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Liberal Terrorists

Posted: May 23, 2012 by Moron Pundit in Uncategorized
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Yeah, I know I’ve been gone for a long time but I’m slowly working my way back into the politics game, mostly on Twitter at this point (@MoronPundit) but a recent development forces me to push something a bit more prominently.

Brett Kimberlin. Remember his name. He is the enemy.

There is so much to this story (which has been developing for quite a while without major coverage) that it is impossible for me to summarize. Suffice it to say that a convicted domestic terrorist now runs a liberal ‘activist’ 503 organization and uses it to threaten, purger and intimidate at the workplace of several bloggers and anyone else that they feel disagrees with them too loudly.

I’ll send you to the Malkin explanation which should lead you down a long and winding road of terror spanning years. Evil cannot survive in the sunlight so its time to throw back the curtains and incinerate this piece of shit and his acolytes.

Full details start here.

Edited by aliceaitch to add: Patterico has the details of Brett Kimberlin and his gang of pussies trying to induce a murder-by-SWAT on Patterico.

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