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Hazzard Flag

Posted: June 22, 2015 by socklessjoe in Op/Sped, The Little Screen
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Growing up as poor white Yankee trash, my first exposure to the Confederate battle flag was the Dukes of Hazzard.

Of course, as a youngster, I had no idea the significance of the flag, or the appellation “General Lee”. I just saw some dudes -who were clearly the good guys- sticking it to the Powers That Be…


…and driving an impossibly awesome car (-with a horn that played “Dixie” no less).

(Alas, I was also too young to appreciate the tremendous… talent that Catherine Bach brought to the show.)

And it is in this gallantly rebellious spirit that I know many view the Southern Cross. As Ace put it, it often means “fuck you”.


We still need a “fuck you” sign. It’s a shame that the rebel flag carries so much baggage.

I guess there’s Gadsden…

The big guys in this meeting were the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, the National Association of Evangelicals and the Salvation Army.  Jim Wallis, a known lefty evangelical hack, is obviously the point man on this effort.  They brought to him their “Circle of Protection” doctrine (hmmm…sounds very…pagan, NTTAWWT! 😛 ), basically stating that any cuts or changes to federal welfare programs are unacceptable.  So apparently the USCCB, NAE and Salvation Army are opposed to any efforts to reduce bureaucratic and rampant fraudulent waste of funds that could be going to poverty-stricken Americans…seems kinda…I dunno…sinful?

This is yet again one of the reasons I abandoned the Church, Christian charity, at least as guided by the clergy is no longer performing the charity as a church, it’s aiding the federal government in coercing the public to hand that much more money over to the state.

That’s a bridge too far for me, I used to be appalled by the idea of stripping churches of their tax exempt status, but if they want to see the welfare state maintained as it is?  Fine, then they can help pay for it, too.  Democrats?  Here’s your much wanted revenue.

….that’s so adorable.

Seriously? Rahtard, you play less than 100 miles away from Shanksville and you spout fucking Truther bullshit? Grow the fuck up, you ignorant little bitch. And yes stupid, we we did hear bin Laden speak, everyone but window-licking fucktards like you fucking heard.  Guess what, numbnuts?  We motherfucking answered back by having Navy SEALs shoot bin Laden in his stupid fucking face.

And for the record I couldn’t give a flying fuck what God thinks about me celebrating bin Laden’s death, if God didn’t want me celebrating bin Laden getting shot in his stupid fucking face, he had all the opportunities in the world to do something with bin Laden to stop 9/11 from happening…kinda like Clinton (turnabout on your political hackery over the past two days is fair play, libtards…fucking deal with it).

Maybe I’m being unfair, after all, this is shit Rahtard posted on Twitter, his messages may have been mistranslated from the original crayon and paper…

…or not, do America a favor Rahtard, find a straw and a pig carcass, and start sucking till there’s no shit left, then choke yourself.

My training and upbringing taught me to accept an apology when someone slanders and maligns me. My training and upbringing taught me to turn the other cheek when someone slaps me. My upbringing has taught me to be the “better man” and not let words get to me. And my upbringing has taught me to forgive and forget. And normally, I try my best to do follow those words.

But I was at best a poor student in those lessons. And now that the fucknozzle who shouted death threats at some political opponent in Tucson had a companion issue an “apology”, I recalled my training, and issue this response:

One of his first actions as Governor of Rhode Island was to unilaterally ban all state employees from making statements or comments on radio broadcasts.  Chafee’s always been an intellectual featherweight, and is regularly criticized by figures in talk radio, so I’m not surprised by his actions, but still, pretty damned horrific.  Good news is he’s already walking it back, stating it may be a “temporary” order, I’m guessing that means, “I know the state’ll get sued and lose its ass if I actually try and enforce it, but let me take my swipe at Rush Limbaugh first.”  Still damn scary that this clown has been given so much power so often by the people of his state.

Fuck you, Andrew Wakefield. Animalrape you forever up your pock marked ass with an uncircumcised and cialis-infused elephant bonered up with mumblefucking urges and a severely warped case of the hatefucks. Fuck whatever passes for your soul with the anger and desperation of untold numbers of parents who subjected their children to diseases such as measles because they bought into your scam. Fuck you for refusing to admit you were wrong. Fuck you for playing on the emotions of parents of autistic children, implying that they may have been at fault for what happened to their children and causing them to needlessly second-guess themselves and their actions. Fuck you for apparently scheming with an ambulance chasing lawyer. Fuck you for setting back autism research with your actions. And fuck you because I want to see you broken and disemboweled through your goatse with a syphilitic toilet snake for what you have done to science and humanity, and refusing to offer a mea culpa.

Seriously, Andrew Wakefield, in the annals of biological atrocities against mankind, you rank up there with the worst of the worst, because people became sick solely because of you and the shit you pushed. You rank up there in the annals of yellow publications with the forged Protocols of the Elders of Zion because people believed a lie and farce knowingly promulgated by you and the veneer of respectability afforded to a shithead with a degree. You rank in the annals of mass murderers and biological terrorists because diseases once believed to be defeated staged a deadly comeback because of you. And because your actions have led to so much misery, the harvest of sorrow cultivated by the seeds you planted demand that the retaliation from humanity be as swift and fucking vicious as those afforded to pirates and the Nazis.

Andrew Wakefield, the pestilence and misery you helped foment also took a psychological edge that Goebbels and Himmler are in fucking awe of as you were able to spread your lie-backed findings to millions of people in a manner that they would buy into them, fostered along by dimwitted celebrities such as Jenny McCarthy, who bought into your fuckheadedness and spread your lies to millions of people via shows such as Oprah and Larry King. And for that, you should be held accountable in a means worse than financially, especially as it relates to perforated colons in a prison cell. Thankfully, my wife and I refused to buy into your lies, despite pressure from some easily swayed relatives who thought we were poisoning our daughter by getting her vaccinated. Thankfully, we do not have to face a child who needlessly suffered from an irresponsible decision on our part. And, thankfully, we did not have to endure the challenges, emotional roller coaster, and self doubt parents of autistic children faced because of your assfistery. But because you caused people I know and care for doubt that they were doing the best for their children, you deserve nothing but hate and fuckfuckertude from the tailpipe of a roadcruiser riding on the fuckway of fury.

So fuck you, Andrew Wakefield. Fuck you with a rusty puckpipe with a camera rolling so I can hear you scream for the damage you have inflicted upon humanity. Fuck you eternally in the afterlife with a fuckbolt from Gaia tossed by those who you sent to their graves or a reduced life because of your works. And fuck you because I want to see assholes like you getting drowned in a jail cell toilet while being glassraped by a fiend for your criminal activity.

I want to see you, Andrew Wakefield, sent to whatever is beyond Hell for what you have done and created, for being throatfucked by Satan’s fuckwand is too good for you, you mass murdering fuckguzzler.