Man, I just cannot work up much of anything, but here’s some stuff that’s pretty darn funny with just a little endy.


So in Wisconsin, students at Edgewood College are UNDER ATTACK BY THE FORCES OF INTOLERANCE!!!!!!!!

…being investigated as a hate crime at Edgewood College…

One note—bearing the phrase “Suck it up, pussies!”—was placed on the inside window of the Office of Student Diversity….

A great deal of fear, sadness, and anger among students, faculty, and staff resulted…


The Waaaaaambulance must be out of fuel. Which is funny cuz I’ve always thought they ran on liberal tears.


Oh, my mistake.


Is the FBI actually paying attention to what’s going on in the US these days? Are they  finally going to start cracking down on the Dem front groups causing all the violence and spewing all the hate?

The FBI is alerting law enforcement officials across the country that there is concern about a potential terrorist attack around Thanksgiving or the Inauguration, CBS News’ Jeff Pegues reports.

The alert specifically warned of homegrown terrorists and cited shopping malls, special events and other crowded venues as possible targets

That’s a little confusing. When the current Dept. of “Justice” assholes say, “Homegrown”, they mean either me or ‘refugees’ working for terror groups from the old country.

Now, if they were paying attention to BLM, ANSWER and the rest of the permanent rioting occutardish left, they might actually be doing some good. But since it’s still Obama’s DO”J”, look forward to lefty front groups trying to screw up any good time that could be had by people they hate (Americans).


Now, I’m not defending this, but I do understand it.

revealed migrants set fire to the hall in anger that chocolate spread and confectionery was available at the buffet in daylight hours. “There isn’t enough Nutella, Gummibears, and chocolate,” they shouted.

Out of Nutella? That’s just pushing them too far.


As our fine media betters are screeching about one of Trump’s picks, Bannon, being anti-semitic (with no actual proof, just because), they’re ignoring Keith Ellison’s ties to terrorist groups.

Ellison has associated with the Muslim American Society, a Virginia-based group founded by Muslim Brotherhood members in 1993 to act as the “overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States,” according to federal prosecutors in 2007. The United Arab Emirates recently added the group to a list of terrorist organizations.


That’s the good anti-semitism, just like terrorism against Israel isn’t really terrorism.


Via Second City Cop, we see the real terrorists.

 just weeks after he (Ald. Howard Brookins, V) gave a fiery City Council speech decrying the menace of “aggressive squirrels.”

Out cycling on the Cal-Sag Trail on Nov. 13, Brookins was jumped by a kamikaze squirrel that leapt into the front wheel of his bike and lodged himself in the spokes, sending the alderman flying over the handlebars.

The attack cost the squirrel its life and left Brookins needing surgery and other treatment for a broken nose, a fractured skull and five or six teeth that were knocked out in the accident.


Kagogi the Destroyer was heard to say,


Now, let’s end on something that, no matter how much Trump pisses me off, will never stop being funny.



Obama with his “mic drop” at the end makes it.


A total lack of self-preservation

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Don’t shoot the medics, guys. They’re there to help you, they don’t give a rat’s ass about what you did to get in your situation unless it’s diagnostically relevant.

Thank God this idjit didn’t know to take the safety off his gun. Assaulting an EMS provider is a felony in Oklahoma. Pointing a firearm at a person is a misdemeanor, but may be prosecuted as a felony.

Another Fuck 2016

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Tim Howard has suffered a season-ending injury.

Even if you don’t care about Colorado soccer, this is our United States Secretary of Defense.

NO ONE stops two PKs in a row. And I’m convinced he moved Dos Santos’s kick with the power of his mind.

Wait a minute…

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Weren’t we led to believe there was a terrorist threat before and the day of the election? Instead we’ve got a bunch of whiny protesters, many of whom didn’t even bother to vote.

