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Bastids, the world is giving us a little chin music and I, for one, am not happy about it!

I’ll start off slow.

This one baffles me.  Aldi’s won a cheese contest. They’re a German supermarket chain that’s all over EUnuchstan, Australia and the US.

Now, I don’t know what they’re like overseas, but I went into one in Ohio once.  It’s like a cross between a dollar store, a supermarket and the place where Tom Parsons gets his gin. There was a bunch of stuff that resembled food that I would not eat and generic soda-like stuff that I wouldn’t drink.

How the hell did they win a cheese making contest? Did they just go around to their stores and pick up the old milk cartons or are they non-crappy overseas?

Fucking Biden is hilarious,  we’ve all seen him tell us two different felonies to commit just this week, today you’re supposed to shoot through a door (always a felony unless you have a badge)  Bob Owens asks

At what point does a public official making such outrageous, dangerous statements cross the line into criminal incitement?

Never Bob. Rather, he crossed that line but it doesn’t matter, he has that all important (D) after his name.

So many problems could be avoided if someone would just take the time to stop and say, “Are we sure this is a good idea?”, alas, that sort of introspection is no longer in vogue. Via the guy who named his blog after me, we find this hilarity.

Last week an employee came up with a brochure that used offensive images.

It included a mug shot of a bug-eyed black man, and another of comedian Dave Chappelle as a crack fiend. There were also photographs of overweight cops, Judge Judy, Barney Fife and Lindsay Lohan.

Sputter. It’s an orientation pamphalet. Lindsey Lohan was a nice touch, the pic of Chapelle is him doing some crack head, Curmodgeonly and Skeptical has the pic from the actual paper that he took.

Read the whole thing, it’s a true 21st century story, there is cluelessness, idiocy, racism, sexism all smothered in a huge helping of  OUTRAGE!!!!!!!!!!!

Teh Peepul are revolting sire. NYS pols managed something I didn’t think was possible, they’re really getting their subjects pissed off.  The upstate pol, from Hudson, NY, called gun owners Tea Party psychotards (I get shit for calling my dog a ‘tard-dog, but I’m not a lefty), then had a “town hall” about “No Guns For You!”, well, people showed up and weren’t happy.

Hudson is east of Albany, at the north end of the Takonic Parkway, it’s one of those simulacrums of Queens surrounded by farms and stuff. I wouldn’t have expected them to do this, it’s not the country part, it’s the city part. Small city, probably less than 20K people, but still.

Let’s stick with Gateway Pundit,  so we have high unemployment and we need to decide who will make a plane for our military. No brainer, right? Beechcraft was in on the deal and they’ve made stuff for us before and it’s about 1,400, high-tech jobs so yay! Jobs in Kansas. But that would have been in the Before, we’re in the Now.

“On Thursday February 27th, Department of Defense (DOD) officials awarded the Light Air Support (LAS) contract to the Brazilian aircraft maker, Embraer. Interestingly and without explanation, the cost of the contract to taxpayers somehow ballooned from $355 million to $427.5 million, a 20 percent increase..(emphasis by GP I think V)

As FrnakJ said once, Obama might not be setting out to destroy America, but his actions make more sense if you assume he is.

Another of those exporting our values. In a story about how bad drinking is

But Chamoun wasn’t drunk. He’s legally blind and was being assisted down some nightclub stairs by a friend. “I was even holding my cane,” says the 24-year-old, “but the idiots cut it off in the vid.”

ABC in Australia, unlike MSNBC in America, is officially a state-run media outlet, so it’s nice to see them following our state-run MSNBC. Oh, and I don’t think you meant “idiots” Chamoun, I think you meant, “Assholes”. They knew exactly what they were doing.

Via Yourish, we see some EUnuchstanian oligarchs went to the Middle East to figure out the biggest block to Middle East peace. Can you guess? Is it the war in Syria? Is it Iran paying for terrorism? Is it Egypt sinking into jihadism? Lebanon becoming a Hezbollah-run state?

