As LC Sir Crunchy says, “Bwahahahahahahhahahahahahaha”.

The endy part is that Obama is going after the guy. Of course.

I wonder, if the folks at iCann don’t let Obama thug them and the guy wins, will some Chicago thugs poison his dog or will they shoot it? (too wordy, but it was two links)

Via Say Uncle, we see that some guy took Biden’s advice with predictable results. He fired warning shots at armed intruders, he got arrested. At least he was smarter than Biden, he only shot inside his own house, Biden’s way makes it likely you’ll shoot an innocent person.

This is an RCOB moment. The black kid who was shot in Florida had gone to buy, as we all know from each and every news article, skittles and iced tea (such an innocent boy, just getting candy and tea)

Only it wasn’t ‘tea” it was watermelon cocktail, which, when mixed with skittles and cough syrup is a new concoction called “lean” that gives you a PCP like high.

This guy notices that Trayvon Martin’s facebook page talks about that particular concoction, but of course, our fine Minitrue betters were too busy trying pin a crime on the Hispanic guy with the caucasian name to do any journalism.

Not all that important, I just felt like rewarding the NY Post for getting the word “cannibal” in the headline. They live for that shit.

NY is really going to see exactly how far and fast they can push their subjects.  Bloomberg himself can’t ban 2 liters in stores or supermarkets so he wants all of NY to ban sodas of more than 16 ozs from everywhere.

Keep in mind we’re trying to save the lives of these kids, particularly kids…The state should do exactly the same thing in stores.”

Cuomo said something about how he’s maybe onboard.

Is there a mechanism for counties to secede from a state and do you have to be contiguous to be the same state? Cuz I can see a bunch of NY counties trying to join NH.

Obama’s partners for peace have been active lately.

The Taliban sent four suicide bombers to attack Afghan security services in the capital of Kabul and in the nearby provinces of Nangarhar and Logar today.

If you like War on (Some) Terror news, the Long War Journal is a place to check out.

Everybody has this link, but keep checking it out, the list of companies telling NY to fuck off keeps getting longer, Midway joined it. Good for them.

Forget where I saw this, but some guy wanted to have a romantic proposal of marriage. He went to great lengths but fucked up in one area, he went to Mexico. Result? He was arrested and hauled off with the ring ending up in the ocean and other indignities. It has a happy ending, but act II, scene I is pretty fucked up.

In, Hey! That’s Our Bit news, the Clinton News Network (CNN) is acting all upset that some Obama folks are going to work for MSNBC. High-fucking-larious.

A couple of “You fucking guys rock” deals for the big finish.

I’m sure I’ll be corrected on this, but a buddy of mine, who loves Sigs (thanks to firing my 2340) told me Sig has radically increased their production to get as many scary black rifles out as quickly as possible and also has a weirdly large muzzle break on the end of some of their rifles (I think like this one).

So my buddy was telling his buddy (They’re both engineers (EE) and two of the most meticulous and knowledgeable guys you’ll ever meet) that he hated the new muzzle breaks.
Hhis buddy said that they were built so that if you pay your tax stamp those are the baffles for your silencer, you just have to slide a sleeve on.

Fucking awesome, I so hope it’s true.

Now I love my 06 Mustang GT, I still sometimes just stare at it 7 years later, and I intend to be buried in it or pried out of it, but if I had a spare $70k floating around, I might be tempted by the newest Mustang convertible.

As we all know, Government Motors came out with their “throwback” Camaro and Chrysler (who’ve made shit since 1973) came out with their Challengers and Chargers and everybody made their cars with more HP than the Mustang.

So Mustang reintroduced the 5.0 with about 400hp and 380 ft-lb of torque, then GM and Chrysler upped theirs.

So Ford figured “up yours” and the new 2014 Ford Mustang GT Shelby convertible has 662 HP and 631 ft-lb of torque.
That’s fucking bad ass. I think it’s muscle-car-ese for “I got ya hemi right here“.