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Dude wants a boycott because Starbucks supported a bill allowing for gay marriage (PuffHo link advisory in effect) in Washington.

I’m still gonna support Starbucks because they continue to support the 2nd Amendment.  The Brady Campaign continues to call for Starbucks to bar people who carry from their shops, and Starbucks continues to kick the Bradys in the sack and refuse their requests.  Any company that kicks the Bradys in the nards is one I’ll buy from.

Gotta love some of the socons, ZOMG TEH QUEERS EVERYBODY PANIC as we’re 15 trillion in the fucking hole, shitheads on every level are trying to crush every bit of liberty we have left, we’re hurtling toward authoritarian rule and financial ruin and they’re worried about whether Michael and Steve can get married.  *facepalm*  Hey guys?  Learn to fucking prioritize.

Also, what’s the over/under on this pastor being a major closet case?  Seems like it’s a high ratio for pastors overly concerned about Teh Ghey.


Guys, you’ve gotta learn to restrain yourselves, I know you love liberty…but dayum.

Wonder if he’s related to,

Skip to 4 minutes for relevant bit.

The Wildfoods festival in New Zealand is basically an event where people cook up and consume unusual dishes, things with insects, wild game, assorted offal, some things traditional, some not…and this year, shots of horse spooge being touted as an energy drink.  Yes, if you book a flight now, you too may be able to pay a mere $10 a shot for the privilege of slamming down shot after shot of horsechowder with your choice of cherry, licorice or banoffee (banana and toffee) pie flavoring added.

Mr. Hands was unavailable for comment.

Chinese guy was robbed and stabbed in the head in 2006, lucky to survive and all that, doctors saved him…but, dude’s got headaches…bad ones…fast forward four years.  Goes back to doctors, who do X-rays…yeah, there’s a 4-inch knife in your noggin there, bud.  Family was in such disbelief they got a second set of x-rays to confirm it.  Knife has been removed, there’s pictures of it at the link.

Mario Bros., GTA style

Posted: January 26, 2011 by doubleplusundead in Win!
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This is fucking awesome, seriously, if they made this a real game, I’d totally friggin’ get it,

I love the Leon reference from Bowser.

That’s what they’re saying, I’m inclined to think there’s been a modest increase, based on my current enslavement stint in retail hell, the top line is positive certainly, but the retailers top line has pretty limited meaning, bottom line is what counts, but I do think you’ll see a modest increase in the bottom line.  I would agree with Ed’s conclusion that higher end electronics were pretty flat, that was certainly my experience this year, and competition is fierce on electronics, especially on Christmas.  One thing to keep in mind is that big ticket electronics are never moneymakers, and if things are rough, often retailers will take a hit on the big ticket item, it’s the consumables or accessories that are the moneymakers, this is why retailers have salesmen on the floor trying to sell you accessories and warranties and home setups for your big-screen and home entertainment system and all this sort of thing, because those are the moneymakers.  If electronics sales are flat, it’s because everyone had to cut down to the bone on big ticket shit, and the backend moneymakers that went with it were mediocre.  Most of you morons probably already knew all that, but you’d be amazed how many people have not a fucking clue.

Of course the worst are the smarmy little fucks and resellers that do know this and buy their big ticket shit with nothing else, all with a shit-eating grin on their mug the entire time.  Resellers you can fuck with right back though real easy, just stick a few “sold only at (retailer name here) stores” stickers on the item, they’re usually a royal pain in the ass to get off the box without ripping it to shreds, which of course looks bad when you’re trying to resell said item.  Also, if you have packing tape with your company logo, run that along one or two edges for good measure, regular customers don’t care if there’s a sticker or tape on it, it drives resellers fucking crazy, it’s a blast to see them turn red with rage.  Mwahahahaa.

The other guys you can fuck over with silence, a decent customer is likely to find out what genuinely good deals are available, a really good customer might find out that there are coupons available to salesmen in the office to take the edge off all the stuff a customer is buying, or that yeah, it’s $20 cheaper over at the competitors, but we do price match.  Don’t be the douchemallet that gets fucked by omission, I’ve watched more sales walk out that could have been tens, even hundreds cheaper because the guy felt it necessary to talk down to the lowly retail monkeys, or just be a dick in general than I care to admit.

Any excuse to post clips from Are You Being Served?, in this case, Mr Humphries being his fabulously gay self,

I got nothing.

….Er, no no, this isn’t what it looks like!  I was, I was, uh…making insulin! Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Actually, it’s a pretty impressive advancement, looks like it might have lots of potential.

Someone calls me out for not posting the original video in 5…4…3…2…

No, seriously, no fat chicks, says the President of Botswana,

To drive the point home he pointed to the Assistant Minister of Local Government Botlhogile Tshreletso and said, “I don’t want one like this one. She may fail to pass through the door, breaking furniture with her heavy weight and even break the vehicle’s shock absorbers.”

He’s a former general who has been too wrapped up in his career to marry, but his singleness is becoming a political issue, so he has his presidential aides out looking for a wife for him…yes, really.

And you could make a issue of his douchebagginess, but really, dude’s marrying purely for political reasons, and pretty much makes that known, so I’m not gonna fault him for being douchey and shallow about it.