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So the idiot in Missouri said a stupid thing. The GOP ain’t the stupid party for nothing. I’m not defending him for saying that, but I’m wondering something after watching what’s happening.

The Dems are going to be talking about abortion and rape for the next three months. Obama’s going to be talking about abortion and rape as much as he can.

Let’s see how that works out.

You know they’ll overplay the hand, they already have, with Journolist trying to tie Ryan into that and seeming to imply that he, Ryan, is in favor of rape. The faux-obtusity over “forcible rape” is pretty funny too.

The abortion side is possibly worse.

Obama is proud of being in favor of partial-birth abortion.Minitrue likes “late term abortion”, they understand that people would be repulsed if they actually knew it meant letting the baby come part-way out and then sucking its brains out. A celebration of their love of baby-killing just doesn’t seem like a great idea to me, but they need to talk about something besides the world (blowing up) and the economy (blown up).

Which leads to something I saw at the Puppy Blender’s, the GOP will have a convention talking about the economy, the Dems will be talking about rape and abortion. Is that really a winner for Obama? Or is that a wiener?

As for Missouri, sure that moron is losing in the polls now, but can the Dems really keep up the Two Minutes Hate for over 2 months? Will the voters start to think about how they don’t have a job, the deficit is skyrocketing and Obamacare is bearing down on them?

Their choice is a guy who said something stupid or a woman who is all tied up with how great the last 3+ years have been.

I don’t know if I would write off Missouri and I’m not so sure that it will help them in other places, it might even hurt the Dems as they celebrate the death of babies.

And just for me, I’m thinking how hilarious it will be seeing Bill Clinton at center stage as the Dems go on and on about rape.

That’s gonna be funny.

Fuck off, Todd Akin

Posted: August 19, 2012 by aliceaitch in GOP FAIL, Moron of the Day, WTF Is Wrong With Missouri

I shouldn’t have to say this, but given that he’s going to be held up as what every conservative believes, here’s the denouncement.

What Todd Akin said was ridiculous, medically unsound, and despicable.  No one in his right mind believes that a woman won’t get pregnant if she’s raped.

If we lose Missouri in the general election, it will be because Todd Akin is a douchebag.  He deserves to lose his election for being so stupid, both stupid for believing this and stupid for saying it.  If he somehow manages to ride on the conservative wave and win the Senate seat he’s running for, there had better be a plan in place for replacing him as soon as possible, preferably through resignation and replacement if possible.  The GOP does not need this sort of anti-woman asshattery in its leadership.

Anyone who defends or minimizes what Akin said is deserving of every bit of scorn that’s heaped on them.

In case you haven’t managed to see the colossal douchebaggery, here you go: