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So some Islamic terrorists took over our abandoned embassy in Tripoli but the State Dept says don’t worry.

U.S. Ambassador to Libya Deborah Jones said …

… it appeared the compound was being “safeguarded” and was not “ransacked.”

Be happy.

C’mon, that’s darn funny.Just like Theodoric safeguarded Rome for the emperors in Byzantium.

Western Liberals Agree With Islamic Terrorists!!!!!!! Stop the..wait, that’s not unexpected, this one is sorta funny.

After that, many, myself included, wondered: Should we – Muslim or not – learn the basics of Islam and have a read through the Koran? If one of us ever finds herself in a situation similar to that of Westgate Mall victims, could even a rudimentary knowledge of Islam save us?

As the first commenter said, guns do that too.

ISIS is pivoting back to Syria. Al Nusra is allied with ISIS for now.

he Nusra Front is losing several of its groups to ISIS, which is planning a comeback in the areas it lost in Syria now that its combat axes in Iraq have been stabilized.(emphasis me V) … ISIS will leave other rural areas to their own fate in awaiting Syrian regime forces advances and complete the siege of Aleppo before entering it as yet another conqueror.


As for the Turkmens, … operating as Turkish forces on Syrian soil, aided by many Turkmens from Turkey who have joined their ranks. To ISIS, these are renegade enemies much like the Kurds, such as the Northern Storm Brigade, who were pushed by ISIS and FSA factions into the arms of the pro-regime PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party). … ISIS will stop at the boundaries of the areas where the Kurds and Turkmens are deployed, thus paving the way for long wars of attrition.


It’s too bad Iraq had to become involved, because Hezbollah and all the other terrorists in the area fighting those even more savage savages is all about teh funny.

It’s also to bad Lebanon got dragged in, but that’s what happens when Hezbollah loses and another set of vicious savages defeats them.

But even that dark cloud has a pretty funny lining. Al Nusra is fighting on ISIS’ side in Syria and they recently went into Lebanon and killed and took captive some Lebanese soldiers, I think there were some Hezbollah in thei grouop.

The Al-Nusra Front has demanded that Lebanese Shiite party Hezbollah withdraw its forces from Syria and cease its support for the Syrian army as a condition for their release.


So they’re taking Hezbollah hostage and demanding concessions for their release. You know Hezbollah is saying, “Hey, that’s our schtick!!!!!”

At first I didn’t think this lived up to the headline, but I’ve had to change my mind.

These 23 Luis Gutierrez GIFs Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity


But since I have such a low opinion of humanity,  just when I started to have hope the fact that the tool can become powerful does restore my faith in humanity. And the gifs are pretty funny too.

We’ve all seen the vid of Joe Scarboroough saying that Obama saying he had no strategy against ISIS was straight out of Sun Tzu.


I’ll stick up for Joe.

if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.”


Straight out of Sun Tzu.

Obama has no idea what America is all about on the world stage or which other countries work for good and which actively work for evil so of course he will fail in foreign policy.

And if you think he should be impeached, President Joe Biden. The man who has been wrong on every foreign policy decision in the last 40 years who’s well into active/stupid so we’d go to war with Madagascar and lose.


Okay, this isn’t funny, (Warning!!!! Minitrue link) but it is. Because it’s Chicago machine politics writ large and Minitrue will back Obama up.

Cruz accused the White House of floating the idea. “There is one person and one person only talking about shutting down the government, and that is the White House,”


He’s going to shut down the gov’t, closing the most painful things for average Americans, and get his Minitrue allies to blame it on the GOP so our fine, free media’s chosen political party will do well in an election.


That’s not funny.

But it is.


So we see that people from Minnesota are fighting for ISIS in Syria.

We had what appeared to be a work accident in Minnesota earlier this year, the building was razed before a cause be determined, the police said, “Gas leak”, the gas company said, “Nuh-uh”. Everybody moved on. It might not have been a work accident, but everybody involved acted as if they thought that’s what it was.

So what’s our gov’t working on?

Not Islamic Terrorism, that’s for sure.

The FBI’s most recent national threat assessment for domestic terrorism makes no reference to Islamist terror threats,


They’re after me. I’m much more of a threat to them. After all, our social, political,  intellectual and moral betters have layers of security, but they only get that if they stay in office.

