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Random Football Stuff

Posted: December 31, 2012 by veeshir in L.L.A.P.H.

So the regular season is over.

As to the Giants, Fuck. They got cocky towards the end of the season and screwed the whole thing up. Idjits. Eli didn’t look good this year. Every game he missed two TD throws to a receiver blowing by the DB. Seriously, he would underthrow or overthrow a guy wide open streaking toward the end zone. Oh well.

Cowboys. Bwahahahahahahhaha. I’m sorry, but I fucking hate the Cowboys and watching Romo choke year after year just makes me laugh. Ending another season with a pick is high-larious. I wonder if he’s gone. I hope not. Sure he’s very good, but man does he choke when it counts. I figure the latest Yes Mr Jones Garrett is gone but I could be wrong.

Foreskins. Wow. Good for you chumps. I’m rooting for you but RGIII needs to learn that playing the Cowboys in the season finale with the division on the line is not playoff football. He might think he’s ready, but he’s not. I foresee his post-game interview going like this, “I wasn’t ready for how fast the game is in the playoffs” as he recaps the drubbing by the Seahawks.

Update: I forgot this. Everybody point and laugh at the sports reporters. They all, one and all, picked the NFC East as being between the Eagles and Cowboys with the Foreskins being somewhere around 4-12. Moh-Rons. Every year they pick the Eagles and Cowboys. I don’t understand that.

Seahawks. Pete Carroll is one of the best coaches in the league. I think they’ll go places. Playing in Green Bay is the only thing I think they need to worry about. I see them beating the Foreskins next week.

San Fran. Not gonna happen. They’re just not that good.

Minnesota. Huh. They flew under the radar and now they’re in. They have a decent chance with Peterson playing his ass off and Ponder actually looking like a professional quarterback. Not sure if they’ll be ready for the playoffs, maybe Green Bay really does suck. Next week is up to them, I would love to see Peterson get 600 yards in three games against Green Bay. He got 199 yesterday and 210 the first game.
Green Bay. I don’t think they’re that good this year but they’ve been in the playoffs before. That’s important. Next week is going to be tough for them I think. I don’t like Aaron Rodgers so seeing them lose is a good thing for me.

Atlanta, I like Matty Ice, but if he was gonna do something, he would have done it years ago.

New England. What can you say, Brady is damn good.

Houston. Nope. They showed in the last few weeks that they don’t understand playoff football.

Indy. Good for them. Like the Foreskins, their QB needs a playoff game (to lose) to understand what playoff football is all about. It’s played at double time. Next year the Foreskins and Colts will be much more dangerous.

Baltimore. Hate the bastids so I can’t properly evaluate them. When they play Philly or Dallas, it’s hard for me to decide who to root against more.

Cincy. A moral victory as they get blown out in their first game. They’re just not that good.

Denver. Damn is Peyton good, they’ll be dangerous unless he does his Romo imitation.

I’m rooting for the SB to be Denver against the Seahawks or Minny.

Being from NY, I have a bunch of friends who are Jets fans. Whatta buncha chumps, it almost feels cruel to point and laugh. Rex Ryan wasn’t fired. Buh? That guy sucks. He also pissed me off because never even gave Tebow a chance to play. I’m not a Tebow fan except insofar as I’m usually on the side of the guy who everybody hates for some stupid reason. Ryan started Sanchez the last day and even as he was going 15 for 1,000, Ryan didn’t put Tebow in for garbage time even. Plus, I don’t like chumps (Ryan) who talk shit and don’t back it up. I don’t like people who talk shit and do back it up, but you have to respect them. Not Ryan.

Oh yeah, fantasy football, I played a mock season based on the people from last year. MP won, I was 5th, AliceH was last. Man did she suck. She traded for Mark Sanchez. That was funny.

Demand Celebrities Go Fuck Themselves

Posted: December 30, 2012 by doubleplusundead in This Is My BOOMSTICK!

I heart this so much,

… but it doesn’t come out until May.  And they way things are going, that might be too late.

The End is Near and It’s Going to be Awesome: How Going Broke Will Leave America Richer, Happier, and More Secure”, by Kevin D. Williamson of National Review.

So far it seems most speculation of the coming post-crash sounds like Greece crossed with Revolution and a touch of Mad Max thrown in. Your typical “sh*t hits the fan” scenario. (Just got my license to carry, btw.)