I’m sorry, I know on this you guys are paying attention about this for sure. Of course, it’s the Jooooooooooos!

Nearly two dozen European diplomats have urged the EU to intensify efforts to block Israeli settlement in and near Jerusalem, saying such construction on occupied lands is the “single biggest threat” to a Mideast peace deal,

You know they said that with that smug, Hans Blix smile. hansbrix

A few anger-inducing ones and we’ll end on a cool note.

This one pisses me off to no end.  According to that poll, nobody not in the media trusts the media and yet, people obviously still believe them. Fuck.

The Feinstein Great Gun Grab that We’ll Never Have To Worry About Because It’s So Stupid And Won’t Do Any Good is in committee. The vote is expected along party lines. Yeah, so was the vote for Hagel’s nomination.

As a few people have noted, people are not buying those tens of millions of guns to turn them in next week.

Politicians everywhere are no longer trying to see how much they can do under the radar, they’re trying to see how much they can do before we give them an excuse to use all that ammo the NOAA and Social Security Admin is buying.

A public service. According to this article , women are fatter cuz they stopped doing housework



Just sayin’.


Now the awesome story from Jay In Ames, if it’s a repost, I don’t care.

Meet America’s first war dog, a stray Pit Bull/Terrier mix, named Stubby. He became Sgt. Stubby, was the most decorated war dog of World War I and the only dog to be promoted to sergeant through combat.

Read the whole thing, it’s awesome wrapped in medals and smothered in beggin strips. A coupl exploits were that he was injured and went back to the trenches and also captured a German spy. Seriously. Captured a fucking spy.

Damn, all my dog does is bad things and then sleep on the bed. I’m gonna go kick him. Lazy ‘tard dog.

Fuck. Why didn’t I just keep drinking?

Important, above the post update! I moved the Rand Paul story up and I’m going to explain myself better.

The original part

Dammit, whenever you trust what a pol says you’re wrong. I know that and yet, I started trusting Rand Paul, this article has him defending his vote to confirm Hagel. Motherfucker. There can be no reason to confirm Hagel. Not a one, unless he’s hoping to hasten the end, which motive I can get behind, but I doubt that’s why he really did it.

So why am I pissed? His explanation was that he filibustered for information but he didn’t get it and this

I take the position that the president does have some leeway and some prerogative in who he appoints to political appointees.

Oh, so the fucking Senate is just a rubber stamp? That whole bit about “advice and consent” means, “Vote yes” so voting for the most unqualified Sec Def since….uhhhhh…… was Biden ever Sec Def?

Now, back to my reasons for wanting to be a alcoholic!


Via Batshitcrazy News, we find something that’s not so batshit crazy as demanding tar, feathers, a rail and an order to never be in charge of anything ever again. Take away his ant farm.

Daniel Brewington was not happy with the way that Dearborn County, Indiana, Judge James D. Humphrey handled his divorce case, during which he lost custody of his children, and he explained why at length in various strongly worded online commentaries. Largely as a result of those posts, Brewington is serving a two-year sentence at the Putnamville Correctional Facility for intimidation, attempted obstruction of justice, and perjury.

That’s what you get for mocking the Laird.

Via a Trainwreck in Maxwell, I’m surprised I haven’t seen this anywhere else, it’s just so beautifully Obama. A Friday Newsdump:

administration officials said Friday the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan will stop taking new applications.

So , will all those lefties screeching about pre-existing conditions admit that Obama played them?

Sorry, I just like to make myself laugh.

This one is pretty funny. I forget where I saw it, sorry. The NOAA ordered tens of thousands of hollow point ammo for the National Weather Service. When caught, (minitrue/yellow journalism Wash Post link), they said, “No, that’s for the fish and game part of NOAA”.

Which leads us to this, the Fish and Game Authority is in the Dept. of Interior, if they buy bullets I have no problem with that, they are out in the wilderness and are law enforcement, NOAA, is part of the Dept. of Commerce, so they are not the same thing and should have no law-enforcement powers as there is a dept (Fish and Game) who does that.

