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We can always..wait, I mean never count on our fine media betters to stand up to dictators.

Via Weasel Zippers, we see this article at Mashable about a Turkish Brute Squad “‘protecting” Turkish Thuggocrat Erdogan by attacking journalists in DC at an event at the Brookings Institute.

thugs gotta thug

So how did our fine media betters cover it?

Faux News covered it straight. Good for them.


The Wash Post “covered” it.

But the event was seemingly upstaged by proceedings outside the venue, where protesters appeared to clash with Erdogan supporters,

“Seemingly” and “appeared to”…

It’s all just a “he said, she bled all over the place” sort of thing.


The NY Times ignored it.

CNN hilariously has this story headlined

‘I’m not at war with press,’ says Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan


Geez, who do they think he is? Saddam?


I fucking hate the NYTimesWashPostCNNABCCBSNBCetc. (Minitrue) and want only penury and unemployment for each and every one of those yellow journalistic assholes.

I only say that because wishing death and destruction on any of our protected class (does not include Republicans, conservatives or Trump) is grounds for a visit from Thinkpol and a trip to room 101.



Sen. Tom Cotton, a racist (obviously, Uncle Toms picks cotton…duh) Gaia hater is hatin’ on the EPA (the people trying to save the world from racist haters like Tom).

Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton says the reported use of private email by Environmental Protection Agency officials shows the agency has contempt for public records laws….

“The EPA seems to know no bounds when it comes to circumventing the law to impose their will on Arkansas and America…

See? He’s hatin’ on the defenders of the good.

As for the supposed illicit behavior, the EPA investigated itself and found

The EPA Inspector General researched this and confirmed they found no evidence to support that the EPA ‘used, promoted or encouraged’ the use of private email accounts to circumvent federal records management requirements.”


Pure as the driven snow they’re trying to protect from the likes of Cotton.

All Politics Is Local

Posted: March 30, 2016 by veeshir in Liberal Fascism, Notes on the Revolution

Quote the Washing Times (I don’t click them or link them, their site freezes my computer about half the time)

A coalition of Democratic attorneys general in 16 states announced Tuesday an unprecedented campaign to pursue companies that challenge the catastrophic climate change narrative, raising concerns over free speech and the use of state authority to punish political foes.

Fucking fascist, anti-free-speech, anti-science fuckheaded bastards.

And that’s the only reason I still vote GOP locally.

Nationally, there’s little difference, but locally there can be a huge difference, depending on where you live of course.

Good luckgetting  anything but leftist-fascism from NY GOP corruptocrats.


The Puppy Blender links Marks Levin

MARK LEVIN: “Anti-Establishment” is a crock — I want a Constitutional Conservative.

Yeah, see, the members of the We’re Better and Smarter Than You are all against the Constitution.

It restricts their power too much.


A question:

If Trump were trying to sabotage his presidential campaign, how would he have acted differently over the last 6 months?

That’s a poser, huh?

1 minute later update!!!!!!!

Forgot thidilemmas.


Quoth Ed Driscoll at the Puppy Blender’s:

Brussels is what happens when liberals don’t push immigrants to assimilate


Yeah. No.

Brussels is what happens when racist Europeans import wogs to be the workers for their aging population and put them into ghettos while refusing to allow them to assimilate.

Many of them are 2nd and 3rd generation and yet, they’re not fully citizens of their countries.

France has the banlieus (home of the Car-B-Q) where they keep their wogs, the rest of EUnuchstan has the same.


Also….they’re not “liberals”, they’re socialists. They only talk the “liberal” line to get others to do what they want (like us), they are less…… tolerant in their own bailiwicks.

Oh, and Good News!!!</prof farnsworth>

Reprinting Hitler’s autobiography “Mein Kampf” (My Struggle) was long prohibited in Germany — a country that considered the book too dangerous to be read.

Now, it’s a German best-seller.

An annotated version currently ranks second in nonfiction on the German weekly Der Spiegel’s bestseller list, which is considered an authority in German literature circles.

We’re gonna have to update that Chinese curse

May you live in hilariously, horrifically, interesting times.

Cities to become unlivable for anybody not a criminal!!!! (must credit Veeshir!!!!!)

As New York moves to decriminalize low-level offenses, arguing enforcement is “rigged against communities of color,” other large cities are coming under pressure from the Justice Department to do the same thing.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch has issued a warning to municipal and state judges across the country that their courts could lose federal funding if they don’t ease up on fines and arrest warrants for minor crimes involving poor offenders, indigent minorities in particular.

You get more of what you reward. It’s an unbreakable rule of humanity.


