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You know, besides Minitrue viciously attacking the people who don’t want to pay to kill babies.

Above the Post, I Forgot This Earlier Update!!!!!

To steal a bit, News From Last Year!!!!

terrorists from al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula are developing explosives designed to avoid detection by current security screening, U.S. officials tell CNN.


Everybody’s acting as if it’s something new.

From March, 2013

That was the agency’s sorry excuse to explain how Newark Airport screeners were completely outmatched by an undercover fed who stuffed an IED in his pants and slipped through two layers of security.

“It’s not like they’re using a cartoonish bundle of dynamite with an alarm clock strapped to it,” Bob Burns of the TSA Blog Team posted on the agency’s Web site


They’ve already admitted they’re fucking useless, this is just another excuse to grab my nuts and ATC’s tits.

Which, I can hardly blame them for wanting to do that even as I’m OUTRAGED!!!!! that they do.


Now back to our irregularly scheduled post!

Quoth Steyn

The corruption of this republic is a disgrace. As I said, this is not Scandinavian-style statism, but something uglier and more thuggish. The conscription of the bureaucracy to torment the ruling party’s ideological enemies is Banana Republic 101. And, until they’re stopped, they will do it again.


That’s the conclusion, what leads up to it is illustration. Like most Steyn, it’s informative and rage-inducing

Obama’s been trying to deal with the impending war in the South China Sea with predictable results.

Far from ameliorating territorial disputes in the Western Pacific, President Obama’s latest trip to Asia seems to have instead ushered in a new era of Chinese assertiveness across adjacent waters.


Surprising nobody who’s paid any attention at all to Obama, which set includes our enemies.

In recent months, China has dispatched several oil rigs to contested areas across the South China Sea, with Vietnam as the primary target, while stepping up its reclamation activities in the Spratly chain of islands, with the Philippines as the primary victim

They’re turning small atolls and stuff into islands so they can claim the whole area as Chinese waters. Which I’m sure some State Dept Weinie will make a sad tweet about.


Quote (with vid at the link)

So What Line Has To Be Crossed… Before We Start Mowing Them Down To Make Our Point?”

So who said it?

If you guessed a Crazed Reich Wing Tea-Bagger!!!!!!, you probably work for the NYTimesWashPostCNNABCCBSNBCetc.

If you guessed one of Obama’s terrorists buddies (Weather Undergrounder Bill Ayers), you’d be right.

This doesn’t really piss me off except in the “Of course they do” way, I have a different point to make about aptronyms.

Talking about Obama’s new Spokesliar

“constitutional lawyer in the Oval Office” disagreed with the Supreme Court’s assessment of religious freedom

His name is Josh (Don’t take him seriously. He’s just joshing.) Earnest (serious and sincere)

You can’t take him seriously even as he’s doing his imprssion of serious and sincere.

Eh, just one of those things I think of and it’s an excuse to repost this

Just Fixin' It

Just Fixin’ It


Okay, this is from Lebanon Now! who’s not really against all terror, when Hezbollah was arming up to fight Jews, Lebanese were fine with that. When they started doing what Islamic terrorists do (kill anybody who isn’t their form of Islamic terrorist) they suddenly had a problem.

Which makes this funnier.

The leaders of Shiite Iran and Sunni Qatar vowed Sunday to cooperate to fight “terrorism in the region,”

That’s hilarious for oh so many reasons.

I’ll go with the biggies.

They’re probably not talking about Israel, which is very rare and odd.

Next, Iran, of course, is the second biggest supporter of terror in the area (Saudi Arabia is, of course, the biggest) and Qatar is aligned with Saudi Arabia in the “good terrorist” area but, like everybody in the area, they hate the House of Saud.

So look for al Quaeda to team up with Hehzbollah to kill…..Arabs!

See? That’s fucking funny. Usually they either kill each other or team up to kill Jews.

Obama is fucking up the world so much the jihadis are starting to fight both sides of each war.

So…exporting our values!

Obama calls on Israel to show restraint over the matter of two murdered Israelis and one murdered American.

Jebus, America (those who will actually find out about this, obviously not from Minitrue) calls on Obama to not show restraint when people kill Americans.

I’m not saying Obama was not born in America, I”m saying he has no fucking how Americans not of our willfully-ignorant, self-absorbed elite think.


Speaking of people who are antipathetic to America, Orange Country Psychos!