Are they going to need the ammo to shoot anti-global warmmongers? Geez, now I gotta wonder how many federal bureaus have me on their hit list.

Remember last week when I wrote about Obama meeting with the Norks unilaterally and telling Japan to fuck off? No? Well I did.

So Obama’s decided to make sure the Japanese understand exactly what he thinks of them.

Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of the late President John F. Kennedy, is a leading candidate to become President Barack Obama’s nominee as U.S. ambassador to Japan, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Caroline Kennedy is like Smurfette except stupid. Geez, I didn’t think it was possible but Obama is actually making the federal gov’t more stupider.

So, any bets on where this will be “corrected” to in a month or so?

The U.S. expanded at a 0.1% annual rate in the last three months of 2012

I figure negative territory, but it won’t be reported by Minitrue.


Jericho 777 “likes” some of my posts (I think he just likes to click buttons, he seems rational otherwise), so I always click your blog when you do, if I don’t link or comment it’s not that I don’t like you, it’s that I’m lazy.

But this time I saw he blogged about the three year old in a wheelchair thugged by the TSA and adds in a whole litany of thuggeries that they keep “apologizing” for and keep doing. Hmmmmm, methinks they’re not really sorry.

Ah, I gotta stop now, I wanted to do some hottassery but I deci…..wait, check that.


I started a jug of Crown a little while ago. Let’s see what happens!

First up, What’s the Wash Post going to do? We all saw Woodward calling Obama insane and then the White House going all Chicago on him. I’d be a little more supportive of Woodward if the Wash Post wasn’t such a facilitator of Obama’s lies.

I wonder if the Wash Post will grow a pair, but notice the above links do not go there. I’m betting against it, this is just a little fillip and they’ll be back to kneeling and bobbing by tomorrow.

A couple IMAO links,

Hillary is going on the speaking circuit! I’m not saying she won’t be paid well for it, I’m just wondering if anybody will actually show up to listen to her smugly screech.

I just noticed that I did the post the other day about the 1911 knives without the link. I guess nobody wanted one, but there it is anyway.

A little history lesson (I love this one)


Funny how that worked out.

Speaking of which, the NY boycott is up to 97 businesses. I will say that I love it when a blogger finds an important niche and does good. I hope his hit count is way up there.

The war between the states is getting funnier and endier.  Texas is running $billions in surpluses, Illinois is running $billions in deficits. How long before Obama raids  tries to raid Texan coffers for the Illinois welfare state with hilariously violent results?

Well this is unsettling.  Supposedly Hezbollah is fighting in Syria for the gov’t. So another set of jihadis added to that dog’s breakfast. The truck bomb war is going to heat up.

China threatening Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam. Yay! They’re moving missiles across the South China Sea.

Wow, whiskey makes me laconic! Good thing I wasn’t drinking vodka.

A couple of chucklers from the List of What Global Worming Hath Wrought!

From 11/15/08, Will Global Worming Cause Ohio to lose buckeye trees? (spoiler alert: No)

From 6/29/2005, Global Worming Will Make The Earth Lopsided! A little trouble though:

We used computer-generated simulations to get this research result,” Powell cautioned.

Let me know how that worked out for you.

Wyatt had a post that made me look for funny air traffic controller stories and I found this page with a bunch of new ones.

There are the ones you might have seen on an email on the right sidebar, but the main part of the page has stories this guy knows.

