Via Weasel Zippers we find out there were 4 incidents last night.

First, the story from the previous post where 3 guys are shooting up Baltimore.

Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said around 8:00 pm three men – two armed with hand guns and a third with a long gun believed to a shotgun – emerged simultaneously from planned points of attack near the intersection of E. Preston Street and Greenmount Avenue and began firing into a group of people. Six men 26, 30, 30, 33, 36, 39 , a 36-year old woman and 3-year-old girl were shot.

No description of the perps, but since they write this

Police believe this shooting is in retaliation to a triple shooting that occurred during Labor Day weekend in the area of E. Monument Street and N. Luzerne Avenue.

I’m gonna say “Black” even though they don’t mention any description of the perps in that shooting.

Next, we have a stabbing attack in Boston

Boston Police Superintendent Bernard O’Rourke said police have identified a suspect. Emerson College sent an alert to its students stating that two suspects were at large.

No description of the suspect they’ve identified. That one’s harder, but a stabbing? Possibly a mostly-peaceful BLM protestor but I’d bet not, more likely it’s an illegal immigrant who came here to work hard and make America great but possibly a ‘youth’ who is responding to Trump’s rhetoric about the Religion of Peace.

Next, we have a shooting in Champagne Illinois

The argument transitioned outside where a fight broke out and shots were fired,” Champaign police said in a statement. “The victims in the incident were not involved in the fight.  Mr. Korchev was walking near the area when the shots were fired.”

Police said three other people suffered wounds from the shooting, and a fourth was hit by a car running away from the gunshots.

That one’s hard to figure out too, possibly a misunderstood black man outraged by Trump’s rhetoric, but it could be an illegal immigrant outraged by Trump’s rhetoric, less likely is it being members of the Religion of Peace outraged by Trump’s rhetoric.

Last, we have an attempted robbery in Tennessee

a man who unsuccessfully tried to rob a gas station while wearing underwear on his head as a mask but after being turned away claimed, “This is stupid,” according to a press release…

Around midnight on Wednesday, an unidentified white male entered Zoomerz gas station and convenience store on Memorial Boulevard in Kingsport.

It’s a white guy so we’re told his race. The clerk laughing at the guy with tighty-whiteys on his head is pretty funny.

It’s unclear if there were two of them but possible since DPUD has obtained exclusive vid of the perps


Note: They’re not actually superheros.


Our fine media and law enforcement betters, making us safer by keeping important information from us because we’re just too violent and will probably just lash out at an “other” for any reason or for none at all.


Making You ‘Safer’

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Authorities in Washington St told us to look for a “hispanic guy”.

” He initially said the suspect is a Hispanic male in his 20s or 30s. At a press conference on Saturday, however, authorities said they were not certain of the suspect’s race.

Yeah, I kept hearing, “They’re looking for some hispanic guy.” and I thought, maybe, but not really. In the picture they showed (on the right below), the guy didn’t look very hispanic. He looked a lot more middle eastern what with the gigantic eyebrows.

So who did they arrest?

So who is he? Some Turkish guy.

They had people looking for a hispanic guy. Cuz of the racism against middle eastern types.

I guess they’ve watched too much South Park, I’m surprised they didn’t say, “Some Puerto Rican guy”

It doesn’t look like terrorism, according to that Weasel Zippers link

Cetin’s neighbor who saw him being arrested and took pictures of the arrest, says that Cetin’s ex-girlfriend and her grandmother were among those shot in the Macy’s.

Sounds more like a jilted lover.

As an aside, I was flipping by Foxnews when they had a FoxNews ALERT!!!!!! about him being arrested and three guys shooting up Baltimore who are still on the loose.

And then they went back to the pre-recored Gutfeld show.

Really?  They caught the guy who shot up a mall and they’re looking for 3 guys shooting up Baltimore, you’d think a 24 hour news channel might want to tell me more about breaking news than just the bare bones so I would keep watching.

You’d be wrong. (Eh, I got to see Maid Marian in the bath instead. So I’m calling that a win see below.) 

That article above about the three guys in Baltimore doesn’t tell their race, so…..

Black or hispanic Middle Eastern?

It used to be you would just assume black when they didn’t say a race, but now it’s a toss-up.

You’d think they would want people to know who to look for.

You would be wrong.

