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Back when Obama made the Historic Deal With Iran on their nuclear bomb, I said that Iran would repudiate the deal a few weeks after the June 30th deadline.

About an hour later, the Iranians repudiated what Obama claimed was the deal. I was surprised and oh so wrong.

My problem was that I forgot that the murderous dictators of the world know Obama, and the US, is their bitch.

So now, the “moderate” president installed by the Mullarchy in Iran, says,

If the other side (Us V) breaches the deal, we (mad mullahs V) will go back to the old path, stronger than what they can imagine.”


Outside America, Obama is always the weakest person in the room and everybody in the world is laughing at him.

And at us, all while the media is freaking out about people who claim that sex depends on genitalia and race depends on parents.

Inside America, he has Minitrue, the GOP and now the Supreme Court backing him up so he isn’t weak.

It’s pretty endy, and sorta funny, that the only people in the world afraid of Obama are American.

Part the next.

The Russian chief prosecutor’s office is to examine whether the Soviet Union acted legally when it recognised the Baltic states’ independence in 1991.

Whodathunk ensmallening America on the world stage would cause so many problems?

You know, besides anybody not a sucker of Dem/Establishment GOP’s non-gender-specific-genitalia.


(pic via this confused guy)

Speaking of losing the Cold War, a repost in honor of the latest Supreme Court contortions.

Mr. Roberts! Tear Down This Wall!

Mr. Roberts! Tear Down This Wall!

How long before Scalia becomes an unperson?

Hazzard Flag

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Growing up as poor white Yankee trash, my first exposure to the Confederate battle flag was the Dukes of Hazzard.

Of course, as a youngster, I had no idea the significance of the flag, or the appellation “General Lee”. I just saw some dudes -who were clearly the good guys- sticking it to the Powers That Be…


…and driving an impossibly awesome car (-with a horn that played “Dixie” no less).

(Alas, I was also too young to appreciate the tremendous… talent that Catherine Bach brought to the show.)

And it is in this gallantly rebellious spirit that I know many view the Southern Cross. As Ace put it, it often means “fuck you”.


We still need a “fuck you” sign. It’s a shame that the rebel flag carries so much baggage.

I guess there’s Gadsden…

Funny Stuff

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It always makes me laugh how often when nitwits link to articles they seem to think backs up their claims the links do exactly the opposite. ‘

Case in point.

So writes Zoë Coombs Marr, a writer, comedian and “theatre maker,” and a woman of profound humility, in a piece complaining about the “devastating effects” of modest alterations in taxpayer subsidy for Australia’s commercially unviable artist

So who does she link?

At this point, rather bafflingly, Ms Marr links to an article – this one here, by Tim Blair – which is part of a series of pieces by Blair and Andrew Bolt on arts funding cronyism and the ludicrous misspending of public money. A series that actually reveals her claim of funding integrity and aesthetic high-mindedness as – how shall I put this? – less than convincing. Not your mates, indeed. (links in original V)

Heh. When a lefty links Tim Blair to back up her assertions, hilarity is sure to follow.

Love this quote

(David Thompson V) Undaunted, or perhaps oblivious, our unhappy artist continues,

Grant money is pumped back into the economy and employs numerous people.

Yeah, taking money from producers to give to ‘artists’ who need to be paid for their socially relevant ‘art’ pumps all manner of money into the local economy and employs the employees at liquor and pot distributors, which is something I suppose.

Since I’m going camping this weekend, then on to DC for the week and then back to AZ, this post will probably be here for a long time so I figure I’ll leave something visually teh funny up here.

Via Big Fur Hat (who obviously doesn’t own the world or else his server folks wouldn’t have boned him last week).


Important, pre-camping Update!!!!!!!!


Well, not that important, but still an update!!!

Via Are We Lumberjacks

Strong Horse

(ISIS), for instance, claimed a mortar attack against a base belonging to the al-Qassam Brigades, the military branch of Hamas, in Khan Yunis, as well as a bombing in front of a security forces building in Gaza….

ISIS are a bunch of mad dogs who attack all and sundry and now they’re attacking Hamas’ armed wing. Which “armed wing” is approximately, all of them (+/- 0%).

Weak Horse

In retaliation, Hamas arrested a dozen sympathizers.

Oh man, ISIS is smacking Hamas around and making them look like chumps. They “arrested” them? Ooooh, I bet that has ISIS all scared and stuff. Or… they’re going to use their time in some Pali prison to recruit more mad dogs. Either/or. (mostly the “Or” thing).


Nother weak horse

Until recently, Lebanon’s Hezbollah, with its formidable military, intelligence and social network power, was the jewel of Iran’s worldwide militias. But after the Syrian uprising in 2011 and Iran ordering Hezbollah to enter Syria to fight alongs


Hezbollah has jihad envy and it’s making me laugh. Mostly because I don’t live in Iraq or Syria.

And, of course, the current weakest horse

obama playing through



We be bone, but the rest of the world is boned even more, so we have that going for us.


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NBA finals game 6 is tonight. For those who don’t care (like me), the series is best of 7 with Golden State, of Oakland, CA, up 3 games to 2 against Cleveland.

I don’t really care about the series. I’d like to root for Cleveland, they haven’t won a pro championship in anything in a long time, but I don’t like LeBron so I’ll just wait for the post-game.


I am interested to find out what happens.

If Golden State wins tonight, they win the series while Cleveland has to win tonight and Friday.

In the past, only the city that won had riots, I figure in the days of Fergusummer, both cities will be sacked. For Equality! or something.

So we have the specter of two major cities erupting into chaos tonight.

Should make for better TV than the game, that’s for sure. A lot fewer time outs anyway.

Of course, the “Justice” Dept is still worried more about me than that.

Sorta funny, in an endy way of course.

This is horrible and this woman has absolutely no idea why I would say that.

Via Weasel Zippers.