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Pay Attention!

Posted: July 19, 2016 by veeshir in GOP Win!, Mideast Madness, Obama's Fault

Via Doug Ross we see this article about how the recently released 9/11 documents implicates W Bush and Clinton in covering up the House of Saud’s involvement in terrorism.

Well, duh.

The article is chock full of things that show that the house of Saud owns may of our pols.

Yeah, this is what’s been happening for decades, it’s been obvious to anyone who felt like spending the time to figure this stuff out. Why else were all the bin Ladens flown out of the US before the resumption of non-military flights?

The House of Saud has been buying our retired pols, diplomats and useful gov’t workers for far longer than China has owned the Clintons.


One thing I’ve been expecting people to notice but haven’t seen is that the release of this stuff is the latest in a long of situations where Obama always sides with Iran’s Shia version of Islam against the Saud’s Sunni.

Sunni Muslims have been noticing it for a while now (that’s Now Lebanon noticing it).


I do wonder how he chose the Shia sect over Sunnis. They both seem to hate America equally, it must have been quite a dilemma for him.


As a minitrue aside, the Melania Trump speech must have been pretty good the way they’re going after her so hard.

Last night I saw the ‘BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!’ that she had speechwriters (unlike Obama, who’s speeches are written by…uhhh… speechwriters, but IT’S NOT THE SAME THING!!), today it’s been non-stop, “Plagiarism”. That’s literally all I’ve seen on CNN today.

Apparently, there’s nothing else going on except a threat to their Golden Cow.

Important Update Here!!!!

Golden Cow

I hope Trump does not waste this guy as VP.

If our leaders were interested in winning, they would have to design a strategy to destroy this global enemy. But they don’t see the global war. Instead, they timidly nibble around the edges of the battlefields from Africa to the Middle East, and act as if each fight, whether in Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Libya or Afghanistan, can be peacefully resolved by diplomatic effort.


That’s SecDef talkin’, not VP, help me win an election, talkin’.  I’m still thining Cthulhu or Cheney is his best choice. He has no need of Chris Christie, he’s already filling the Northeast Loudmouth role and Benito Giuliani as AG makes my toes tingle. Just seeing the OUTRAGE!!!!!! of the NY Times and their aging hippy base over that will be High-Lariously highlarious.


I’ll give Trump this, his reaction to the murders in Dallas was impressive.

No politics, just a “We need to work on coming together” statement. Very presidential.


Let’s leave the politics of the situation to others.

Another New Black Panther posing in the above photo and kneeling with a shotgun is “Field Marshal” Najee Muhammad. As I wrote in my book InjusticeOne of them was Panther “Field Marshal” Najee Muhammad, who is seen in a Panther video called “Training Day” in which he encourages blacks in DeKalb County, Georgia, to don ski masks, lie in wait behind shrubs, and kill police officers with AK-47s. Following that exhortation he mocks the hypothetical victims’ grieving widows.

Justice Department employees ridiculed the video and noted very few were in the video’s audience, apparently oblivious of the role and power of social media to reach people not sitting in an auditorium….

Bob Price has this piece: Confirmed: Dallas Shooter was Member of Houston New Black Panther Party.  The story has a disturbing video of an armed New Black Panther march in Texas where the armed uniformed panthers chant, “Off the pig” and “Oink, oink, bang, bang.”  They also note “Revolution has come. Time to pick up the gun.”  The piece states:


There’s video at the link that basically says, “We’re going to kill police.”, and yet, the Dept of “Justice” is focusing on Tea Party terrorists.

“Homegrown violent extremists can be motivated by any viewpoint on the full spectrum of hate — anti-government views (tea party V), racism, bigotry (tea party V), anarchy (but not the lefty anarchists, them tea party anarchists) and other despicable beliefs (anti-gov’t beliefs),” he said. “When it comes to hate and intolerance, no single ideology governs.”


Notice, no mention of religion and you know the racism is whitey hatin’ on the black man…woman….person…community! And what our fine betters are doing their best to hide and obfuscate is that two ideologies seem to have the corner on violence; lefties and Islamic jihadis.


Petite Lap FBI Director gets slapped down!

These were not marked,” Clinton said. “They were not marked and in retrospect some have said, ‘well, they should have been,’ but they were not at the time.”

She just called Comey a liar. I wonder, will he just sit there and take it like a good minion?

All signs point to yes!/magic eight ball. He obviously knows his place.