Those are both places where Dems run things so they are uninterested in keeping you safe as they’re in a Narrative War!

Lefties have been ignoring and erasing reality for decades, but the last 8 years it’s been going full blast.

Chickens and roosting comes to mind.

It’s too bad we’re all about to pay the price.

The US and the world are about to get a heaping dose of reality.

This is why we have Trump.


If this post seems slow, I was watching, “Men in Tights” when the Maid Marion in the tub scene happened.

Hottest Maid Marian Ever!

With a quote that seems evergreen, except for the “boring” part, it’s been anything but that. Entertainingly stupid and hillaryous, but not boring.

Politics has been annoying/boring/unbelievably stupid lately so I figured it was time for something really important.

Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality.

I totally misunderstood imadenier, the guy wears clothes, it’s just not a grass skirt. It’s pretty good, he doesn’t sing but since nobody is Freddy Mercury, I rate that as a plus.

As you listen, you can read about some reality we’d all like to escape.

First, a message from the totally not in the tank for Hillary! media via Powerline.


Let’s look at some Hillary!’s health stuff Minitrue is utterly uninterested in looking into.

Here we have her Dr. who keeps making “mistakes” and shoddy diagnoses. I will quibble with the title, in most Faustian tales the hero gets his soul back while Clintons do not return the souls they’ve collected.

It’s hard to excerpt since there are so many instances where the Dr. said something that was about as accurate as Dr. Hansen telling us about global worming. Clintonian you might say. Unless you’re her bitch at the FBI I guess.

Clinton, her physician wrote, “began anticoagulation therapy to dissolve the clot.”  But this is not something anticoagulants do.  Two of these drugs are mentioned by Bardack:  Lovenox, which was discontinued in 1998, and Coumadin (warfarin). …

Bristol-Myers-Squibb, its manufacturer, says explicitly that the medication doesn’t dissolve clots:

COUMADIN has no direct effect on an established thrombus, nor does it reverse ischemic tissue damage.


It’s full of stuff like that. You can see why Minitrue has declared Hillary!’s health out of bounds. Cuz actually reporting on it would hurt her chances of being elected.


Health and Democrat related, I’d be worried if I were a youngun these days. Our fine political betters are already spending their money and their grandchildren’s money, but this could be even worse.

Or maybe we should have old people give blood for trauma victims, while saving young blood for anti-aging. . . . Likely to be mooted anyway, if and when scientists isolate what factors in younger blood provide the benefits.

And when they do, expect our social, moral, political and intellectual betters to figure out a way to get some of that sweet, sweet young blood.

Hey, it’s only a short step from taking their money to taking their blood. Are they so selfish they want to kill their parents?


Another day, more proof that the Dept. of “Justice” are a bunch of lying sacks of shit.  Remember how the jihadi who set bombs around NY and NJ was “working alone” after his trips to jihadi hotspots around the world?

What’s more, Rahami allegedly used the family SUV to travel to Manhattan to plant the pressure-cooker bomb. Late the next night, the FBI pulled over the same SUV occupied by five Rahami relatives — including three women dressed in Islamic robes — who reportedly were headed to the airport. They were handcuffed, searched and taken to an FBI office in lower Manhattan for questioning. Weapons and bomb-making equipment reportedly were found in the vehicle…

The brother, Mohammad, who is now in custody in Pakistan, posted ISIS-related propaganda, including images of jihadists with the message: “I bring the men who desire death as ardently as you desire life.”


Have to stop that whole, “Obama’s policies have ensured we’re beset by jihadis in America” so they can pretend it’s “Homegrown”. Otherwise, people might get the wrong idea and not want to vote for Hillary! to continue Obama’s policies.


This is the “Flee Big Cities” part of the post.

The other day I wrote this

Yes, the police need to just leave violent, wanted people with guns alone if they’re black! Just back off man.

If they’re going to perform their law enforcement/peace-keeping jobs, they need to keep it to the white community, especially in racist places like Tulsa and Charlotte!

I thought I was being fendy.

Turns out, I was being prophetic.


In the Commission’s most recent decision on an officer-involved shooting, in which a suspect charged at two officers swinging an 8 to 9-inch knife, they faulted the officer for not “redeploying” to “create distance.” In plain English: the officer didn’t run away.

Okay, that’s funny. Look for all criminals in LA to brandish guns and knives now that they’re “Get out of being hassled by cops” items.