Unknown Aircraft: “Hello?..”
Easterwood Tower (me): “Please say again.”
UA: “What?”
ET: “Who is this?”
UA: “This is Joe”
ET: “This is Easterwood Tower, where are you?”
UA: “I’m in the plane!”
(I looked down the flight line, checking if someone was sitting in a parked plane playing with the radio. I didn’t see anything, and the senior controller was becoming more interested in my handling of the situation.)
ET: “Joe, where is the pilot?”
UA: “He got out when the engine quit..”
(I could only imagine a bizarre scenario in which the pilot had jumped from the plane.)
ET: “Joe, what does your airspeed indicator read?”
UA: (Long pause) “Zero?”
(So the plane was now in a stall I thought.)
ET: “Joe, whatever you have in front of you – a stick or a steering wheel – push it forward – you need to get airspeed over your wings!”
UA: “Are you sure?”
ET: “Yes Joe you need to push it forward… (pause)… What does your airspeed indicator read now?”
UA: “It’s still zero.”
(I thought, oh my god, Joe’s plane was in a falling leaf spin. I couldn’t help him. Joe was going to die. I did not know what to do. I looked to the senior controller. He said, “Ask him where his plane is.”)
ET: “Joe, where is your plane?”
UA: “We are parked down at the end of the runway, the pilot got out when the engine quit and walked back to the hanger..”
ET: “Joe, get off the radio.”

Okay, that’s funny.  I can picture the poor air traffic controller thinking he’s talking to a dead man.

This one slayed me even though you can see it coming.

The late Captain Mickey Munn – an all-round fine fellow, highly experienced pilot and, at the time, Sergeant in the Red Devils (UK Parachute Regiment display team) – was piloting a Britten Norman Islander to jumping altitude with a full load of hairy-arsed paras crammed into the rear of the aircraft. With no warning at all, a bang and a flash of flame, the port engine blew itself to pieces. Mickey’s hands flashed around the cockpit as he brought the aircraft under control. As soon as the aircraft was straight and level he turned to his passengers and said: “Phew. I think you chaps should…” But his words tailed away as he gaped at the empty passenger cabin.

See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya.

One more

And (another) hoary old chestnut: QANTAS pilot to copilot landing at Sydney, forgetting the cabin intercom was live:

“What I need now is a cold beer and a hot shiela”
Stewardess hurries forward lest worse befall.
Chorus of passengers “Hey, you forgot the beer!”

There are a bunch, none are bad, some are fucking hilarious. Look at the “Technical problem/remedial action” chart at the bottom.

Technical problem                                                                                    remedial action

Dead bugs on windshield.                                                                     Live bugs on back order.

I have some great bookmarks on this computer that I haven’t clicked in years.

I think I’ve posted this before, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t post it again.

Am I being Detained?

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Via Say Uncle


I’m impressed, not a Fuck You Nazi was spoken.

Only stupid.

Remember when the huddled masses, yearning to be free looked to America? That was the Before, we’re in the Now.

To try to rescue the meeting (with Kerry about Syria V), Robert S. Ford, the American ambassador to Syria and chief envoy to the opposition, was sent to Cairo on Sunday to implore opposition leaders to attend the session in Rome.


We’re reduced to begging jihadis to talk to us.


Next, a little Ukrainian humor.

Eh, I wouldn’t click, they’re speaking whatever it is they speak in Ukraine. Here’s the story , apparently some geeks feel the need to have the gov’t want to kill them so they’re demanding their Internet Party (a political party)

“As a symbol of invincibility and power of Internet Party of Ukraine I decided to intervene personally into a destiny of this institution,” the man said. “I will not let any Rabinovich to make raider attacks on oppositional political parties. I will make every official directly or indirectly involved in this crime to regret about it.


It’s all fun and games until you end up in a dank dungeon, like the former PM.


In more “When a nitwit meets a nitwit going through the rye (whiskey)” news: Hannity V Ellison! No brains enter, one mouth leave!


In related news (no whiskey this time) we see that Obama and Congressional ‘Leaders’ are going to meet to avert the catastrophe that is sequester the day after it goes into effect.

My prediction of no budget, just another continuing spending resolution is looking better and better.


In ignorant fool v ignorant fool news, I’m linking the Grauniad to praise them not point and spit!

They’re making fun of the BBC for some global warmmongering idiocy they put out. Quoth the gruaniad making fun of BBC

Africa’s climate is certainly changing. Some parts of the continent have become 3.5C hotter in the past 20 years.


They call bullshit on that, I’m surprised about this, the Grauniad  makes stuff up all the time, but good for them anyway.


