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I saw the clip of this earlier and this is what Clintons do. So she did have some effect at State.

Quote the Free Beacon.

State Department spokesman Mark Toner said Monday that top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin was “fully vetted” before being cleared to work at the State Department

But that’s not what he said.

He said, paraphrasingly, that he knew how it works, how it worked in his case, and she ‘would have been fully vetted’.  He never actually admitted any knowledge, he just said that’s how it works.

See, he didn’t say she was vetted but everybody heard that she was. That lets Minitrue know how to cover the story. “The GOP is letting their Islamophobia loose!”

Very Clintonian.

The way he said that makes me think she had no security clearance.

If so the normal arc would be someone finding out, like Drudge or Breitbart, Minitrue covering it up, Hillary! telling ever changing lies upon each revelation culminating in…..Trump said we need to deport black lives matter protesters to Liberia!


Speaking of people just noticing stuff that’s been going on for decades, Stephen Hayes was on the Special Report panel talking about the media ‘covering’ Hillary!’s email felonies when he said something like, “They’re making it all about the GOP. It’s not about the GOP, it’s about her emails!”


Yeah, that’s how they work. Jeez, where has he been that he’s just noticing this? That’s how every Dem scandal is covered(up). Unless they’re all about “sex”, which those GOP prudes are way too interested in.


We’re reliving the worst parts of the 90s with the added attraction of having lost the Cold War and in the remake, Newt Gingrich sucks.

When I was in NY, my sister kept trying to talk about politics, I kept trying to not talk politics. So once she said about Trump, “I just am afraid of all the racism and hate at Trump rallies.”

I didn’t even try to get her to see that she was talking about stuff like this,

Leftist agitators employed fascist tactics at a Donald Trump fundraiser in Minneapolis on Friday night.

Video shows protesters banging on the doors of the Minneapolis Convention Center where Trump was speaking to attendees.

When the event concluded, Trump supporters were forced to run a “gauntlet,” with many, including elderly women, being punched and pelted with garbage.



Why bother? She gets her news from Minitrue and this is what she sees.


Donald Trump fundraising event in Minneapolis draws GOP donors, protesters to Convention Center


Ahh, he draws donors and, by the way, some protesters. First paragraph.


Donald Trump roiled Minnesota politics for a few hours Friday night without ever showing his face in public.


It’s all about Trump’s fault. So how do they talk about violence against Trump in Minitrue?

Dozens of protesters gathered out front ahead of the event and marched around the large building. Later in the ­evening, a smaller contingent grew unruly. Some fundraiser attendees were pushed and jostled, spit on and verbally harassed as they left the ­convention center.


Unruly. I guess that’s better than “Mostly-peaceful”, but still…. Imagine if it were a Hillary! event.

Pushed and jostled, ummmm, isn’t that assault? Isn’t that intimidation? Isn’t that the police letting people intimidate a presidential candidate’s supporters? Isn’t that all about the fucked up and really, really, really fucking bad? Isn’t that Chavez tactics?



You’ve got somebody out there saying things that used to only be said in the shadows,” said Giselda Gutierrez, a demonstrator who lives in Minneapolis. “I think what he’s saying represents something pretty dangerous for our country.”

The protesters are really the fault of Trump. I mean, if he wasn’t so hateful people wouldn’t have to mostly-peacefully protest him, right?

Of course, I think Giselda represents something dangerous for our country. But that opinion is out of bounds in polite society.


The demonstrators who harassed donors were not present earlier on, when the protest was peaceful. Many in the later group hid their faces behind scarves.


First, how do you know they were different demonstrators? You don’t, so that’s a protective lie. I’m sure that many of the same people hung out and got their violence out. That’s why they went, after all.

And that’s it? Political violence and that’s all you write about it?


Minneapolis police spokeswoman Sgt. Catherine Michal said there were no arrests and no reported injuries.


No arrests, people at a political rally were jostled, pushed, spit on and more and no fucking arrests. Notice the “no reported injuries”, that’s a clintonism. “I didn’t lie, at the time I didn’t know of any reports of injuries!”

