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In today’s exciting episode

The petition to block the front-running Republican presidential candidate from entering the country was created on the British government’s official petitions website in response to Trump’s call Monday to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. due to the threat of terrorism.


Yes, Used To Be Great Britain is working on barring someone from entry to their country because he wants to bar people from entry to his country.

Watching what’s happening is pretty depressing but still gosh darned funny.


Important Update!!!!!!


Well, not so much important as childish and tacky.


Lately I’ve been hearing some gubmint hate against Google and Apple for giving their phones reasonably reliable self-destruct options and miscellaneous encryption.

Hate to break it to y’all, but the high-grade encryption genie is out of the bottle.  Some of the options are even free.

Google and Apple are merely offering accessibility of some modest degree of security such that if you happen to have your phone stolen your entire financial and/or personal life isn’t ruined.

I’m not exactly Mr. Privacy here, but the cost benefit analysis of forcing companies to give law enforcement back-doors is pretty poor.  Truly dangerous criminals will easily circumvent any back-door policy with readily available software.

For A Certain Aggie

Posted: December 6, 2015 by veeshir in Catholicism, Moron of the Day, Win!

Via the Lonely Libertarian,


I’m watching Breaking News on cable news about the shooting in San Bernardino, Ca.

CNN and Foxnews said they had, “assault style clothing”. Heh. Assault clothes. They’re passing along rumors and lots of “apparently”s.

The cop who gave the press conference, Sergeant Schultz, apparently knew nothing. It was less informative than a Clinton press conference (Bill or Hillary!).

What a world, news people pass along rumors and cops won’t tell anybody what happened, who did it or if it’s still on-going.

Meanwhile, top Dems dance in the blood before it’s even dry or we’re even sure if they have all the shooters.