This one should be hilarious, except it’s not. Some guy wrote a poem praising the Tunisians’ revolution, gets a sentence of life in prison the Thug of Qatar . Civil libertarians are OUTRAGED!!!!!! that a place that has no free speech doesn’t have free speech, so they reduced the sentence to 15 years. The head thugs actually thought that would make it all better. See? Funny but not.

Once again, I’m on the Nazi’s side. A retired soldier tried to fly a flag, HOA says no.

Listen, if you want to be free on your own property, do not cede control to an HOA.


Another attempt at a drudgetaposition

Libyan arms seized on way to Gaza.

Libya wants arms embargo lifted so they can import weapons.


Okay, this is fucked up. In the 80s I had a lot of money with Shearson/Lehman brothers. Shortly thereafter, like many others, I didn’t have any money with Shearson/Lehman bro’s. Fuck. So last year I checked on NY State’s “recovered funds page” and found that my 401(k) was still opened. My $2k had skyrocketed over 20 years to $3k! Eh,  I got it when I needed it.

So what’s fucked up about that? This from Australia.

Under recent changes to the law designed to raise $109 million this financial year, deposits can be deemed unclaimed if a transaction has not been made on an account for three years or more, down from seven years previously.

Accountant Bryan Lukav oversaw an account for a client that contained the bond for a commercial property. He was advised to withdraw or deposit at least $1. If he didn’t, he was told the government could seize the account.


Fuck, they just have no rights.

3 chucklers today! I’m all excited.

First, I don’t get this. Russia is upset their hotdogs have horse meat in them. What? You’re afraid there won’t be enough insect and rat parts? Hotdogs, like food only not.


Don’t get me wrong, I like going to Vegas, but when people complain about losing I always say, “That’s why bookies drive Caddies.”

The only way a bookie goes broke is if he gets hit with a huge winner(s) or his protection money is too high. NY OTB went bankrupt for the second reason.

Now, let’s look at lottery, it’s gambling for people who can’t do math. The house takes a ridiculous percentage.

Illinois is bouncing checks to the winners.

Wrap your head around that, you have a 1 in 93 trillion chance of winning and that’s not enough for them to stay solvent.  “Hey, you can’t win if you play” isn’t a good selling model for lottery.

The NY Post gets “cannibal’ , ‘BBQ’ and ‘Beauty’ in the headline! Bravo!


First, via the Jawas we get  a link with a quote.

Catholic priests say they are living in fear after a clergyman was murdered on the final day of a music festival promoting religious tolerance.

So who else was involved? You can’t tell the players without a program.


I’ll try my hand at a Drudgetaposition.

Christie not invited to CPAC

Christie announces expansion of medicare.

Via Wyatt, I finally looked at that article where Kerry called Americans idiots, I didn’t realize he wasn’t in America when he said that (Kerry, not Wyatt).

If he had been in his home nation I wouldn’t have had a problem with him saying what we all know he ‘thinks’,  but he wasn’t in France, he was in fucking Germany.  Asshole.

I like Michael Z. Williamson’s books, so I felt bad about making fun of his “Manly Guns” list (I still think it wasn’t good with the AK being ridiculous on that list), so I’m happy I get to link him with an Atta Boy.


Vice President Shithead Doesn’t Understand The Constitution

Then he starts to explain why, beginning with this

“How can I say this politely?

Not sure, but you made a good start.

Next time you’re thinking how counter-productive the minimum wage is, ponder this Aussie nannarchism. This is  that Aussie pub owner in Queensland that I like linking, talking about the gov’t mandated pay rates for his employees.

The payscale section of the industrial award  or instrument (not my terminology) that applies to the Wayside Tavern has 962 pay rates, yes Nine-Hundred-and-Sixty-Two.(emphasis original V)

He says, “Why not a thousand?”

Cuz that would just be ridiculous.