There was, however, minor damage, including graffiti on the walls of the Convention Center, and officers had to escort Trump supporters in and out of the lobby because they were being harshly confronted,

“including graffiti”, I’m sure that much of the rest was actual damage, but since they write “including graffiti”, most people will see a little spraypaint.

They throw this in to make sure you know Trump supporters are bad

Guests began arriving around dinnertime, some in limousines and other chauffeured vehicles.


I bet they were all twirling their mustaches and trodding on the backs of their servants as they lay on the ground at the door.

They make this mostly an article on Trump’s policies, and make sure to give critics their chances.

All of this rhetoric is creating an unsafe environment for the Muslim community, for the Somali-American community,” Hussein said.


Trump supporters are the subject of viciousness and violence and yet, the story is mostly about how bad Trump is. A straight news story, supposedly.


The supporters of certain politicians are fair game so far as our fine media and governmental betters are concerned.

Saying Hillary! belongs in jail is totally out of bounds, but getting your violence on at Trump and his supporters is just not newsworthy.

Indeed, as they point out with their helpful quotes, it’s almost un-American not to get your violence on at Trump rallies.

They’re frothing at the mouth now, imagine a Trump win.

Now I want to see it not just because of the disaster that is Hillary!, but to see how it affects our fine political, social, moral and intellectual betters.

A few I  NY (Post) links.

I don’t love this story though.

A courageous 6-year-old boy who fought off a man who tried to rape his mother was stabbed to death by the fiend

He was going to rape mom, outside, in broad daylight as she was walking her kids to school.

Absolutely horrible. I don’t know what they’re going to do to this guy, but since it probably won’t involve starving coyotes it won’t be enough.


A coupla palate washers.

First, I deplore this, I mean, it’s just terrible.

was allegedly attempting to have sex Tuesday with a parked van in Dayton, Ohio,


A van? Seriously? If you’re gonna rape a car, it should be a Miata. Those little teases are asking for it.

Lest you think that some alcohol was involved,

He had also been swinging from a nearby stop sign.

After his tryst, Henson appeared to pass out in a neighbor’s lawn…

A lot of alcohol was involved.


Now this is the funniest global warmmongering thing I’ve read in years. I’d say since 2003-05 when the Goracle predicted the demise of the North Pole that year. 06 or so is when he started saying, “In 5 years!”.

July was actually the hottest month on Earth ever, according to the latest data from NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies,



EVER!!!!! Now what do you have to say you denier?


EVER!!!!!! WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ummmmm, ever? Really? Ever?

You cannot know that.

At best, all we know for sure is if it was the hottest month since the 80s.

At normal, it’s a blatant lie so I’m sure in the near future we’ll see some ‘corrections’ that will receive absolutely no coverage.



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Trump must be doing pretty well, they’re pulling this out too early in my opinion. People are going to be pretty damn tired of the pace of freaking out they’re doing right now.

So as we’re still talking about Hillary!’s felonious handling of classified material, and noticing that she was talking about an Iranian guy in unsecured emails around when he was executed, the We’re Better And Smarter Than You Party is bringing out 50 GOP SECURITY OFFICIALS!!!!! to say

calling him an unqualified choice who would put the nation at risk.

“None of us will vote for Donald Trump,” the officials wrote. “Most fundamentally, Mr. Trump lacks the character, values, and experience to be President.”



That’s lets The NYTIMESWASHPOSTCNNABCCBSNBCetc. counter the stuff about Hillary!.

I hadn’t seen this, so I’m gonna assume not many people are covering it, but Trump’s response is actually pretty darn awesome.

The names on this letter are the ones the American people should look to for answers on why the world is a mess, and we thank them for coming forward so everyone in the country knows who deserves the blame for making the world such a dangerous place,” he wrote.

Which leads me to what made me write this.

Trump said Second Amendment people could stop Hillary! so Minitrue IS ON THE JOB!!!!!!

CNN was where I saw them talking about it so I’m using their agitprop.

Donald Trump set off a fierce new controversy

Translation: We’re trying to push this controversy.

with remarks about the right to bear arms that were interpreted by many as a threat of violence against Hillary Clinton.


We all know he was talking about in the voting booth, but Minitrue is out for blood and going fucking insane. I thought the W Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld drove them nuts, but they are foaming at the mouth.