And the people who those criminals will use those knives and guns on? Well, they shouldn’t be so racist and mean.

In Boston, they’re saying not to chase people running away. (I got that link from the Second City Cop blog)

Black men who try to avoid an encounter with Boston police by fleeing may have a legitimate reason to do so — and should not be deemed suspicious — according to a ruling by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.

So if you’re a criminal and you see a cop, run away. But only if you’re black. Whitey, orientals and hispanics had damn well better stop.

That’s gonna be awesome for the arrest rate. And if you’re the next one to be crimed on? Well, you shouldn’t be so racist or you wouldn’t get what you deserve, now would you?


Rahm IS GOING TO ADD 1,000 MORE COPS!!!!! but as that cop blog has noted in previous posts, it takes a long time to train those men before they’re patrolling, this barely covers retirements and promotions to detective and besides

The recruiting surge was a reversal — or perhaps a re-reversal — for Emanuel, who campaigned for his first term on a pledge to add 1,000 officers, then shifted the goal to putting 1,000 officers “on the street” by dissolving special tactical units and shifting officers off desk jobs and onto patrol. In his run for a second term, Emanuel mocked rival Jesus “Chuy” Garcia’s campaign promise to add 1,000 officers, calling the proposal “fairy dust” and warning that there was no money to pay for that many new officers.

Yeah, but this time, THIS TIME!!!! he means it!!!!!! I mean, it’s not as if Clintonistas are known for promising shit they don’t mean…..ummmm….. shut up.

If you go to NYC, I’d suggest you stick around Canal and Mott, near Little Italy and Chinatown. They have their own people making sure the tourists don’t get mugged. That was the safest place in the city back before Giuliani, I have a feeling that’s going to be the case again, considering you can’t go to Central Park anymore.


I’d put off your visit to various big cities for a few years. They’re not going to be pleasant places for anybody not living in a gated community with private security. Think “Detroit” writ large, all across our nation.


Have a good weekend!

No. This Is How You Get Trump

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If the “Justice” Dept. tries this bullshit I expect a Trump landslide.

SO AT THE END OF OCTOBER, THEY INDICT TRUMP AND A BUNCH OF HIS STAFF? “OCTOBER SURPRISE!” U.S. intel officials probe ties between Trump adviser and Kremlin.

Not long ago I would have laughed off thoughts that something like that could happen just to steal an election, but no more,alas.

Especially after Hillary!’s bitches in the FBI  whitewashed Hillary!’s felonious behavior, Live on TV!

I wonder how Minitrue will cover more leaks of Hillary!’s emails disclosing felonious behavior as the Hillary!’s Bitches in the FBI go after her opponent.


Hillary!’s past in relation to furriners who give the Clintons money.

It’s almost too fantastic to believe. But evidence has surfaced that the administration may have turned a blind eye
toward Red Chinese espionage – if not actually abetted it.

The lethal drama unfolding in Kosovo has helped keep the charges that Red China stole nuclear secrets out of the

Surprisingly, Bill’s pet AG, Janet Reno, was uninterested in investigating that.

Hillary! had a secret deal that helped destabilize the Middle East.

Recent leaks show a memo that top Clinton aide Huma Abedin sent to her boss stating, “I’m giving you credit for inspiring the ‘peaceful’ protests,” with regard to Egypt, with quotation marks around the word “peaceful.”

She should have said, “Mostly peaceful”, but that’s just quibbling.

All this as she and Obama were bragging about the Arab Spring.


Trump’s week was pretty good except for this.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Thursday reiterated support for “stop and frisk”

He’s a northeast liberal, it’s what they do.

Stop and frisk is where you take away people’s rights under the 4th Amendment because of the chaos from taking away their rights under the 2nd Amendment.


So once again, which gun would you rather be shot with? A .50 BMG or an unknown one?


Why We Have Trump

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Let’s start with our fine betters in the We’re Better And Smarter Than You Party. Via Cold Fury who calls it ‘Same Shit, Different Same Shovel’ showing he’s paying attention and you can use HTML in the titles with his blogging software.

After voting to proceed to a bill that didn’t exist earlier this week, the Senate has finally produced text of the continuing resolution, a short-term government spending bill.