An Orange County man who admitted that he intended to assist al Qaeda by traveling to Pakistan, where he would provide weapons training to members of the terrorist group, was sentenced this morning to 13 years in federal prison.

Look for him to get a Presidential Freedom Medal and few million dollars, he’s back from fighting with jihadis in Syria.

That’s all I have the stomach for.

Have fun and remember, it’s better to be pissed off than pissed on but in America anybody who’s against far-left, Chicago-machine-politics is likely to be both.

Edited some for spelling and to add and remove a link.

Some people just don’t learn a thing.

Obama going to spend a half billion dollars to arm jihadis fighting in Syria.

What a nitwit, he could spend half the money for twice the fighters if he’d go to Iraq, they already have US materiel so he could save hundreds of millions of dollars. Fool.


One lesson Obama learned long ago is that he always sides with the dictatorial types and he refuses to learn that he might do better to work with people against tyranny.

Obama dismissed as “a fantasy” the proposition that “farmers, dentists and folks who have never fought before,” as he described Syria’s rebels, “were in a position to suddenly overturn not only Assad but also ruthless, highly-trained jihadists if we just sent a few arms.”


Yeah, now. He could have helped the Syrian rebels before the Jihadis moved in, but they didn’t hate America so he had to wait until there were some America-haters before offering them a half billion dollars.


I’ll answer this question in hopes of CNN actually learning something.

ISIS: The first terror group to build an Islamic state?


I understand people pretend that terrorism against Israel is not terrorism-terrorism, but it is.


Speaking of which, Obama’s Middle East Peace Processor quit, and he’s refused to learn a thing,  you know who’s to blame.

an unnamed US official – widely believed to be Indyk – was quoted by the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper as blaming Israel for the breakdown in talks and saying that Netanyahu “did not move more than an inch.”


Yeah, just because the terrorists keep firing rockets at Israel every, single day doesn’t mean that the cease fire is broken until Israel replies.


Not sure if this is a case of not learning a lesson or just grasping at straws but

…”EU-Ukraine Association Agreement…..

So, in the spirit of the political association, we also expect that the EU will make everything to support our sovereign choice and protect Ukraine’s independence and territorial integrity...



Oh, you’re serious.

Yeah, let me know how that works out for you. I’d rather depend on Obama than that even more feckless bunch of reliers on Russian energy supplies.


Nancy Pelosi to go to the border to greet illegal immigrants.

Hmmm, maybe she’d actually learn something if she met different illegal immigrants.


Obama again,  you’d think after being a Constitutional Professor he’d have learned that the Senate is in charge of treaty-making.

Specifically, U.S. ambassador to Mozambique, Douglas Griffiths, read a statement saying that the United States would refrain from further production or purchase of antipersonnel land mines.

The statement also said the once existing stocks expire, the United States would not take any action to replace them, The Times said.

Further, the statement said that the United States was “diligently pursuing solutions that would be compliant with and ultimately allow the United States to accede to the Ottawa Convention,”

Yeah, I guess he was sick that day. Must have been the same day Reverend Wright called for death to whitey.

You would also think he would learn his preening and grandstanding makes America less safe, not more.

You would be wrong.


Speaking of Chicago-Machine-Politics, the We’re Better And Smarter Than You Party in Mississippi learned all the wrong lessons.

McDaniel Supporters Barred From Reviewing Voter Rolls in Nine Mississippi Counties




Don Quicksote

Posted: June 26, 2014 by veeshir in GOP FAIL, GOP Win!, Notes on the Revolution

Sancho!!!My Armor! My Sword!!!!!Update!!!!!

MS Tea Party claims at least 800 illegal votes in Hinds Co. alone


I’m sure there is nothing at all suspicious about this

However, Hinds County GOP Chairman Pete Perry says there are some precincts where he knows workers marked the wrong column and corrected them the day of the election. He believes that could account for at least 200 of those being cited by the Tea Party….

“Or who knows?  Maybe it was more like 1,025 so Thad actually received 225 more votes!” he said, twirling his mustache while his faithful dog snickered.


I may have added a little at the end.

But seriously, I’m sure there’s nothing nefarious going on.

They’re finding more illegal votes wherever they look. Stay Tuned! Updates as I notice them!!!!!!

Now back to the post, try to act surprised when you see what it’s about.


In an update to Tilting at Windmills,  according to Gateway Pundit, McDaniel is going to fight and he’s going the smart route, going after people voting in the Dem primary and then in the GOP runoff.