Case in point

The former head of the CIA, retired Gen. Michael Hayden, …If someone else had said that said outside the hall, he’d be in the back of a police wagon now with the Secret Service questioning him.”

Actually, I believe him, but that has nothing to do with the statement and much more to say about the destruction of the rule of law in America. Unambiguous threats against Bush were A-OK, but this bullshit would get me or you in big trouble.

This sums up one of the worst parts about the 21st century

Hayden added: “You’re not just responsible for what you say. You are responsible for what people hear.”

Because too many people believe that. You know, only when it’s pushed against enemies of Minitrue.

The Beatles were not responsible for Charles Manson and video games are not responsible for violence but this obvious comment about people voting is beyond the pale, right former head of the CIA, retired Gen. Michael Hayden?

Love this

That was more than a speed bump. That is actually a very arresting comment. It suggests either a very bad taste with reference to political assassination and an attempt at humor or an incredible insensitivity


Ummmmm, no. It was a comment on people voting, however, it does give ideologues like him the opportunity to foam at the mouth and isn’t that what really matters?



Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Connecticut, who supports increased gun control measures, tweeted: “Don’t treat this as a political misstep. It’s an assassination threat, seriously upping the possibility of a national tragedy & crisis.”

Wait, you mean a man sho’s willing to dance in the blood of children before it’s dried to advance his agenda was ready to give you a nice juicy quote when you called him and told him about this opportunity Xer Journalist?

Color me utterly unsurprised.


They give Pence and the NRA a chance to rebut the first few attacks, then they go right back to anti-Trump and Hillary! supporters for some more quotes.

Fauxcahontas was happy to tweet in


makes death threats because he’s a pathetic coward who can’t handle the fact that he’s losing to a girl,” she said.

Hillary! has a vagina you know. I’d really rather not think about it or whether it’s slo…..I can’t finish that. (Shudder)

Move-on is all about helping Teh GOP

 called on every Republican up and down the ballot to repudiate Trump over his remark.

I would laugh at that more if I didn’t believe that John McCain and Lyndsey Graham would listen.
little lord graham


One more thing about Trump and why I’ve started to root for him.

I don’t know what the hell he’s going to do, but he does describe reality when he speaks, I don’t have to change the channel because I’m furious at the blatant lies the ‘journalist’ lets pols spew.

Case in point,

Trump has repeatedly suggested that Clinton will “abolish” the Second Amendment.
The former secretary of state has never called for the abolition of gun rights, but has called for additional gun regulations and safety checks to reduce the number of deadly gun shootings in the US.


Trump is accurately noticing reality while Minitrue is trying to obfuscate it (one of their jobs).

Hillary! will try to abolish the Second Amendment or at least restrict it as much as possible, like huge ammo taxes and letting law suits against go against gun manufacturers for people committing crimes, shit like that. With the chance of a few Supreme Court justices, we would be boned.

Accurately recognizing problems is the first step in solving them. We need to reduce regulations and the reach of bureaucrats because we’re being strangled at every step.

He was in business and hopefully realizes that most people can’t buy politicians to get stuff done.


And they aren’t even hiding it anymore.

State spokestool should really practice keeping a straight face if he’s going to keep that job.



Unrelated except in that all  segments of the Dem political/media/entertainment complex are becoming increasingly transparent.

This wymyn is all over teh world records and I’m sure you’ve all heard all about her in glowing tribute after hagiography. She’s

…broken some pretty unique Olympic records during her years of competing. She’s the only American to win individual medals in five straight Olympics – only American at all, …. Her presence in Rio also makes her the only American Olympian to compete on 5 continents. Beyond American records, she is the only woman to win three Olympic golds in…

In addition to holding records, she’s overcome challenges that many Olympians would find it hard to overcome – like having her specialized sport discontinued and being forced to take up a new one. Her prized equipment was stolen at one point.


Yup, I’m sure her name is on the tip of your tongue.

Oh, I notice I missed some stuff in my cuttn n pastn, there should be the word, “shooting” in there a few times.

Can’t make that sort of woman a role model.

So…. minitrue much?

To make it funnier, as I was writing this the “Do you think I can’t do this because I’m a wymyns?”  commercial came on.