Okay, this one is darn funny.  As we all know (or not), in EUnuchstan they kept finding horse meat in everything a week or two ago., Well, in South Africa they’re finding

Soya, donkey, goat, water buffalo and plant material were found in up to 68 percent of the 139 minced meats, burger patties, delicatessen meats, sausages and dried meats tested by the university.

Well duh. I’d be happy it’s not people. I just hope nobody checks the food in the Congo. I’d bet that pork loin was long pig.

When I was in Kenya in 1984, my buddy was living there so we just rented a Suzuki Samurai and cruised all over,.  I ate red curry “kabob and chips” everywhere. If they had refrigeration, plates and silverware, I would even eat the cole slaw. Often they didn’t, it was just some shack with a bubbling pot of oil for french fries and a rusty car fender over a fire for cooking kabob.

I didn’t want to know what the hell meat I was eating, I was mostly hoping it wasn’t people. I’d bet a dollar I’ve eaten baboon, monkey, water buffalo and maybe even lion if I was lucky.

A little Veeshir Vlashback. I was looking for something else when I saw this Round the Tubes  link. It’s from one of the previous times the debt “crisis” was GONNA KILL US ALL!!!!!! (the subtitle’s “Game Over Man, Game Over!)

First, even if Congress makes a “Deal”, all it’s going to do is attempt to kick the can down the road. They’ll just raise the borrowing limit (because this time, THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!, they’re going to fix the US fiscal state), before not cutting shit. Hell, they can ‘t even “cut” the increases, does anybody think they can actually cut spending in the way anybody not of our self-proclaimed Elite would think of it? If so, I have some prime beach land for sale, sure you can’t quite see the ocean from here, but it’s very sandy and sunny.

Wash, rinse, raise my taxes. Repeat. Well, at least this time we’ll have the hilarity of them all freaking out over there being no budget that they’ll fix by passing a continuing spending resolution instead of  a budget. You see, earmarks are only in budgets and they can pretend that they haven’t “budgeted” a deficit if they don’t have one.

Now something that I hope is for real. I can’t really quote any parts out, if you’re into the details, check it out. It looks plausible, if you accept the premise that carbon can be used to make batteries.

These dudes think they have a  totally new, cheap, very efficient battery.

I hope so, because the state of battery technology is not very good, we just can’t make them clean or very efficient. Those are clean to produce and supposedly efficient.

I’m not sure about how polluting they’d be to dispose (I don’t know if they’d have battery acid), but a battery that is not an ecological nightmare to produce and is efficient would be awesome.

I expect all Green Scientists to fight this tooth and nail, because green science is neither and that battery would be both.

Eh, maybe they could make ’em with a hammer and sickle logo to get Global Warmmongers onboard.

Don’t forget, check out This Ain’t Hell to see who to vote for and then check out the cheerleaders. I suggest you look very closely at all the pictures at the second link and then vote for the two at the first link.

Post needs pics, hmmmm, perhaps something yellow and soft to make John Effin Kerry feel welcome.


It’s fucking Amore’!!!!!!!!

Another look at Italy? The hardest part about this story was weeding my way through Minitrue’s bullshit to get to what happened.

So I’ve been seeing people freaking out over Italy’s election. The funniest are all the people saying Berlusconi’s party and a comedian’s party are against “austerity”.

As I saw on some blog last week, what they’re calling “austerity” are current tax increases and a really sharp look at spending, no mention of cuts, just let’s look. That’s austerity the way Obama cut $2trillion off the deficit.

Wash Post (warning, yellow journalism/Minitrue link) are their usual even-handed selves.

Let’s meet the players!

Not in any order:

Berlusconi: billionaire playboy and perpetual criminal defendant who was all but counted out of Italian political life when a debt crisis forced his resignation in 2011, shocked the country Monday by shooting back into a position of influence. (nope, he surprised lefties who ignore reality V)

the comedian whose party won big,  Beppo Grillo: What worries many of Italy’s more sober politicians and analysts is that the protest leader does not seem to be in favor of much. (Italy has no sober leaders and that’s exactly why he was elected, we’ll get there shortly V)

And now, our hero from the left-leaning party (read: To the left of the Green party): Pier Luigi Bersani, a mild-mannered former industry minister,

Love this quote, cuz it’s accurate and innacurate.

