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I could give two wet farts about Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner.  But I’m amused at how disgusted the other folks in this video are at the suggestion that overly generous social programs can be a disincentive to work.

The fundamental thrust of any libertarian-ish ideology rests on two ideas:

  • That people should be free to pursue their own happiness.
  • To the extent that it can be avoided, nobody else should be compelled to subsidize or participate in another person’s pursuit of happiness.

What individual welfare entitlement programs have to do with being trans or gay or female or black or Martian is beyond my comprehension.  It’s a rather annoying little trick that the Democrats play that if you’re anything other than a WASP then you should clearly be for socialism.  And it’s particularly annoying because Republicans by-and-large let them get away with it.

Hillary just recently said that GOP noise about de-funding Planned Parenthood would “deny access” to women’s health services.  Because everything which is not forbidden is compulsory.

As far as I can tell, nobody on the right said a fucking thing about Hillary’s ridiculous statement.

We’re not even talking about shutting Planned Parenthood down, we’re just talking about the concept that maybe some people don’t want their tax dollars funding a highly politicized criminal syndicate that traffics in baby parts for profit.  If you want to murder babies and sell their organs, do it on your own dime.

But no, that simple, minimalistic argument is beyond the national GOP’s messaging scope.

At some point

Posted: October 4, 2011 by doubleplusundead in Filthy Hippies, Liberal FAIL
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This twat is gonna mouth off to the wrong person and get curbstomped.  I hope someone nearby has a camera when he finally does.

I know this was covered over at the Mothership, but the story about stupid lefties claiming Independence Day is a “Rightwing Holiday” brought some feelings simmering under the surface for a while to the surface. So, please let me address those who wish to claim this holiday is “Rightwing”

Surely this atrocity is in violation of Geneva or Hague…

If inflicting bad music is supposed to make me feel any sympathy, well,

Dear Leftist Douchebag College Students

Posted: April 30, 2011 by Edward von Bear in FAIL, Liberal FAIL, Liberal Fascism

Fuck you. Fuck your inflated self importance with the flaming fuckfist of reality in your hipster face. Fuck you for demanding that people such as me who fucking work for a living pay your way, while you fucking refuse to do anything about it. And fuck you because I can’t fucking stand seeing 19-year-olds who have never had to do anything more daunting than roll out of bed and ask Mom and Dad for an advance on their trust fund for the month demand we do more so that they can continue to play hackey sack and engage in vandalism and sit-ins while other folks their same age are fighting to preserve their douchebaggery.

Fuck you. Grow up. Realize you will have to do your part as well. And quit demanding we do it for you.

This fucking douchemallet,

All I have to say is,

*pours glass of Makers Mark*
*lights cigar*
*scratches balls*
*clears throat*

Fuck the bogus pile of shit I heard so fuckily that it comes to life and fucks back thrice as hard with its shit-encased fuckmuscle until leftists everywhere become impregnated with shitmonster fuckspawns and forced to decide between birthing the beasts or having to go to Kermist Gosnell’s clinic of horrors. Thunderfuck these phony fucking “compromises” the left will never embrace when actual legislation comes before them with the replacement donkeycock used in a Tijuana fuckshow. Fuck throwing more of my fucking money at projects doomed to fail because the fucksweat of socialism will be wafting too nearby to avoid when getting out of the fucking way would spur more innovation. Fuck doing nothing to address the debt that, if left unchecked, will doom us all. Fuck the phony calls to deal with earmarks months after passing an earmark-laden barrelfucking of the American people and calling it “health care”. And fuck it simply because I fucking can do no less than say “fuck no!” to ideas and plans that have not work and will continue to not work.

No, I refuse to stand by quietly as those who have no fucking clue what they are fucking doing continue, despite the electoral humbling of a few months ago, to push us deeper into the tarpit of despair to reside with those other creatures who failed to fix what was ailing them and find a way to extract themselves form the deathgrip of failure and obsolescence. I will not fucking stand by and let those who refuse to even address in a meaningful way the problems facing this country get away with calls for “investment” and “Sputnik moments”, knowing that innovation and discovery was allowed to flourish in the 1950s and 1960s, while it is certain to be mismanaged by some partisan hack bureaucrat. And I sure the fuckity fuck with the fuckmuscle of the flying fuckeagle of exceptionalism and freedom refuse to stay silent as I see the future of this great land and all it represents squandered away in handouts to the fucking losers who refuse to contribute anything of value to move this country forward.

Yes, Mr. President (and you are my President), you mentioned that this is a great nation, where anybody, regardless of their origins, can achieve greatness; but, for how much longer? And to the statists who support this idiotic agenda, consider this: as I walk my daughter to the front doors of her school, and see her walk to her future, it better fucking be as optimistic as the one my father walked me toward when I started school. As I see her sleep the sleep of the hopefully innocent, she better never have to lay her head down at night worrying about the next morning and how bad it’ll be. And as I (hopefully) see her experience all that life has to offer, including some setbacks, she better fucking have the same opportunities to stand at a podium somewhere down the line as others before her had. And I saw nothing to address that tonight. All I saw was more bullshit, more stupidity, more preordained failure, and more of the same fuckery that made our country’s troubles worse. And if those of you who want to push this shit think I am going to accept that, then rhetorically saddlefuck your plans with a hot branding iron.

Tonight only reaffirmed my belief that socialism is the wrong path. Tonight only reaffirmed my belief that opposing the statists through the electoral process is the only way to go. Tonight reaffirmed my belief that anybody who fails to advance this country’s future needs to be permanently retired via the ballot box. And tonight reaffirmed my fucking belief that I must not be quiet. I must not let the future die before it can happen. And I must do what I can through the ballot box to rid those who fail to see things my way from ever being able to do so again.

My fellow Americans, tonight a line was drawn in the sand. On one side are those who wish to expand the stifling failure of the state, while the other side contains those who wish to lift the barriers and allow all of us to flourish. Which fucking side are you on?

Thank you, goodnight, and may God continue to bless this great nation.