Via Uncle

I published this then unpublished it because I meant to write about this.

I watched the original version of Walking Tall last night, I’m not sure if I’m happy about that. I haven’t seen it in probably 15-20 years. I remember it was good, but not how good.

You see, I like the version with the Rock (I like most the Rock movies)but I think I can say without hyperbole that the original was 10 trillions times better.

For those who don’t know, it was based on a real story, the movie showed about what you’d expect of deepest Tennessee in the 60s, the women weren’t all models, the men looked and talked like rednecks, the casino was a couple tables in a bar somewhere on a dirt road. It was also filmed in 73, I would give just about anything to go have my pick of cars…drooooool. Big blocks shoving 2 1/2 tons of Detroit steel down the road gives me a chubby.

His wife was murdered in a hit attempt on him, the funeral scene was very powerful. As he was lying in the hospital after the hit, his 8 or so year old son walked in with a pump shotgun and box of shells to stand guard. nobody said squat.

He also made a black man a deputy, there’s actually a darn funny scene when he tells the black man to arrest a bunch of good ole boy rednecks bothering the ‘black’ bar.

Now that I’ve seen the old one, I realize the Rock’s remake was barely better a representation than Starship Troopers, it did little more than mine the original for some names and the gist of the plot, I just don’t think I’ll be able to watch it anymore.

It’s been leached of all its heart.

I was going to link Taxprof’s Day 1183 of the IRS “Scandal” as an example of tilting at windmills, but then I read the article linked today and saw something that dropped my jaw.

From Forbes (obviously part of the We’re Better And Smarter Than You party judging from this article)


Heading The IRS Shouldn’t Be Mission Impossible: GOP Call To Impeach Koskinen Is Tragic Political Theater

I wish the first was, “Heading the IRS shouldn’t happen for much longer” as they dismantle it, but then, I like to fantasize, but I do agree with the last part. I might quibble with “tragic”, but it’s surely political theater (arf arf arf! honk honk honk! slap slap slap!).

Here’s where things get surreal.

Mr. Koskinen was a great choice to rescue the reviled but essential agency.


While I agree with that, it’s not for the reasons they give

And he truly has an exceptional sense of public service.


His history.

He previously served as the Deputy Mayor of the District of Columbia


DC gov’t is all corruptocrats. All. Lying, hypocritical, nearly-clintonian, corruptocrats.

Here is why I agree he was the best choice for the Obama admin

On April 23, 2009, he became the Principal Financial Officer (Of Freddie Mac)

Yeah, he was hired to hide that government malfeasance is what caused all the problems in 2008.

Which is exactly the job he was hired to do at the IRS.

More from Forbes

He probably didn’t anticipate that his hard work would result in some House leaders and the official GOP platform calling for his impeachment.

I bet. He figured they were as feckless I do.

So why are they impeaching him?

: some emails lost by IRS staff


Oh, you mean the deliberate destruction of every piece of evidence subpoenaed?

The Internal Revenue Service appears to have violated a court order once again requiring the preservation of evidence needed by investigators looking into questionable practices at the agency.

How dare anybody actually expect this fine public servant obey the law!?!?!?! He’s dedicated his life to public service. (recall Heinlein who said “public servant” is semantically equivalent to “public master”)

More from Forbes.

and making a House committee wait a few weeks before responding to a subpoena.

Oh, you mean this

In February of 2014, the Commissioner’s counsel Kate Duval identified a gap in Lerner’s emails. She learned several days later that the gap was a result of a 2011 hard drive crash. Mr. Koskinen was made aware of these missing emails, yet he withheld the information from Congress for four months until June 13, 2014.


A few months is made up of a few weeks I guess, but fuck you.

And of course, they’re ignoring this

Commissioner Koskinen again provided false testimony, claiming under oath that he had “confirmed” the information on the bulk of the back-up tapes was unrecoverable. Yet an inspector general found that of the 1,000 back-up tapes, approximately 700 hadn’t been erased and were in fact recoverable.


So basically we’re talking multiple times giving false testimony, destroying evidence and basically just telling Congress to suck his balls.

