He so had his heart set on a neo-nazi to shove down my throat, but instead,

Munich police chief Hubertus Andraes says the suspect in the Munich shooting is an 18-year-old German-Iranian from Munich.


Which is what I thought when I heard both that he had said, “Allahu Akbar” and railed against Turkish immigrants.

I was wrong in that I figured it was a German-north African who didn’t like Turks and not a German-Persian,

Arabs don’t like Persians don’t like Afghans don’t like Turks don’t like Pakistanis don’t like north Africans don’t like…


Aslo remember, the fact that someone’s parents or grandparents came to EUnuchstan doesn’t mean they’re actually  EUnuchstanian. They’re there to work in nursing homes and do other shit jobs real EUnuchs don’t want to do, not become citizens.

They’re home-growing their own terrorists on purpose as well as importing them in oter words.

Also notice the required quote for all these affairs

Andraes said at a news conference that the attacker’s motive was still “fully unclear.”


When a leftist approved group commits an atrocity the motives are unclear, when it can be blamed on the Tea Party (cuz the person had tea once for instance) well, then we know all about their motives.



While we’re talking about lefty idiots, why do people always act surprised at each revelation that Polieico is a DNC-approved propagandist?

An influential reporter at Politico made an apparent “agreement” with the Democratic National Committee to let it review a story about Hillary Clinton’s fundraising machine before it was submitted to his editors

Well, duh.

They’ll lie and ridiculously slant against their enemy (me) and for their political party, but sometimes they’re not sure which lies they’re supposed to push.

I blame Journolist for falling down on the job, they should have been told what to write beforehand.

Then watch the speech.

Important, Above The Fold, Pushing Your Preferred Narrative, Update!!!!!!

Shep is surely pushing that it’s a right-winger, even having some lefty friend of his talking about how the guy looks like a neo-nazi while CNN has a witness claiming at least one was yelling “Allahu akbar” and targeting children.


I didn’t watch Trump’s speech last night, but in my defense, I haven’t watched any political speeches (except a Trump one last week) since 2001, but I’m gonna bet most of these fools didn’t either, they might have read the transcript, but they didn’t need to actually see the speech to demagogue it.


“It was a loud voice, more vengeful than hopeful. More hyperbole than details.” CBS This Morning co-host Charlie Rose huffed that the address had “little appeal to the better angels.” …


This one’s my personal favorite from unashamed Clintonista, George Stephansomethingorother:

 a pretty dark speech, labeled Hillary Clinton the candidate of death, destruction terrorism and weakness and mass lawlessness.


Do not make fun of the golden cow, that’s almost as bad as attacking their Teleprompter Jesus.

Oh, and the Journolist Word of the Day was, “Dark”.


A Veeshir Veerless Vrediction: Well, not so much a vrediction as a wish. I really hope Hillary! chooses Jeb! as her running mate.

That’s about perfect for everybody. Minitrue gets to write story after story about how disaffected Republicans can vote their conscience, the establishment gets to put us in our place (under their loafers), and we get teh awesome that would be the GOP establishment types telling us we have to vote for Hillary! to save the country.

Not quite as ridiculously destructive as a M’Shell candidacy, but pretty darn close.

And I get to laugh my ass off. This election has not had enough of Teh Funny lately.


Nother shooting spree, this time in Germany.

Coupla things, too bad they don’t have gun control there (oh wait, they fucking do) and I really hope the guy’s name wasn’t Mohamed or shouting Allahu Akbar because then we’d never know why he did it.


And this time ain’t farce.

The first time some tyrant seized arms in Massachusetts, it didn’t go well for the Massachusettsians or, eventually, the tyrants.

For months, Gage had been sending troops into the countryside to search for and capture arms and ammunition being stockpiled by the colonists.

So in his zeal, he just knew there were some more of the evil guns over there! (points off to the right)

One particularly large stockpile was held in a town called Concord some 20 miles northwest of Boston. Gage decided to send out two regiments, roughly 700 men, to march out to Concord, capture the ammunition and end all hopes of an armed conflict.


And the rest, as they say, is history.

In today’s exciting episode, we have the Mass AG:

a weapon is a Copy or Duplicate, for example, if the operating system and firing mechanism of the weapon are based on or otherwise substantially similar to one of the Enumerated Weapons.


So…. with no way to legally ban what he wants to ban, he’s just ex cathedra banned any semi-auto rifle in his state with that vague direction.

That can’t be legal, and in many other states it wouldn’t be, but since Mass has been one-party rule, I expect it to pass all judicial reviews.

I hope the court that decides it to be okay is in Concorde or Lexington, cuz lefties have no sense of irony.


We do get to see if the Massachusettsians are going to supinely let their masters tell them what they can have or if they will get pissed off at being treated like serfs.

Like NYers, I expect them to do the waving their paws in air thing.

Syria! Where Obama’s feckless duhplomacy is doing so much good is now being helped by his Partners For Peace!

Iran is set to appoint a long-standing foreign policy insider as the country’s new ambassador to Syria  according to an outlet close to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

So who is he?

Sheikholeslam has a long history of Iranian government service after rising to prominence for his role as the person responsible for interrogating US embassy staff detained in Tehran during the 1979-1981 hostage crisis.