Denver’s students were still protesting as of Friday, but a little bird told me that they’d protest for any cause that stuck a sign in their hands and told them they could ditch school. Many of the protesters disappeared Friday around 4pm, and as far as I can tell things settled down over the weekend. There is almost no local coverage of the protests, and I’m not going downtown to check myself because I hate that the city smells like weed regardless of whether there are protests or not.

Guess from where?

Cuban baseball players paid a South Florida-based smuggling ring more than $15 million to leave the communist island in secretive ventures that included phony documents, false identities and surreptitious boat voyages to Mexico, Haiti and the Dominican Republic, federal prosecutors say.

As the Border Patrol is forced to act as coyotes, they’re going after people trying to flee a murderous, commie dictatorship.

Just when you think the Obama admin cannot be any more despicable, they prove you wrong.




Man, it seemed like old times for a while. Oh well.


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By that, I mean the “consistency” of chunky diarrhea.

Let’s start with the one that’s really pissing me off.


Sen. Rand Paul (R., Ky.) sought to explain the apparent contradiction between voting against cloture yet for the confirmation of Secretary Hagel Wednesday on FNC.

Paul explained his vote against cloture was an attempt to get more information from the Administration on a variety of issues, while the vote in favor of confirmation was meant to show constitutional deference to the president for cabinet posts:


Paul didn’t get any answers he wanted but the POTUS deserves to get his picks so he voted for the man who was, at the time, the worst person imaginable for Sec Def.


Sen. Rand Paul, a newly reelected member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said this morning that he is inclined to oppose former U.N. ambassador John Bolton or former New York City mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani if either is nominated for secretary of state.

“It’s important that someone who was an unrepentant advocate for the Iraq War, who didn’t learn the lessons of the Iraq War, shouldn’t be the secretary of state for a president who says Iraq was a big lesson,” Paul said in an interview Tuesday morning. “Trump said that a thousand times. It would be a huge mistake for him to give over his foreign policy to someone who [supported the war]. I mean, you could not find more unrepentant advocates of regime change.”

Veeshir’s Iron Law of Politicians “Whenever you like a politician, you’ve been successfully duped.”


We’ve seen reports of bused in rioters, here we have Second City Cop Blog fact-checking Zero Hedge’s story.

True? The weather is correct for the weekend. Canal street is one of the few locations that allow buses to park for free, and there was no Bears game at Soldier Field (nor in Tampa as it turned out). Forty-five buses that we counted, many registered with Wisconsin companies.

We also managed to scan the arrest queue in CLEAR to see the addresses of a bunch of those arrested – almost none from Illinois for some reason….it certainly makes one wonder.

I wonder how much Hillary’s supporters are spending on this. (I love typing Hillary without the “!”)


Expect lots of reports that are basically Polieico “scoops” that turn out to be lies like this one.

Trump Wants Security Clearance For His Kids!!!!!!

Ummmmm, no.


When lefties cannot get their way via the rules, they viciously attack whoever they have to to get their way.

Idaho’s four presidential electors say they have been getting harassing phone calls, emails and Facebook messages urging them to become “faithless electors” and not cast their votes for Donald Trump in the electoral college.

Assume they’re doing it in most of the rest of the states that we just haven’t heard about yet. If that succeeds, oh man do I not want to be here.


Some people are acting upset over this, surprisingly, it actually makes me feel hopeful.

One week after Donald Trump won the presidency on a promise to “drain the swamp” in Washington, House Republicans will vote on a proposal to bring back earmarks.

They’ve been doing Continuing Spending Resolutions in the Age of Obama! and, as we all know, only budgets have earmarks (they’re called something entirely different in CSRs and are ignored).

So that signals that they’re actually thinking of producing a budget! After 8 years, we might actually have a budget!?!?!?!?!?!!?

Anybody who thought Trump was message enough to the GOP to stop being the We’re Better And Smarter Than You party, well, I have some beach property to sell. You cannot actually see the ocean from here (Until the earthquake), but there’s lots of sand and buckets of sunshine!