Now, I can appreciate the last bit as they are only good for sucking balls and telling me to suck their balls, but the first two are grounds for going to jail, not some stupid “impeachment” that means he’s fired and still gets his cushy gov’t pension from other bouts of public mastery…service.

More from Forbes,

The same Treasury inspector general who flagged the targeting of conservative groups called Koskinen “exceptionally cooperative.”


That begins with a lie, no inspector general flagged shit until after it came out in the media. And I’m sure Koskinen has been “exceptionally cooperative” with the Obama admin as they hide their use of the power of the Federal Gov’t to go after private citizens who they need to shut up.

This bit makes me laugh.

(AEI’s Norm Ornstein published an excellent dissection of what he calls the House “show trial” in The Atlantic.)

The words “published an excellent dissection” and “The Atlantic” should only be in the same sentence if the words “Unlike” are right before “The Atlantic”.

The big finish

Koskinen, who is tough as nails, will be okay,

Oh, I don’t disagree with that, recall his cushy pension and the protection of Minitrue and the rest of the Dems.

This is about the only true part of the Forbes article

but the damage to our fiscal system could be longer lasting.

Yeah using the IRS to go after private citizens will do that.


Remember, the job of Minitrue is not to provide information, it’s to provide affirmation and to obfuscate issues bad for Dems.

The rule of law, she is dead, and here we have Forbes simultaneously dancing and pissing on its grave.

Go Team Minitrue!

As an aside, I’m not sure how I feel about Trump specifically not endorsing Paul Ryan.

His not endorsing McCain has my full support. That asshole needs to retire or move to NJ where they expect their Republicans to act like that. (and he should take Jeff Flake with him).

I mean, I agree with that, and while Ryan did endorse Trump, Trump is running against the establishment assholes led by Paul Ryan.

Trump’s allure is that he’s fighting the establishment. Hell, if Trump endorses Ryan he might as well endorse Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell and Harry, I’m the biggest dirtbag in the dirtbag-dominated Senate, Reid.

If Trump doesn’t win, he could still do America some good by destroying the current GOP, so we might have that going for us.

Case in point. “Republican Meg Whitman endorses Hillary!”

The headline, if I had written it, would have been, “Establishment Prick Bashes Trump, Endorses Hillary!.”

So why did she endorse Hillary! other than her establishment prickishness?


Can you say, “Quid pro quo”? How about, “You scratch my back by supporting me by endorsing me and giving me a few $million, I’ll make sure the federal gov’t gives you a few $billion of our next stimulizing.”

Now, most of the endorsement is the normal idiocy, but this idiocy goes above and beyond the call of stupidity.

Whitman went on to praise Clinton for her “temperament” and “global experience” that she said would make the former Secretary of State a “far better choice” for President.

“In a tumultuous world, America needs the kind of stable and aspirational leadership Secretary Clinton can provide.



hillary's temperament

Global experience? Do you mean when her servers were hacked by global enemies of the US or when she asked who had painted Our Lady of Guadalupe or the destruction of what little stability the Muslim world had? I mean, all of those are “experience”, but Hillary! has not shown any hint that she learned anything from her time as Sec State.

Hillary! knows far too much to ever learn everything.

Aspirational? Are we still talking about Hillary!? She is all about getting power and money for her, what the hell is aspirational about that?

Stable? Well, sometimes people keep cows in stables, I assume the Golden Cow’s stable would be gilded, so I’ll give them that one.


In We Think You’re An Idiot news, Congress is having Hearings!!!!!!!! Over what?

Who cares. Jebus, I’m sick of fish, my squeezy bulb is worn out and my fins hurt.


Can you say ‘Backdoor‘?

The Obama administration is weighing new steps to bolster the security of the United States’ voting process against cyberthreats, including whether to designate the electronic ballot-casting system for November’s elections as “critical infrastructure,” Jeh Johnson, the secretary of Homeland Security, said on Wednesday.

I thought that you could.

I’d talk about foxes and henhouses, but really, a Chicago-maching pol having his peeps strengthen voting security is far beyond that.

It’s like having Congress protect my freedom.

We do, of course, know why they’re going after ‘hackers’.




Recall when Planned Parenthood was all against dehumanizing people or you could kill them, well


You can’t get much more irony than that, heck, this doesn’t show more irony than those two tweets.