I can only guess what sort of scenario Williamson has in mind.  It seems a little like asking what’s on the other side of a black hole — perhaps some parallel universe where people have goatees…

But “awesome”? And isn’t there a lot of turmoil between here and awesome?

I gotta get my hands on this book.


Posted: December 30, 2012 by veeshir in Filthy Hippies, Notes on the Revolution, This Is My BOOMSTICK!

I’m never shopping at Dick’s Sporting Goods again.


A little background first, Troy Defense makes a decked out AR-15. You know, a scary black….tan gun.

Troy Defense (Troy), a division a Troy Industries, Inc., was deeply dismayed and shocked to hear through national media outlets that Dick’s Sporting Goods (DSG) made the decision to stop selling the Troy Carbine along with other modern sporting rifles. DSG did not contact or inform Troy of this decision prior to notifying the public. Nor was Troy informed by DSG that cancellation letters were being sent to customers, set to arrive on Christmas Eve (a day Troy was closed)

That’s fucking why. The motherfuckers didn’t even notify Troy, they sent out a press release. Troy found out they were fucked by the media (welcome to the party pal), that’s slimy, low and all about being a leftist piece of shit.

The people who bought Christmas gifts from those dicks are fucked up the ass too. “Sorry honey, I got you a nice AR for Christmas but the dick’s at the sporting goods store decided not to sell it after I paid for it. So we have to shop for an AR next week.“, which gives the black cloud a little silver lining, you’re not getting your gift on Christmas, but you get to go gun shopping next week.

But wait, there’s still more.

Troy has invested millions of dollars in its facility and operations to bring its first ever modern sporting rifle to the market under an exclusive contract with DSG. In selecting DSG as the sole distributor of the Troy Carbine,

Get it? Troy made it part of their business plan to work exclusively with those dicks and those fucking dicks fucked them up the ass after agreeing to the deal.

Motherfuckers. I hope Troy sues the shit out them and wins. I’d shop at Troy Sporting Goods so long as they fired all the dicks involved with this decision.

I have a couple gun-cabinets for my weapons but I really need a safe so I’m getting a gun safe early next year and Dick’s has one I like for a good price. Oh well. Ain’t gonna happen.

I sincerely hope they work with Wal Mart. That’ll give them more coverage than the dicks’ stores and also have the added benefit of exploding a whole shitload of leftist heads. That’s win/win in my book.

So don’t forget, don’t buy anything from Dick’s ever again, or they might decide not to ship you the item you already bought.

Fuck em.

Via Bob Owens who, to the best of my knowledge, is not looking forward to seeing Romo choke tonight.

Update, I edited this a little, I lost my intertubes connection before hitting “post” and lost some changes when I posted the saved post.

Green Science Is Neither

Posted: December 29, 2012 by veeshir in Filthy Hippies, Green Goofs

I understand that I modified/coined that phrase, but it still amazes me how much more true it is than the original (The Moral Majority Is Neither).

We see ultra-pollutionistical/efficiency-challenged electric vehicles being touted as “green”, hybrids that are worse for the environment and cost you more than you will save, a hybrid Civic doesn’t get much better mileage than a regular Civic, while the regular Civic is very low emissions, you couldn’t commit suicide with it, the hybrid has the huge, honking, polluting, death-batter to dispose of, is called “Green”.

To be a Greeny doesn’t mean you actually do anything to protect the environment, it only means to be an asshole while performing ostentatiously pious…prius acts of greenery , this time I’m a little embarrassed I needed someone else to point it out.

Case in point, Vegetarianism. Buzzfeed did a post on the 15 best cookbooks of 2012, one was A Girl and Her Pig, with this tasty pic.


Mmmmmm, bacon, pork chops, sausage, salami, prosciutto….

So needless to say, our fine, tolerant, leftist, vegans, who only want peace and joy for the world, have to write reviews to let use see their tolerance and peaceful natures.

I saw this book in a bookstore and felt bad for the poor pig, what angered me next was a woman who dragged her young daughter over to see it and they both laughed. What the hell is wrong with people when they find dead animals amusing? I really wanted to slap both of them! It’s a very sad world we live in 😦

See? Peaceful and tolerant.

But that’s not the point. The point is how green science is neither and something I had never thought of even though I know about it and should have made the connection on my own.

You see, I grew up in upstate NY in farming country, cows, corn, apples and also some other stuff I don’t eat (That’s not food, that’s what food eats R. Forman). Even in anti-gun NY, farmers can shoot varmints (read cute and fluffy deer, c&f  bunnies, c&f squirrels, c&f moles and all manner of other cute and fluffy critters) if  said C&F Brigade are damaging their crops.

