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Much like the previous attempt, the Paul Ryan budget proposal has once again been haughtily dismissed by the usual suspects.  It’s rather depressing, actually.  As several commentators have pointed out, the Ryan budget is hardly extreme.  Rather, it’s pretty close the absolute bare minimum necessary to avoid sovereign default, and doesn’t even balance the budget until something like 2040.  (That’s assuming that no other unexpected expenditures pop up over the next couple decades… like a war or something.)

Translation: we’re boned.  So sayeth the holy prophet, Mark Steyn:

It is faintly surreal to be sitting in paneled offices lined by formal portraits listening to eminent persons who assume the collapse of the dominant global power is a fait accompli. “I don’t feel America is quite a First World country anymore,” a robustly pro-American Aussie told me, with a sigh of regret.

More prophecy:

There’s a famous exchange in Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises. Someone asks Mike Campbell, “How did you go bankrupt?” “Two ways,” he replies. “Gradually, then suddenly.” We’ve been going through the gradual phase so long, we’re kinda used to it. But it’s coming to an end, and what happens next will be the second way: sudden, and very bad.

On a related note, Ruger is out of guns.  All manufacturers sales are through the roof once again, and Ruger’s stock is up tenfold since Obama took office.

And as if the Obama bureaucrats had nothing better to do than mess with us, a National Highway Transportation Safety Agency rule might make your car GPS unit almost totally useless.  The maps won’t be able to continuously update while you are driving.  You know, because it’s too distracting for you to have some clue about where your turn is.  Hooray, nanny state!