This doesn’t have much to do with anything except that it’s a result of Obama’s Smirt Duhplomacy, but that’s not why I’m linking to this story of a battle between backers of one set of jihadis and backers of another set of jihadis on the borders of NATO (Turkey)

Deadly airstrikes have rocked a picturesque town in northern Idlib near the Turkish border, despite a three-day ceasefire announced by the Syrian army on Wednesday….

“Warplanes hit the center of the town, including a crowd of civilians,” activists told the activist Shaam News Network.

The Idlib Civil Defense Force—more commonly known as the White Helmets—condemned the attack, calling it a “horrific massacre” while saying that jets dropped cluster bombs on the town.


Cease-fire, distinct from a hudna, does not mean the same thing in the middle east. It’s more of a war-time “Hey, your shoeloaces are untied” sort of thing. Only Israel honors them in that region.

Hudna, of course, is a lull in the war while one or both sides just rest and re-arm for the next battle.

But then, this wasn’t really a cease-fire so far as the Syrians were concerned in the first place.

Friday’s aerial strikes comes after Syria’s army issued a statement that a “ regime of calm will be implemented across all territory of the Syrian Arab Republic for a period of 72 hours from 1 a.m. on July 6 until 2400 on July 8, 2016.”

Yeah, calm down or die is not quite the same as a cease fire.

What has me surprised is that anybody, except for earnest lefties, were surprised by this.

I’d guess it’s the faux outrage best translated as “Hey, he did it before I could!”.


Congress is holding hearings!!!!! They’re Doing Something!!!! about Comey’s ridiculous statement!!!!!! Get out your squeezey bulb horns and get ready to honk and slap your fins!!!!!! The fish will be particularly stinky!!!!!

I tried to watch, but Elijah Cummings started talking, his job is to lie and bluster and basically just throw shit in the gears when there’s a “hearing” on Dem felonies and treasons.

Important, 5 Minute Later Update I meant to include!!!!!

Comey said Hillary! wasn’t sophisticated enough to understand. Okay, can she read? And if she wasn’t, who was running that shit? That person had to be “sophisticated enough” and should be facing charges.


Now back to our post already in progress!

I switched back and saw Comey say it was a tenet of American Law that the perpetrator know her cankles broke the law.

Apparently, ignorance of the law is a defense now since if you’re ignorant of it, you cannot break it on purpose.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that’s not true that she was ignorant of the law or that it’s a defense, he’s just having a hard time defending the actions his Chicago-Machines bosses told him to perform so he’s saying stupid shit.

I still wonder if he’s saying the stupidest thing he can think of sort of like the Sailors of the USS Pueblo flipping the bird when the Norks took them captive. As I saw someone say somewhere, I just hope they let his family go soon.


Speaking of which, putting the cart before the whores.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch officially accepted the FBI’s recommendation that neither Hillary Clinton nor any of her aides should face criminal charges

Yeah, I’m gonna have to say it was Comey “accepting” the diktats of his commissar.

Her Natural Habitat: Above The Law!

Her Natural Habitat: Above The Law!


This Free Beacon article  is on the side of Cinemark suing for attorney’s fees the people who sued them over their relatives being shot in their gun-free zone (actual results often vary)

Now, I know the law as currently written is on their side, but when you disarm people, it is your responsibility to protect those people. They should have won their suit, Cinemark disarms people who go into their theaters, they need to protect those defenseless people.

But since there are no longer any responsibilities that go with rights, fuck you.


Hezbollah is having serious jihad envy.

Hezbollah secretary general Hassan Nasrallah recently tackled the recent battles southwest of Aleppo, where the party reportedly suffered its worst losses since entering the conflict in Syria. Nasrallah admitted in a speech broadcasted live on the group’s Al-Manar TV on June 24 that 26 Hezbollah fighters had been killed since the beginning of June.


Shit, do you realize what that means? ISIS is almost as deadly to Hezbollah as Chicago’s gun laws are to its residents!!!!!!!

Poor bastards.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not on the side of ISIS in almost any situation, there are a few people who I think the world would be better off without. If they kill each other? That’s just icing on my balls.

ISIS is not an existential threat to the US. As we’ve been watching for years, our fine political, moral. social and intellectual betters are filling that particular role.


I’ve been ignoring China’s murderous commie dictator’s aggression against Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and the Philippines in the South China Sea,

For some inexplicable reason, they’re making noises at us too. I mean, warning J. Effin Kerry is just stupid. He’s the man who supinely accepted a security screening when he met with the top murderous asshole in Egypt at the time.