The problem is the Hinds County Republican Party in my opinion is dragging its feet in allowing access to “all” the voter information in a timely fashion to complete the audit.
It appears they are trying to run the clock out and certify the election results on Monday of next week preventing Chris McDaniel


Yeah, The We’re Better and Smarter Than You Party types  are not all that interested in rules and law and stuff, they’re interested in power and they’ve apparently been watching Obama as closely as the rest of us.

Except they’re watching for pointers instead of trying to stop him.

Above The Post, Not Worth Its Own Post Update!!!!!!!!!!

Below I agree with Nancy Pelosi, here I will agree with Hillary, more, we’ve both looked at the same thing, said the same thing and meant the same thing.

unlike Obama, who was in her words “incompetent and feckless,”‘….

Hillary is quoted as having said of Obama, ‘You can’t trust the motherf***er’ (motherfucker V).


Via Weasel Zippers who only really scour the upper intestine, they don’t get down in the bowels of the bowels, except when I link them I guess.

Now back to our post already in progress.

I’ve been getting pretty worked up watching the GOP ramping up to 11 in their attacks, so I’ve been tubing more and raising my blood pressure.

Let’s let some steam off.

Let’s start in Iraq, it’s funny and nobody die…wait, it’s not funny at all and all the wrong people are dying.

How we got here.

It’s not that long but there’s no real “money” quote, so I’ll go with the obvious.

Who is being interviewed

Col. Rick Welch spent just under seven years in Iraq and served as Gen. David Petraeus’s chief liaison to the Sunni tribes of Fallujah and Ramadi and to various Shia tribal militia groups, including Muqtada al-Sadr’s now-reconstituted Mahdi Army.


What he’s saying.


Welch is highly critical of American diplomacy, which he believes did nothing to restrain an invidious Maliki before it was too late.

Yeah, there’s a lot of that going around.


Why there is no Arab Ghandi.

Human rights activist Salwa Bugaighis was shot dead by unknown assailants at her home in the restive east Libyan city of Benghazi l


Some good news from Terrorstan.

Four Palestinians were wounded Tuesday, two of them seriously, when a militant rocket or mortar fired at Israel from Gaza fell short


Now, we have this bit of amusement from Redstate,

It was a concerted effort by the GOP to beat their own base at any cost.

And here’s the kicker — there will be no consequence if they have their way. That begs the question of whether there should be. Should the Republican establishment in Washington get away with tarring its own voters as racists? Should the Republican establishment in Washington get away with comparing its own base to Klansmen?

It’s nothing new, where were you in 2008 when Bush sent his peeps out to call me a racist because I was in favor of our nation enforcing our laws?

A more sober assessment,

In light of last night’s election results in Mississippi, there is one question every conservative should be asking: how much longer can a party survive when its leadership is inexorably against the ethos of its base?


Check out the URL, perfect.

Feds Spent $4.8 billion on Obamacare websites.

We probably could have given insurance to the uninsured for that much.

Related, Are Guns Effective Protection Against Tyranny? Short answer, Duh.



Wherein Veeshir Sticks Up For Nancy Pelosi!!!!!!!!!

Pelosi: Boehner Lawsuit Against Obama Over Executive Action Abuse A “Subterfuge,” Not Acting Like An “Adult”…

I’ve seen people saying she doesn’t know what ‘subterfuge’ means, I won’t deny that, but it’s definitely a subterfuge.

An Artist’s Rendition of What Boehner Thinks of Me and Why He’s Doing This

It most definitely is a subterfuge, aimed at me. Cavuto was absolutely correct to lambast Bachman for it.

Life Imitates Futurama!!!

. In fact, this dim stellar corpse is so cold that its carbon has crystallized, effectively forming a diamond the size of Earth,


Futurama had it first.


I started out preferring that people use the term ISIS rather than ISIL. I mean, it rolls off the tongue a lot easier, and it looks like they could be a James Bond villain, or maybe GI-Joe or something.  But I’ve changed my mind.

The final “S” in ISIS hides the extent of ISIL’s ambition.  The “L” stands for the “Levant”, which Wikipedia tells me consists of “Cyprus, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, and part of southern Turkey (the former Aleppo Vilayet).”

That’s a lot different from just “Iraq and Syria”. If it were just that, we could maybe let them fight it out with the Iraqi and Syrian governments and let the chips fall where they may… and perhaps drop a few bombs afterwards.