I often think about trying to explain today to people from even 20 years ago, how would you go about explaining that the highest ranking law-enforcement official is telling people to not enforce laws?

Seriously. If I had predicted 2016 in 2006 I would have been called all sorts of names.

Actually, many of us predicted stuff and were called all sorts of names for noticing reality.

Like this one, which is horrifically hilarious because I don’t live in EUnuchstan.

The raids have uncovered what is being described as “alarming” evidence of a Europe-wide jihadist cell connected to the attacks in Belgium as well as those in Paris in November.

Gee, who could have predicted that?

You know, besides everybody not of our intellectual, social, moral and political betters.

Of course, with Obama going hellbent for importing tens of thousands of terrorists from Syria,  my laughter is somewhat subdued.

I do live in the greater Phoenix-metropolitan region, in the most rednecky area in fact. This town is probably one of the best armed towns in America, so I have that going for me.


There’s Optimism

Posted: March 25, 2016 by veeshir in Uncategorized

And there’s just rank stupidity.


In a blistering rebuke of the IRS, a Cincinnati-based federal appeals court has ordered the tax-collecting agency to quit stalling and produce the names of organizations it targeted based on their political leanings

Yeah, but who’s going to enforce this (latest in a long line of) order(s)?

U.S. Marshals? The Dept. of “Justice”? The Justice League of America?

I’d say the last is just as likely as the first two.


The Obama admin has made it quite plain that they think they’re above the law and the rest of us can suck it.


The Rule of Law is dead, the American experiment in self-rule is on its last gasp.


ISIS might not be an existential threat to our nation (even as they’re a serious threat to citizens of our nation), but the Obama admin, aided and abetted by their Minitrue allies, are.

Important, 2 minutes later update I forgot about!!!!!!!!!!!!

There’s a reason it’s called Stockholm Syndrome



Facts Before The Bench

Posted: March 25, 2016 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah

I’m gonna have to say that I think this law suit should have gone through.

A jury has found that a San Diego law school did not mislead a graduate who sued on grounds she was lured there by false promises that her degree would land her a job.

The jury rejected Anna Alaburda’s claim against Thomas Jefferson School of Law on a 9-3 vote Thursday.


The unleashed that asshole on the world, she’s going to spend the rest of her life just suing anybody she can think of, they should be made to pay.


Hell, she might try to sue mo for writing this.

By the way, this is Chad, I had to use Veeshir’s log in as I lost mine.

As we watch our social, moral, political and intellectual betters start to figure out that Obama is a feckless asshole who’s made the world a less-safe place, let’s get some chuckles.

Rhode Island Is Working Hard For Teh Children!!!!!!!

State lawmakers are debating a bill that would punish parents for leaving a child younger than 7 alone in a car. They’ve also proposed legislation to ban kids under 10 from being home alone and older kids from being home alone at night. (emphasis me V)


Well, some children.

17-year-old daughter …could not operate a power saw, work on ladders or even pump gas. The state also regulates how many hours and times of day minors can work….

…girls as young as 16 …working as strippers, as long as they are home by 11:30 p.m.…(sputter V)…

..Rhode Island law would allow teens to turn to prostitution…

…But a 16-year-old cannot drive without an adult in the car, and those under 18 cannot buy pornography or alcohol. It is also illegal to photograph or film minors in sexually suggestive ways. …



I have been thinking about a post on hubris discussing how pre-Philip-II-of-Macedon Greek and Persian civilizations had some serious ridiculosities and that there were some at-least-as-funny ends of civilization as ours as related by Greek historians like Herodotus and Zenophon (as soon as I finish re-reading Herodotus), but really, I’m not sure if I can make that assertion anymore.


30 Second Later Update!!!!!

Forgot the Kago Getting Comfy picIMG_20160323_102840

Harvey at IMAO (one of FrnakJ’s calmer personalities) links this bit of highlarity about how Scientists! can now predict Crimes!!!!!!!!

Harvey, not a fan of illegal immigration, says,

My prediction: the violent criminal aliens gutless liberals protect in sanctuary cities.

Yeah, but I’d say he’s missing the point.

These people are trying to get a computer to do the profiling people are not allowed to do (unless they’re profiling white men as future slave owners).

They’ve made a computer program that looks at prior felonious behavior (wife-beating in this case to keep the SJWs away), but it could, I’d assume, be almost as good as me at predicting that people who commit crimes are likely to commit crimes (and/or terrorism and/or corruptionism) again.

That’s not Science!!! folks, it’s common fucking sense.

Which is about as common as a politician who gives shit one about America.