The bill, written behind closed doors by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, was brought to the floor late Thursday afternoon, and for the majority of Senate Republicans, represented their first opportunity to see the text. According to McConnell, senators will have four days (two of them on a weekend) to review the bill before having to cast their votes next week.

As far as conservative priorities go, the bill is a failure. Among its many obvious flaws, it funds the government through Dec. 9—setting up a lame-duck session of Congress.

Oh great. They’re setting it up so that assholes who are not re-elected will be able to screw us from beyond the retirement.

Even though it only funds the government for a scant 69 days, the McConnell continuing resolution manages to do it at the bloated Boehner-Obama spending levels that were jammed down the throats of conservatives in 2015.

I’m pretty embarrassed I used to think that the GOP wanted to overspend less of our money than the Dem wing of the We’re Better And Smarter Than You Party.

RTWT if you haven’t decided denial is the best policy.


Another Friday news dump from Hillary!’s bitches in the FBI. Unlike the previous ones that just showed the fix was in from the start, this one leaves us with a very intriguing question.

What was his pseudonym?

He’s an idiot so it was probably something stupid but I’d really like to know what it was.

Do you think he was stupid enough to resurrect The Bear! If only this were a blog where people commented so I could solicit guesses in the comments. Oh well.


Here we have someone spending time to debunk the “non-contagious, made-up, pneumonia” lie.

It has a few very interesting things I hadn’t seen before. Some of them, like circumstantial stuff about how she’s doing things like Parkinson’s patients, are interesting but not really definitive.

But there is the Big Black Dude (their name for him) who used to be Bill’s medical aide and now goes everywhere Hillary! goes.

Here’s a bit about a video showing Hillary! acting all seizurey.

Here’s what the Big Black Dude said to Hillary:

“It’s OK.  We’re not going anywhere.  Keep talking…”

The demonstrators were never a security threat.  This is not telling Hillary that she isn’t in danger – this is a medical intervention to get her to snap out of her trance.

If you’re in doubt, look what transpired afterward:


Too bad our media is utterly uninterested in looking into this.


Leaving us with this vid that has some pretty good parts. It cracks me up.


But is it better than this 300 video?

Does it make me gay that I like that vid?


Now, if it wasn’t Obama, I would be all in on this.

President Barack Obama “has told aides that he wants an offensive well under way before he leaves office that is aimed at routing the Islamic State [IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL] from Raqqa, the group’s de facto capital in northern Syria,”the Times reported Wednesday, citing five senior US officials who wished to remain anonymous.


We’ve already seen that he’s trying to time the attack on Mosul for political purposes and now this.

I’d say this is a feature, not a bug, but Obama’s an idiot so he probably doesn’t realize it.

The plan would put the US on collision course with both Turkey and Syrian “rebels.”

Fuck Turkey. They want to screw us over, let them have fun.

Of course, Obama probably doesn’t know the Kurds have anything to do with Turkey. Cuz he’s an idiot.

As for the Syrian ‘rebels’, anything that anybody does is going to piss off that bucket of scorpions.

But this is a real problem.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported Wednesday that it “received information from several reliable sources” that 3,000 Russian citizens were recruited by the country’s army and dispatched to “fight on Syrian territory.”

So what happens when one of the myriad of jihadi forces kills Russian citizens?

And what if it’s one of the “moderate rebels” we’re supporting?

And what if J Effin Kerry and Joe Freaking Biden were in charge?

You were thinking it was funny until that last bit, admit it.


Since there’s not much funny in that endy, let’s have some just funny.


Getting a job in academe can be dog-eat-dog. But for Professor Beauregard Tirebiter, it was just dog-be-dog. The black goldendoodle has been hired by the University of Southern California as the institution’s first-ever full-time facility dog, according to USC News. (emphasis me V)


Professor Goldendoodle? I look forward to the ‘tennis balls for grades’ scandal.

With one of my favorite corrections ever.

Note: Earlier versions of the USC News story and this story reported that the animal was academe’s first full-time facility dog. Both posts have since been updated to reflect that he is one of several.

But what about people who are afraid of dogs or who don’t like dogs? Are they as shit out of luck as they deserve?

No! Because growing up is optional today!

College students at a California campus got to play in an “adult ball pit” as part of an event to teach them to avoid certain phrases that could hurt people’s feelings.

There are no outcomes from this where I see the people ‘educated’ by that sort of system ever being a net plus to our civilization.