The Levant is a much bigger deal, and doesn’t as easily lead to the conclusion that we can ignore them for a while and see what happens.

Fuck this shit:


(pic pilfered from NRO)

I know that somewhere, probably in DC, probably in the NRSC HQ, the motherfucker who did this is saying to himself, “yeah, but we won, and that’s what counts.”

To anybody who happens to know who did this, please expose said person so they never work again.

Pay Attention! *SMACK*

Posted: June 25, 2014 by veeshir in GOP FAIL, Obama's Fault

The Obama administration had specific intelligence about the terror group ISIS’ activities and movements in Iraq and failed to act on it, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers said Wednesday.


Yeah, so did the whole, fucking world, and that should have included the House Intelligence Chair.


Secretary of State John F. Kerry said Sunday (January, 5 V)  that the United States is ready to help Iraq in any way possible as that country began a major offensive to wrest control of two cities (Fallujah and Ramadi V) from al-Qaeda-linked militants. But he made it clear that no American troops would be sent in.

Kerry described… ISIS, as “the most dangerous players” in the region…. Kerry said it was Iraq’s battle to fight.


Pay fucking attention.

You assholes could have done something about that, but you were too busy whining about what Obama’s done instead of trying to get Obama to do stuff.

Not a one of you assholes tried to get Obama to help the Iraqis when it might have been possible to save the situation, when Iraq was fighting Isis. I was in favor of letting them try it, but they failed miserable and Obama and the GOP House Intelligence Chair did not a fucking thing.

It’s all just theater, the GOP is not fighting Obama, they’re  fighting me while pretending to fight Obama and ignoring the world on fire and the erosion of the rule of law in America.

Tilting At Windmills

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McDaniel has apparently refused to concede.

“There’s something strange about a Republican primary that’s decided by liberal Democrats,” McDaniel said…(C’mon, pay attention! It’s not strange at all, it’s been their M.O. V)

“It’s our job to make sure the sanctity of the vote is upheld.” (And theirs to make sure it isn’t V)

The possible next steps for the McDaniel campaign are unclear, but spokesman for McDaniel said to “stay tuned.”

McDaniel said in his speech there were “dozens of irregularities” reported at polls.

Interesting. I figure he’s going to try to figure out which Democrats voted in the Democratic Primary and then voted in the GOP runoff Primary.

At least, I hope that’s what he does.

Mississippi has an idiotic law that states,

No registration by party affiliation. However, in order to participate in the primary, a voter must support the nominations made in that primary.

How do you enforce that?

How can that be Constitutional?

You cannot force someone to vote for a certain party in the general election.

If McDaniel goes that route, I think he’ll be acting like an asshole. Yeah it’s the law, but don’t be an Al Gore.


If he goes the “These Democrats already voted in the Dem primary so they can’t vote in the GOP Primary” route, he’ll be acting much better.

Especially since the We’re Better and Smarter Than You Party encouraged Dems to break both laws.

Of course, Minitrue and Foxnews will attack him either way.

I look forward to Campaign Carl Cameron salivating as  figures out how many ways to fit “Far Right” and “Hard Right” when talking about the Tea Party.

UPDATE 6/25, Campaign Carl was magnanimous in victory, he only got in one “rabble rouser” for McDaniel and I don’t think managed to say his name.

If McDaniel does fight this, expect him to get worse.

It’s Funny

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How two people can look at the same thing, say the same thing and mean exactly the opposite.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is hoping that fear will cause Democrats to donate money. The latest plea comes in an email with this subject line: “kiss all hope goodbye.”


“If we get crushed, we can kiss all hope of stopping Boehner goodbye.


Yeah, I know how you feel.



Good For the GOP

Posted: June 24, 2014 by veeshir in GOP FAIL, GOP Win!

Since they obviously don’t need any GOP voters, let them have their fucking “Inclusive”  party that doesn’t include their base.


Never another penny, never another vote.


Fuck them.


Update: I should have said, “Fuck Me”

The rules of Mississippi primaries.

In an open primary, voters of any affiliation may vote in the primaries of any party they choose. They cannot vote in more than one party’s primary, although that prohibition can be difficult to enforce in the event a party has a runoff election.


They’re actively courting people who’ve already voted in the Dem primary to break the law because they do not like their party’s voter’s decision.


You know, the cornerstone of Democracy.

The only thing I’m not sure about is if I should call their party the “We’re Better Than You Party” or the “We’re Smarter Than You Party.”