“The majority of Italians have clearly voted against the Brussels consensus. That is a damning indictment,” said Mats Persson from Open Europe.

Accurate cuz the majority of voters said that, but innacurate cuz of the low turnout. More on that.

Now, domestic and furrin Minitrue outlets keep saying Italy’s fucked because of this, but that story has a funny bit. The Euro went down when it happened but:

the yield spread of 10-year Italian bonds over German Bunds jumped 30 basis points to 290 in late trading.

That’s good, right? Higher yield means they earn more money, right?

I had a good link to the Financial Times but they have some copyright threat that says I can’t link or cut and paste unless I use their buttons. Pass. I think they were the ones who said Axelrod helped a leftist in the election (updated to make sense V), but since they’re assholes about links, here’s a link that talks about that.

(when I searched for that link I saw a Politico (pronounced Po-Lie-Ico) article that talked about him being ‘attacked’, how dare Italians get upset that Obama dispatched his peeps to get involved in their politics!?!?!?!?!?!?

But what none of those lying sacks of shit are fucking telling you is that that good old Beppo started the V-Day Protests.

For those not in the know, like me 20 minutes ago, the V is not vagina, victory or even vino, it’s Vaffanculo.

An aside, I’ve been using that word for a long time but I just thought about the “culo” (ass) part, now I have to ask an Italian if it means “up the ass” fucking.

The Fuck You Day Protests.

Let’s hear from someone not violently opposed to anybody not a leftist sucker of Obama’s cock.

Apart from the having yet another election, discovering horsemeat in lasagne and preparing for a new Pope, one quarter of the voting population decided to show their political masters what a bloody nose looks by voting for a protest party set up by a comedian with a healthy disdain for all Politicians.

Yup. Most Italians didn’t even bother, it’s the lowest vote turnout since WWII.

Moar about Beppo Grillo

Started by the readers of his blog in despair at the endless corruption, power mongering and downright Mafia tactics that prevail, his movement is making only one demand. It will not form a coalition with any other party and actually does not want any power. Grillo himself has declared that the support for his movement,

Now first, look at his blog readers. I bet they click links and co…. ahhhh, nevermind.

But check that out, whodathunk Monty Brewster would win an election in Italy!!!!!!

Italy, you magnificent bastards! I read your books!

Man, that’s the fucking awesome story of the day..weekmonth….year….decadecentury..The Fucking Millennia bitches!

Read the link at “Fuck You Day Protests”, it’s fucking beautiful.

I say we go the same route with eddiebear.

Think of the Fuck You Day Protests!

Unrelated to this post update!

I emailed John at This Ain’t Hell (but you can see DPUD from there) about the Iranian Salute Guys and he responded with a picture that names all the players, I updated that post and wanted  to bump it but I don’t know how so you’ll have to scroll down or click a link.

In the 90s and 00s they sing about cough syrup (Flaming Homers), in the 70s they had different priorities.

Rush is the perfect metaphor for the musical transition from the 70s to the 80s. They went from this to Big Money in just 10 years. Sigh.

So let’s go tubin’!

I was going on about this a few years ago and I’ve been watching it to see what happens.

Headline and subhed.

America’s Red State Growth Corridors

Low-tax, energy-rich regions in the heartland charge ahead as economies on both coasts sing the blues.


The problem is that the leftist states are fucked and many of the rest are doing fine.

So instead of taking money from The Rich(tm) to give to their constituents, they’ll have to take money from the rich states to give to the poor states.

The interesting part will be that the rich states won’t be so easy to intimidate as the feds might think and somehow, I don’t see Texas being happy about paying for California’s welfare state.

I’ll tell you what, the old Chinese curse of “interesting times” is a good description, it’s very interesting to see what’s going to happen.