I had a couple more stories but the article didn’t support the headlines. That bothers me, and why I don’t go to Gateway Pundit, Townhall and now, Breitbart and why I take any PJ Media headline with a grain of coke.


Let’s end on a mis-headlined story.

Grumpy goat attacks elderly man on Queensland’s Gold Coast

Yeah, I’d guess less “grumpy” and more “Hey! Stop trying to stick that in there!” goat.

Guy’s probably a New Zealish immigrant.




First, let’s start with the best idea I’ve seen in a long time. Via Cold Fury we see a Vox Populi (who I should be reading more) commenter with this.

A Rush caller commented that Hillary Clinton should be appointed Ambassador to Libya:…


Even if she says, “No”, that would be Trump-level trolling just to announce that he wanted her for the post.

Our betters in the media and the We’re Better And Smarter Than You party would freak out while the rest of America would laugh their asses off.


So as Hillary’s and Obama’s peeps are getting their violence on, the NY Daily News knows what’s what.

What Donald Trump’s petty, confusing, hypocritical reaction to protests says about how he’ll lead

So what was the “petty, confusing, hypocritical” reaction?

But nine hours after Trump complained that the protests against him were ginned up by the media, run by professional protesters and “very unfair!”

Veeshir Vact Check:  True!

he was back on Twitter sounding a far different tone:

“Love the fact that the small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country. We will all come together and be proud!”

I can see how that’s confusing to that idiot lefty at the News, politicians factually describing lefties is very confusing and then Trump trying to be nice to the violent crybabies had to be even more confusing.

Fascist if you do, nazi if you don’t is how they think their enemies work.


CNN: Hmmmmm, Trump was elected even though we let people know he’s Hitler and his supporters are Hitler. So how should we handle that people are not being convinced by being insulted?

Bannon is a former Navy officer and Goldman Sachs investment banker and has been an executive in the right-wing media for years….and is also known for pushing nationalist policy positions, as well as conspiracy theories, and has been criticized as being racist, sexist and anti-Semitic.



NBC news cracks me up.

Trump’s Pick of Steve Bannon as Chief Strategist Sparks Backlash

Mostly from the media. But you have to admit, I figured the people who hate Trump and have been viciously attacking him would support his decisions!

Well, you have to admit that if you’re tripping or a NYTimesWashPostCNNFoxnewsABCCBSNBCetc. ‘journalist’.

Polieico has helpfully listed the Electoral College members, suitable for harassment and intimidation!


The reaction to Trump shows that lefties cannot admit we’re wrong. That’s why even if glaciers cover Calgary next year, lefties will still blame it on global worming.

They cannot admit they’re wrong, their whole self-worth is tied in how they’re so smart because they believe what they’re supposed to believe. They cannot admit they’ve been taken, especially to themselves.


So let’s look why we have Trump.

National Debt Growing Faster Than You Think Reported!

Just weeks ago, the Treasury Department reported a $587 billion budget deficit for the fiscal year. But according to the government website that tracks the total U.S. debt “to the penny,” the actual national debt grew by about $1.4 trillion.

Well, duh. It’s been over a $trillion/year, then it didn’t increase for months and then widely reported by the Obama admin and their minitrue allies as going up less than a $600 million.

The only people fooled were those who get their news from minitrue and those who didn’t really think about it.


I have a question, why didn’t the audience storm the stage and beat him bloody with his microphone?

In a stunning display of sanctimony and insensitivity, the performer Sting, opens the club (Bataclan V) where over 90 French citizens were murdered to the cries of “Allah hu Ackbar” by Muslim jihadis with the song, “Inshe Allah”, which translates roughly to, “If Allah wills it”.

(Sting introduced it) The next song is called Inshallah. It’s a prayer [unintelligible]. It’s a proof of humility, courage and hope…

Jebus. Even for the smug, leftist asshole that Sting has become that’s unbelievable.