So if I get blowed up, well, that’s my problem, but if they get kicked out of office because of people like me, well then they have a problem.

So they have their priorities straight. Just because ISIS is active in border towns, again, that’s far away from DC and NYC so they’re fine. It’s all them fools in AZ and Texas. California will vote Dem no matter what, so they can take a few terrorist attacks and still be counted on the blame Bush so it’s obvious what the strategy on that is. Fuck us.

A Victory

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They finally got to do research on the Kennewick man.

The skull, while clearly old, did not look Native American. …the teeth were cavity-free (signaling a diet low in sugar and starch) and worn down to the roots—a combination characteristic of prehistoric teeth. Chatters then noted something embedded in the hipbone. It proved to be a stone spearpoint, which seemed to clinch that the remains were prehistoric. He sent a bone sample off for carbon dating. The results: It was more than 9,000 years old.

It’s going to be interesting, here’s a link to the book with the results. It’s high dollar so if you do buy it, you should do it from Ace’s or the Puppy Blender (That’s where I saw the link) as they make money off that, we don’t make squat.

For those who don’t know, the Kennewick man is a skeleton at least 9,000 years old and doesn’t look like an American Indian, For some reason, American Indians fought to keep it from being studied. I’m not sure of the real reason, I know the tactics they used to try to keep it from being studied, but I’m not sure why.

I was pretty pissed of that people were trying to fight it being studied. We could study it and then bury it with whatever honors they wanted, but that wasn’t good enough.


It also spawned a  bunch of whole conspiracy deals, like that it’s an alien’s skeleton and man is descended from the aliens (The Pak Conspiracy), or one of the conspiracies that is actually pretty plausible. It stated that today’s American Indians didn’t want it publicized that there were people , maybe white people, here before their ancestors.

That could mean they’re just like whitey except their ancestors did it thousands of years ago instead of just a little over a hundred and at least we didn’t eat the people we killed.

Now You’re Just Messing With Me

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The set-up. (the endy)

As Sunni jihadists alarm the world, the Party of God seeks to brand itself a bastion of moderate Islam.


They have the link to the English translation of Hezbollah’s explanation.

The punch line. (the funny))

including not a few Western pundits, will have fallen for it (an English translation was also published).


I’d bet a dollar it’s not just “pundits”, it’s also the  people  in power in EUnuchstan and the US.

We’re gonna be Hezbollah’s allies.

Hmmmmmm, does that mean we’ll be at war with Israel?

You have to admit, Obama does like to fight both sides of a war.

RTWT, it’s kinda long but pretty good.

Makes me hope for Lebanon.


As does this story, I did not know this. I would have bet against it actually.

It’s about the LGBT community in Lebanon. Yes, there is one.

Their bars would be rousted and people busted every now and then, not all the time, just the cops being harassing every now and then.

But this is the best part.

On the legal level,… In his verdict, Sleiman stated: “Whereas man is part of nature and one of its elements, and a cell within a cell in it, it cannot be said that any practice of his or any behavior of his is against nature[….] therefore consensual same-sex relations are not “unnatural,” and therefore shouldn’t be subjected to legal penalty.”

Judge Naji al-Dahdah, of Jdeideh Court in Beirut, took the decision from Batroun a step further in a ruling dated January 28, 2014, when he rejected a case against a transgender woman. The woman had been accused by the state of having a “same sex relationship with a man,” …

“Gender identity is not only defined by the legal papers; the evolution of the person and his/her perception of his/her gender should be taken into consideration.”

… Judge Dahdah legitimized not only the right to have a different sexual orientation but, more importantly, the right to gender expression. This ruling is progressive even by Western standards.



Good for Lebanon.

You have to admit, that bolded part is very unfunny in a pretty darn funny way.



Important 45 Seconds Late Update!!!!!!!!

Do anybody else find it hilarious that Larry King is on Ridiculousness?

I know I do. In a “laughing at” not “laughing with” way. It’s far too late to realize he’s a joke the way Shatner did late in his career. 

H/T Veeshir, he likes that website.

Burying The Lede

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In this story about a 4 year old child named Daniel Tragerman being killed by rockets mortars fired from Terrorstan is this sentence:

Gila said her son Daniel was very disciplined when it came to rocket sirens.

