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Given my background in history and political science, I have a fascination with North Korea and its wacky Communist/Cult government, and Vice does some of the best/most interesting reporting on North Korea.  The Caller has an interview with Shane Smith of Vice regarding his visit to these camps.  Absolutely read the article, then watch the videos.

And can I just say this about the DC’s commenters?  Seriously?  You fucking mouthbreathers are whining about the fact that there are a few f-bombs being dropped by Smith and quoted by DC?  Grow the fuck up, this Vice guy brings us absolutely brilliant original reporting, I, someone absolutely fascinated by North Korea (given my history and political science background) had no fucking clue about these Siberian labor camps, and you’re bitching because he drops a few f-bombs and used phrases like drunk-y and murder-y to describe his various run-ins with violent drunken Russian hoodlums?  On top of the original reporting on yet more human rights violations that are routine with this absolutely sick, bizarre regime…and you’re bitching about a journalist using the word fuck in said reporting?  Get over your fucking selves you goddamned immature puritans.

I’m totally humming No Motherland Without You right now.

Also, here’s one for the Paultards,

Take a hint, guys. Also,

The big guys in this meeting were the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, the National Association of Evangelicals and the Salvation Army.  Jim Wallis, a known lefty evangelical hack, is obviously the point man on this effort.  They brought to him their “Circle of Protection” doctrine (hmmm…sounds very…pagan, NTTAWWT! 😛 ), basically stating that any cuts or changes to federal welfare programs are unacceptable.  So apparently the USCCB, NAE and Salvation Army are opposed to any efforts to reduce bureaucratic and rampant fraudulent waste of funds that could be going to poverty-stricken Americans…seems kinda…I dunno…sinful?

This is yet again one of the reasons I abandoned the Church, Christian charity, at least as guided by the clergy is no longer performing the charity as a church, it’s aiding the federal government in coercing the public to hand that much more money over to the state.

That’s a bridge too far for me, I used to be appalled by the idea of stripping churches of their tax exempt status, but if they want to see the welfare state maintained as it is?  Fine, then they can help pay for it, too.  Democrats?  Here’s your much wanted revenue.

Surely this atrocity is in violation of Geneva or Hague…

If inflicting bad music is supposed to make me feel any sympathy, well,

Seriously? Rahtard, you play less than 100 miles away from Shanksville and you spout fucking Truther bullshit? Grow the fuck up, you ignorant little bitch. And yes stupid, we we did hear bin Laden speak, everyone but window-licking fucktards like you fucking heard.  Guess what, numbnuts?  We motherfucking answered back by having Navy SEALs shoot bin Laden in his stupid fucking face.

And for the record I couldn’t give a flying fuck what God thinks about me celebrating bin Laden’s death, if God didn’t want me celebrating bin Laden getting shot in his stupid fucking face, he had all the opportunities in the world to do something with bin Laden to stop 9/11 from happening…kinda like Clinton (turnabout on your political hackery over the past two days is fair play, libtards…fucking deal with it).

Maybe I’m being unfair, after all, this is shit Rahtard posted on Twitter, his messages may have been mistranslated from the original crayon and paper…

…or not, do America a favor Rahtard, find a straw and a pig carcass, and start sucking till there’s no shit left, then choke yourself.

Makes sense, given that Browning was from Utah, but honestly, there are a lot of other good choices they could have gone with, Browning had a lot of great designs, the most obvious being the 1894 Winchester, the Superposed would have been a classy understated choice, I also think the Remington Model 24 and Colt Woodsman would have been a very nice pairing for state pistol and rifle.  But I’m not a Utahn, so it ain’t my decision.  Arizona is looking to declare the Single Action Army their official state firearm.  I hope PA follows suit, I think it’s pretty obvious what our state firearm should be,

Pennsylvania Long Rifle, fuck yeah!

This damn well better be a Trojan Horse to get the Democrats back in Madison,

The proposal, written by Sen. Dale Schultz and first floated in the Republican caucus early last week, calls for most collective bargaining rights of public employee unions to be eliminated – per Mr. Walker’s bill – but then reinstated in 2013, said Mr. Schultzs’s chief of staff Todd Allbaugh.

“Dale is committed to find a way to preserve collective bargaining in the future,” said Mr. Allbaugh in a telephone interview.

Phone calls…the RINO brigade may be in need of some.

This fucking douchemallet,

All I have to say is,

Holy shit

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This made me friggin’ LOL,

I’ll admit, one of the things I miss most about TV is watching corrupt megachurch dirtbags like this guy, they make for endless entertainment.

One of his first actions as Governor of Rhode Island was to unilaterally ban all state employees from making statements or comments on radio broadcasts.  Chafee’s always been an intellectual featherweight, and is regularly criticized by figures in talk radio, so I’m not surprised by his actions, but still, pretty damned horrific.  Good news is he’s already walking it back, stating it may be a “temporary” order, I’m guessing that means, “I know the state’ll get sued and lose its ass if I actually try and enforce it, but let me take my swipe at Rush Limbaugh first.”  Still damn scary that this clown has been given so much power so often by the people of his state.

Dear. God. No.

No words can truly express how happy it makes me that he scored so low on the Hotair poll.  In 2008 you always had that core of Hucktard zealots that floated around the dextrosphere.  That seems to have collapsed for now.  Doesn’t mean he’s not still a threat, but that he did so poorly gives some comfort.  And you better fucking believe I’d stay home if Huck won.  But really, I’m not worried, I think Palin’s pretty much broken Huck, I think Huck’s done as far as national politics are concerned.