China’s “Stealth Frigate“,  I just love the way commies and other murderous dictators always have to give their stuff names that make it sound as if it means something and the way western ‘journalists’ just accept it. It takes people like the Jawa Report to notice that the Iranians crappy p-shops are p-shops.


I’ve been practicing my repentance speech but somehow I don’t think He’s going to buy it cuz I keep smiling and laughing when I get to certain points, so this one scares me cuz it might be the sign of the endtimes. Why? Check out who I’m praising.

The Supreme Court is refusing to hear a case because the plaintiffs don’t have standing. Apparently, the govt’s claim of a right to listen to Americans on the phone without a warrant doesn’t mean Americans have standing to sue.

It was a 5-4 decision, the 4 saying “Americans do have standing to sue for violations of the 5th amendment”  are Breyers, Sotomayor, Kagan and Ginsberg. I agree with the 4 people who I think have no idea what the Constitution actually says and I am furiously fucking angry at Scalia, Alito and even Clarence motherfucking Thomas, I was sure Thomas was in the dissent and he wasn’t .

Fuck. No, fuck. I don’t know which way it should be decided, but it surely should be fucking heard. The gov’t is saying more that every amendment doesn’t mean what it says. I wonder if those assholes will think I have standing when they start quartering troops in my house.

NY pol wears blackface to a party, outrage ensues, but that doesn’t mean any news stories about it are going to mention the guy’s a Dem.


Nice Deb has vid of Chuckie Schumer doing what he does best, lying to your face with that smug fucking grin. “We’re not going to create a registration of firearms, but when we pass the law on universal background checks, we’ll create a database of the information.”

This is one of those “funny never” things that you have to laugh at. Recall that in NC if a black woman accuses white men of rape, they’re guilty. But if a white girl accuses the wrong people of rape, well, she needs to be expelled.

That’s another my favorite intertubes memes, how we have to read about bad stuff about Americans with the “proper” beliefs  in furrin papers.


I’ll end on a touchy subject. It involves hot women whose fathers are in the military.  You can help the hot daughters of friends of This Ain’t Hell to become Colts’ Cheerleaders.

So grab your…mouse and go look at This Ain’t Hell and then go vote. Seriously, that last link, is bery, bery good, but check the TAH link to see how you can help TAH while you’re helping yourself.

Just to add

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To Veeshir’s post, lean is nothing new, but a lot of people aren’t familiar with it, particularly if you have no exposure to southern rap.  As much of a curmudgeon as I am, and as much as I like to say I don’t know anything about music past ’95, that’s not entirely true.  In the very late 90s, early 2000s, which’d be late high school/ early college for me, southern rappers started becoming more popular, and several of them, particularly if they came out of Houston area, mention or personally consumed purple drank, lean, syrup or sizzurp, which in turn brought it to a much larger audience.

I remember this in particular when it came out, kinda hard to forget that video once you’ve seen it, crappy rez, but whatev,

I’ll let you add 2 and 2 and figure out what purple stuff is.

Weight and lean killed that dude, OD or complications caused by drinking lean killed other rappers that came along during this time.  Traditionally, it’s citrus soda (Sprite/7Up/Sierra types, sometimes Mountain Dew) and codeine based cough syrup, and sometimes a Jolly Rancher thrown in too.  So drank’s been around a while.

Also, my Gravatar in comments is Grimace with a gold grill and a bottle of cough syrup.  Heh.


Special, I Can’t Sleep Post!

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The worst part about quitting smoking?

That you can’t have a smoke.

Important Update and Bumped!

Importanter update! I don’t know how to bump it!


Since we were wondering, I did something weird, I asked a smart military blog (no, another smart military blog you should all be reading) about it and got a response.


I kept seeing this picture all over the place and it made me think of something but I couldn’t figure out what

Then I figured it out.


iranian salute guy 3-2                 iranian salute guy 2

They’re dressing their props just like the Iranian Salute guy!

It’s what tinpot dictators always do.

Update: I fixed some spelling, changed the picture to avoid confusion and changed poor wording, surpisingly!