4 year old children in Israel have to be taught to run from rockets and mortars fired from their neighbors.

That’s horrific.

Imagine having to teach your pre-schooler to run and hide in a bomb shelter whenever Terrorstanians decide to lob some missiles or mortars at your home.  I can’t. Mostly because I would be lobbying for my gov’t to kill all the savages who think it’s hunky-dory to lob missiles at my home.

In Gaza, they round up 4 year olds to get the death count up.

And that’s another reason why I couldn’t care any less what Israel does to and in Terrorstan.

They’re vicious savages who need to be taught to play nice with civilized nations.

Saw the link at Ace’s ONT.


Important Update!!!!!

This Week’s Awesome Search Term That Hit This Blog

guys fucking themselves with kitchenware tumblr

Glad we could be of help. 


More Stuff

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Some stuff Minitrue is ignoring to help their chosen political party.

First, we’ve all seen Scott Brown is doing very well in NH.

That depresses me. Why? Because he was elected in Mass mostly because of tea partiers and immediately started acting like any northeast GOP asshole and then lost his next election because he got no help from people he’d screwed.

So now, in the home of Live Free or Die, he’s tied with the Dem sucker of Obama’s dick.  That’s depressing. I used to live in NH and I really had higher hopes for them. I guess I was just high.

Some not so bad stuff.

Union hires non-union workers to build union hq.  So why is that good news?

As Davis employees prepared the worksite on Thursday morning, a handful of United Brotherhood of Carpenters And Joiners of America members picketed Davis operations across the street on the corner of 16th and I.

Men in union orange shirts held signs reading, “Metropolitan Regional Council of Carpenters On Strike Against Davis.”

Union workers picketing union. Heh. Heh I say.


We can give up on the GOP doing anything to deal with the Obama admin’s lawlessness, but federal judges are getting pissed off at the lying and ‘crashing’ hard drives.

On August 20, U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson ordered the Department of Justice to “produce non-privileged documents” related to Fast and Furious and provide “a detailed list of privileged documents” which have been withheld from Congress.

The only problem with that is that these judge will have to rely on the DOJ to enforce their will.

Which ain’t gonna happen, and since Minitrue will ignore this, nothing will come of it but at least somebody is trying to do something.  Tilting at windmills is the only useful practice these days.


This is my very favorite type of some, Fucking Awe.

A letter to jihadis from a veteran named “Nick Powers”

In 2012 there was about 21.2 million veterans in the United States. Do you understand what that means? Let me break it down for you. That means there are literally millions of disgruntled, dysfunctional, pissed off veterans who have been dealing with years of abuse from their government stabbing them in the backs and having to watch their friends die because you Islamic extremist idiots can’t seem to act like normal human beings and stop terrorism and the violence….

Remember we are armed to the teeth in the US and I can promise you this… the Geneva Conventions will not apply to you. You attack us and there will be no mercy.



While the disarmed cities (Democrat strongholds) will be screwed, jihadis are not going to have such an easy time in other places.

This might just affect me in my AZ home. I had a link but it’s a breitbart with some annoying autoplay vid, I refuse to link that shit.  If you read the link it would say that according to some congresscritter, jihadis are working with Mexican cartels.

That’s good news for Obama, he can just arm them in Mexico instead of paying the freight to Syria or Iraq.

It might be good news for me. Who knows? Maybe I can get an auto AK from the body of some jihadi. I do not trust Allah to aim my bullets, I have sights for that so wish me luck.

Germany’s The Good Guy?

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Angela Merkel, and Germany, is becoming buddies with the Ukrainians.

Merkel and Poroshenko have spoken on the phone almost daily over the past few weeks. In fact, their relationship is now so close that Merkel much of her information about the situation in the war zone directly from the presidential office, officials on both sides say. Senior staff members of Poroshenko and Merkel are said to have close and productive working relations.


Maybe German is not in the mood for any more Russian aggression and they’re not so happy about not being badasses anymore.

All this as the Russian “aid” convoy is entering Ukraine. I figure with guns, bombs and other “aid”.


I gotta wonder if there are some Germans quoting Kyra from the Chronicles of Riddick.

Shit! I hate not being the bad guys!


Romney says things under Obama’s second term have turned out even worse than he expected.