So via Tim Blair who links to some Prick with a Fork, whose commenter had this great comment.

Anyone who tends crops and mows fields, as we do here on the farm in upstate New York, knows that the carnage is immense each time in terms of bunnies, voles, toads, myriad smaller forms of life. You cannot make a salad without causing chaos and death in the millions. I reckon it makes for more death-in-the-field to feed a vegetarian than it does a carnivore

Since most vegans eat what food is supposed to eat in their misguided attempt to not kill animals, they’re failing miserably at it.

Each carrot means a multitude of cute and fluffy bunnies being killed while a steak means only part of one cow killed.

In other words, by eating meat I’m protecting cute and fluffy bunnies and by eating only plants vegans are killing a many and many cute and fluffy critters.

I really can’t wait until the next smug tool of a vegetidiot gets in my face about how they’re all compassionate and I’m evil.

That’s gonna be funny.

If you have any doubts at all as to why having strong, effective vaccines administered to as many people as possible is a moral imperative, read this post at Lifenut to clear them up.  Fortunately, this isn’t one of the worst cases – Gretchen’s kid is on the mend.  Imagine how much cheaper this would have been, both from a financial and an emotional standpoint, if the anti-vax twits weren’t influencing the ignorant to allow diseases like pertussis to rise again.

Before you start screeching that Gretchen wouldn’t have this problem if she’d had her son vaccinated, read the whole thing – her son had an adverse reaction to the vaccination as a baby, and wasn’t vaccinated again.  This is why herd immunity is so so important to establish, both for the people among us who can’t be vaccinated, and for the infants who are too young to be vaccinated.

(I didn’t include the obvious profanity in the title because Lifenut is a family-friendly blog and I don’t know if trackbacks show up in the comments.  The author is a longtime commenter at the HQ, but if you go over there try to be civil, you fucking hooligans.)

I occasionally wonder if Michael Moore is the Larry the Cable Guy of the crockumentary circuit.

I mean, Larry the Cable Guy makes fun of them thar stupid rednecks and became rich, Michael Moore makes fun of leftist nitwits and became rich. It fits.

Case in point.

So Wayne LaPierre had his press conference (where he should not have blamed jack shit on violent video games and movies) and leftists lost their shit and Bob Owens was there to chronicle it. They’re mostly stupid and annoying and ignorant, but Michael Moore went above and beyond the call of doody.

Quoth Michael Moore


we saw that prohibition didn’t work, so we repealed that amendment. As ”bearing arms” no longer means muskets, let’s repeal the 2ndAmendment

In other words, Prohibition didn’t work so let’s prohibit guns.

That’s something Homer Simpson would say, along the lines of his question, “Did you know they have the Internet on computers these days?”.

I seriously wonder if  people like Moore and John Cole at Balloon Juice are doing performance art and will tell us when they tire of it.

Needs a gun. We haven’t had anything here for a long time. Hmmmm, I know.

It Goes BOOM!

It Goes BOOM!

Your honor? This is real life, it ain’t the bench

Posted: December 21, 2012 by doubleplusundead in This Is My BOOMSTICK!

So the judge that sentenced Loughner is on the LATimes arguing for magazine and gun bans.  Says the judge, regarding the gun control debate, which the authoritarians have mostly been losing since the AWB fiasco,

But reasonable, good-faith debates have boundaries, and in the debate about guns, a high-capacity magazine has always seemed to me beyond them.

Well fuck-a-doodle-doo, I guess that just settles it! Debate’s over, some fucking judge seems to think that something shouldn’t be up for debate, so debate’s over!  This isn’t the fucking courtroom, you don’t get to dictate the terms of the debate, you stupid twat. Then this,

I get it. Someone bent on mass murder who has only a 10-round magazine or revolvers at his disposal probably is not going to abandon his plan and instead try to talk his problems out. But we might be able to take the “mass” out of “mass shooting,” or at least make the perpetrator’s job a bit harder.