I’m sure he’ll be working closed with Coalit…..jeez, I’ve been practicing and I still can’t keep a straight enough face to finish that idiotic sentence.

Taiwan is siding with China in the South China Sea.

Taiwan refuses to recognize last week’s ruling in a case lodged by the Philippines in the Hague that denies China’s vast claims to the South China Sea.

Taiwan, formally known as the “Republic of China” and deemed by China a renegade province, is also a claimant in the South China Sea. The maps China bases its claims on date to when Chiang Kai-shek’s Nationalists ruled China before they fled to Taiwan in 1949 after losing the Chinese civil war to Mao Zedong’s Communists.

Oh, that’s good.

China, of course, is stirring the pot too.

China will “never” stop building in the South China Sea prematurely, a top military official has vowed, despite an international ruling that its actions were illegal.

The pushback came as China launched war games in waters in the strategically vital region, where diplomatic tensions are high.


And lest we forget: Poofy Stomached Maniac is a maniac! With  a Poofy Stomach!



NATO increases forces near Ukraine and Crimea.

Russia increases forces near Ukraine and Crimea.

I’ve seen that movie, the ending is okay but acts I-III were not a lot of fun.


So even as America blows up, with President Won’t Both Sides Step Back? running things, the rest of the world is even more boned.

So we have the going for us.


Pay Attention!

Posted: July 19, 2016 by veeshir in GOP Win!, Mideast Madness, Obama's Fault

Via Doug Ross we see this article about how the recently released 9/11 documents implicates W Bush and Clinton in covering up the House of Saud’s involvement in terrorism.

Well, duh.

The article is chock full of things that show that the house of Saud owns may of our pols.

Yeah, this is what’s been happening for decades, it’s been obvious to anyone who felt like spending the time to figure this stuff out. Why else were all the bin Ladens flown out of the US before the resumption of non-military flights?

The House of Saud has been buying our retired pols, diplomats and useful gov’t workers for far longer than China has owned the Clintons.


One thing I’ve been expecting people to notice but haven’t seen is that the release of this stuff is the latest in a long of situations where Obama always sides with Iran’s Shia version of Islam against the Saud’s Sunni.

Sunni Muslims have been noticing it for a while now (that’s Now Lebanon noticing it).


I do wonder how he chose the Shia sect over Sunnis. They both seem to hate America equally, it must have been quite a dilemma for him.


As a minitrue aside, the Melania Trump speech must have been pretty good the way they’re going after her so hard.

Last night I saw the ‘BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!’ that she had speechwriters (unlike Obama, who’s speeches are written by…uhhh… speechwriters, but IT’S NOT THE SAME THING!!), today it’s been non-stop, “Plagiarism”. That’s literally all I’ve seen on CNN today.

Apparently, there’s nothing else going on except a threat to their Golden Cow.

Important Update Here!!!!

Golden Cow

Everything is racist. So as Black Lives Matters inspired folks are shooting up our nation’s police, BLM knows where the real problem is: Pokemon Go!

Now, I’m not exactly sure what it is, but here are three reasons why it’s racist. Let’s address them one by one

The first respect, is that it’s much safer to play Pokemon Go, which requires you to walk around your own neighborhood; if you’re white and living in your own neighborhood.


So instead of working on getting black neighborhoods safe enough to walk around, which neighborhoods in big cities are exclusively run by Democrats and usually black Democrats, they’re blaming whitey.


Second, if you’re black and you play Pokemon in Beverly Hills, chances are the police are going to stop you, question you and see what you’re REALLY up to.


Probably. But I’ll clue you in, if I’m walking around a black neighborhood, cops are going to ask me what I’m doing there too and hassle the crap out of me as they assume it’s for drugs or hookers.


The third respect in which Pokemon Go is racist is that you can set yourself up as a white Avatar, hunting down and collecting–or shooting–the black monsters in your own neighborhood.


Okay, that’s funny. Either the various Pokemon monsters look like Barack Obama or these idiots…..

Oh, I get it now.

It’s just throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks so, with the help of our fine media betters, we can forget that the BLM has spawned people who are murdering cops.


As an aside, it’s funny watching CNN and Foxnews talk about how the Never Trumpers and Ted Cruz were just Soundly Defeated!!! by the forces of Good!!!!!

While Ace, and some others, notice that it wasn’t all about “voting your conscience”, it was about taking some of the Establishment’s power and they do not like that shit.

But Minitrue and the lefties at Fox (Hey Juan) are looking to sow discord while the rest of Fox, with Campaign Carl Cameron as their ‘expert’, is all about Teh Establishment.


The Baton Rouge cop giving the briefing started with saying, “His actions show us his motives. Non-cops were in the area, the guy ignored them and here’s how he hunted cops.”

I bet that was a direct rebuke to Obama who started his talk yesterday saying that we can’t know his motives.

I do look forward to Obama reiterating that we cannot figure out his motive for hunting cops and ignoring non-cops if he actually goes to any of the funerals of the men who he were murdered by people he egged on.


Now they’re on to how the guy had training and a plan and was a vicious murderer who made sure of his kills from less than 10 feet.

Meanwhile, the Dept. of Homeland “Security” is still focusing on the homegrown terrorists in the Tea Party and loving on their buddies in the New Black Panthers and Nation of Islam.