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Seriously, how the fuck can I respond to something this fucking stupid?

The “American Dream” is a worldwide viral phenomenon – with many more potentially dire consequences than AIDS or Avian Flu. We have exported this thing from one end of the earth to the other – it’s like the gifted puppy that can never be housetrained, it grows up, still, so cute and familiar – your proud of your gift, it craps on the floor and tears down the curtains – it’s [sic] new owners overlook the crap; the dog is so cute – however, you can’t get over the crap and torn curtains when you visit.

Wow. Just wow. What can I add? Well, first, if you talk about puppies, I must include this as a partial response:

*I was going to steal the facehumping dog gif from McGoo’s Place, but I fucked it up.
Anyway, I also have to add the following:


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