Shows that the judge has no clue about operating a firearm outside of a formal sporting or target environment.  Every fucking time someone starts in on ZOMG IF THEY DIDN’T HAVE…you know either A) They know fuck-all about guns B) They’ve only shot in a hunting/sport capacity, and are fucking clueless as to how quickly most repeating firearms can be operated. C) They’re a fucking Fudd, who has no problem fucking over guys with Glocks, ARs and AKs hoping they’ll be last eaten by the Commie Crocodile. As noted here multiple times…I love revolvers.  As far as guns go, if I won a raffle had a choice between a new Glock or 1911 vs a beat up but mechanically sound S&W Model 10…I’d take the Model 10.  I can also tell you, anyone who thinks that restricting handgun usage to revolvers is going to stop mass killings is fucking deluded, and of course all these fucktards immediately go ZOMG IF HE HAD A REVOLVER INSTEAD…  Real life is not like the 1920’s or every movie and TV show in the history of ever where you’re thumbing in cartridges one at a time…we’ve had these things called speedloaders for decades now.  We’ve also had these things called moon clips since the 1910s.  With a bit of practice, you can get quite fast with speedloaders.  Not as fast as an auto, but damn quick, especially with moon clips, with basic training or practice. I can reload my 686P and 642 with HKS speedloaders reliably under 5 seconds, restricting someone to revolvers is NOT enough to make a difference.  Moon clips are even faster.


Lever rifles and pump shotguns?  Same story, watch cowboy action shooters, that shit translates over nicely to defense use.  Bolts are no different, look at the Brits and the Mad Minute with the Enfield.  But none of it matters, because this isn’t about mass shootings, this is about controlling the individual.  The judge correctly admits you’d basically have to turn the US into North Korea in order to stop attacks like this, then turns around  in the NEXT PARAGRAPH and says,

Bring back the assault weapons ban, and bring it back with some teeth this time. Ban the manufacture, importation, sale, transfer and possession of both assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Don’t let people who already have them keep them. Don’t let ones that have already been manufactured stay on the market. I don’t care whether it’s called gun control or a gun ban. I’m for it.

HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!  Fucking really, dude?  You’re going to confiscate the probably now 100s of millions, possibly billions+ “high capacity” mags floating around this country?  And do so without massive bloodshed?  Fucking LOL, dude, real life is not the courtroom.  People are NOT going to give up their eeeeeevil guns or eeeeeeeevill magazines peacefully, and this isn’t a bailiff taking a loudmouth or prisoner out of the courtroom to be held in contempt or off to prison, this is the street, you jackass.

Numbnuts here thinks he’s conservative, and he’s not.  A Republican perhaps, but you’re not one of us, judge, you’re a statist no different then the left, you’re perhaps not as noxious as the average leftist, but you’re one of them.  You’ve presented no logical argument for the ban and confiscation of “hi-cap” magazines, it’s all emotion borne out of discomfort.  Therefore, not a conservative case, this is a self-proclaimed conservative making a liberal case for bullshit bans.  You know and I know the reason for ARs and AKs, it is about keeping the STATE in check, ours or others.  It always has been, and always will be, about keeping governments under control, and resisting them when they do go off the rails, so that millions of us don’t end up in Gulags.

But such a conversation is political only to those who are ideologically predisposed to see regulation of any kind as the creep of tyranny.

You know, actual conservatives and libertarians.

I don’t even need a TV to know

Posted: December 15, 2012 by doubleplusundead in Random Crap

This is pretty much all that’s on right now,


If Obama pushes hard for gun control, I think for a lot of folks that will be the final straw between just hating the Obamunists and taking that extra step towards being openly hostile to the regime and its supporters. And no, I don’t want to define “openly hostile”.

Obama seems to be especially cocky now, having won re-election while doing virtually nothing right during his Presidency, as evidenced by his absurd negotiating tactics vis-a-vis the fiscal cliff, which goes well beyond what he campaigned on.

Friday, the day of the tragedy, Obama launched a trial balloon at gun control in his press conference: “…And we’re going to have to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this, regardless of the politics.” (emphasis added)

The gun-control reactions today from my co-workers and on my Facebook feed (where I am not nearly as political as I would like to be) were not encouraging.  Reactions are extremely divided between “Why do people need guns?”, and “I really need to get (more) guns”.

We tell ourselves that the American public will not allow severe restrictions on guns, and that the NRA owns the Congress, but we also thought that our fellow citizens would never re-elect the SCOAMF.

When we say “cold dead hands”, we mean it.  Unfortunately, I think there are a lot more Obamunists now who want to try to call us out on that.

The reaction will be a hearty, “Fuck you, and the horse you rode in on.”

Honestly, I’m wondering if this is the first shot fired in the next American civil war.  We’ve been in a “pre-revolutionary” state since 2010, and it hasn’t gotten any better.