I on the other hand, am somewhat surprised things aren’t worse domestically than they are. I, a weak-ass pasty white nerd, for the first time in my life, bought a gun.  And will buy more.  Frankly, I wish I hadn’t waited so long, but some of you morons were out buying up ALL TEH WEAPONZ.

Things may not be absolutely terrible yet, but we’re getting there.  We’re getting there.

I guess Romney kind of has to say what he did, because it would be poor form to say, “I’ll be in my billion dollar bunker, waiting for the muthafuckin’ apocalypse. Peace out.”

Related: How to stash guns in plain sight in your house.

In Kyev, Ukraine this guy is a member of a pro-Russian group.

The man, who was not identified by the police, was sent seven cardboard boxes filled with forty hand grenades of different types, six grenade launchers, 35 fuses and nearly 5,000 cartridges of ammunition.

I guess he got these through the gun-show loophole.

Makes me wonder if Tsar Putin I is doing something or if it’s just tome asshole.

The problem with this story is it’s hard to figure out what the hell is going in Yemen.

Thousands of armed Shiite rebels in Yemen strengthened their positions in the capital Sanaa on Wednesday as they pressed their campaign to force the government to resign

It’s so hard to figure out who to root for is because the gov’t  fights al Quaeda, they help al Quaeda. They murder non-violent people, they help non-violent people. It’s just hard to figure out.

Also, sometimes the protesters are terrorists and sometimes they’re just trying to get the gov’t to stop killing them.

Lest we think the border deal is not going on just because the media is busy with riots and murdered journalists,

A group of illegal aliens and their smuggler started a massive grass fire on a ranch in South Texas after being pursued by agents from the U.S. Border Patrol.

Assholes. People whose first act in this country is to break the law (by illegally entering the country) will never respect our laws.

Speaking of the riots, sales of popular gas masks up 434% on Amazon.

Another popular gas mask sold on Amazon, the Israeli Civilian Gas Mask, has rocketed up the sales charts by 250 percent.

Hmmmm. Methinks people are looking at the riots and thinking, “I’m not into rioting, but I don’t like cops shooting tear gas at me”.

One last thing, a photoshop challenge  is going on with this pic of Kim Jon Un,

soylent yello

Would it be racist to caption that, “In North Korea, Soylent Yellow is people.“?


Important Update!!!!!!!!!!!!



I always go center mass, but to each his own. 

Via Say Uncle

I Don’t Know What To Think About This

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Does anybody else?

This guy was charged with sexual assault.

…accused of having sex with his wife despite being told she lacked the mental capacity to consent….

…he Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation said Rayhons (Republican Iowa state legislator V) admitted having sexual activity with his wife, who reportedly had Alzheimer’s disease….

Dale Rayhons said that while authorities say his father admitted to sexual contact, “that could be anything from a hug or a kiss.”


Seriously, should that be called sexual assault?

I’m fairly familiar with people with Alzheimer’s, there are different levels.

My step-father has it, he cannot remember what he had for lunch 5 minutes ago, he doesn’t remember that I moved to AZ 3 years ago, but he remembers me, my siblings and my 20-something nieces.

I don’t know if he remembers my mother’s death from a few years ago, but I think he does. When we talk I don’t bring up stuff that will upset him or ask if he remembers stuff from less than 30 years ago. He’s okay with remembering a trip in 1977, he remembers living in Yuma, AZ (bad memory, it was with my mother) in the late 80s, early 90s but he doesn’t remember my car from 2006.

His mother lived for 30 years with it, I met her after about 20 years, I was “the boy” whenever I went to visit with my step-father.

I’m not sure if she knew who I was or thought I was someone else. She didn’t really remember my step-father very well but she always said, “It’s the boy” and seemed happy to see me.

So what if this lady knew her husband but was confused about the year?

She’s dead now, but with Alzheimer’s she probably couldn’t have testified even if still alive as, if she didn’t know what she had for lunch she presumably wouldn’t have even remembered the incident.

They were married in 2007, so presumably she would have said yes if she were able but they were married only 8 years earlier so maybe she did not remember him as her husband.

What if she didn’t know him at all? What if she wanted to have sex and thought she was cheating on her first husband? We’ll never know her state of mind.


Is this right and proper or a travesty of ‘justice’?

I just don’t know what to think.

Forgot to H/T iOwn the World