Stupid bastards, don’t they know that makes it hard for Minitrue to ignore shit their masters tell them to ignore?

They might cause a war!?!?! What if Ash Carter has to take notice!?!?!?!

Or running amok. It’s a fine line.

Well, not so much a fine line as the line between the truth and what Obama, the Dems and their minitrue arm say.

So how desperate is ISIS?

So desperate they’ve expanded  into Israel proper, probably afraid of Obama’s red line in Syria.

Oh wait, they’re beating the shit out of al Nusra in Syria, who NBC calls “US Backed“, which would be funny since al Nusra is an al Qaeda offshoot, so we’re fighting on the side of al Qaeda now? Jebus.

So for those keeping score, we’re allied with Iran/Hezbollah, al Qaeda, Russia and against Israel, Britain, Canada and… who am I missing? Has he pissed on Australia lately?

More than 200 dead in one blast in Baghdad. Now some of you unhelpful types might say that Obama running away from Iraq and allowing ISIS to become strong was a problem, but then, you wouldn’t work for the NY Times.

With faith in his ability to unite the country and protect its citizens shaken, Mr. Abadi (Iraqi PM V) is likely to face further calls for his ouster,

Get it? Them darn Iraqis just can’t bring about reconciliation between their people and the murderous jihadi group that Obama raised from the JV team to varsity to semi-pro to their own country.

There is one almost funny aspect.

Hezbollah’s leader claimed that if it wasn’t for his group’s military intervention in Syria, there would be daily terror attacks in Lebanon.

How the mighty have fallen.

I’m so old I can recall when Hezbollah was proud of performing daily suicide bombings.

Every once in a while some talking head says that ISIS wants a fight with the West and we shouldn’t give it to them.

As if we had a real choice in the matter.

ISIS’s raison d’être is an apocalyptic confrontation with the non-muslim world. They’re not going to stop terrorizing, beheading, raping, enslaving, and committing genocide until they get their all-out final battle.

No, political talk of trying to see whether sand will glow in the dark probably isn’t a good general election message.  But neither is, “eh, we can handle a few terrorist attacks a year and tolerate an islamo-nazi death cult state in the Middle East.”

Nebbish Meshuge?

Posted: August 28, 2015 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Mideast Madness

Okay, so everybody is expecting Israel to attack Iran. (via Maetenloch a couple nights ago.), but what about all the folks on the Arabian peninsula?

Am I crazy for thinking the ‘wrong’ Muslims have at least as much to fear from a nukularized Iran?

They also have American stuff and are at least next on the list after Israel if not before or the same time.

And they feel even more blown off than Israel does, if that’s possible. I don’t feel like looking for a link, but I read a bunch of stories on Lebanese pages, including Lebanon Now!, or Now! Lebanon, about how the Sunnis feel dissed by America.

They all have to know that they’re on their own over there, we’re not going to untie that knot for naught.

Iran is going to have $billions and nukes, even if Israel is top on the list, the rest of the Middle East is next.

Iran/Iraq/Syria against Lebanon, Jordan, most of the  the Arabian Peninsula and, possibly, Pakistan.

I’m betting Pakistan is selling/going to sell/has sold nukes to the Saudis for sure, maybe the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain will have to get into the game. Yemen is the battlefield between the two right now.

Should be interesting, I’m starting to wonder whether or not I want the asteroid to hit before or if I still want to have TV and the Internet when it gets rolling along.


Whoever defeats Iran is the bad ass of the region and the badass of the religion, so Pakistan might think it’s an attractive option. to help their Sunni brethren against the Shia scum.

There is no worse sin than having almost the same religion as someone else, after all.

So we see that some of our fine, elected, representatives are coming out against the Iran Deal.

“Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), one of the few potential GOP supporters of the international accord over Iran’s nuclear program, announced Saturday he would oppose the deal…

Jeff Flake is, of course, Arizona’s other senator that hates me.

The problem, of course, is that Obama already sent the deal to the UN, so what the US Congress does is absolutely meaningless.

The EUnuchs are very happy to work with the Iranians,

No wonder that European media outlets are referring to Iran as the “new El Dorado,” the “chance of a century,” and the “last untapped market.”


They”re mostly hoping the Iranians will be happy to just kill Jews and still sell their oil to EUnuchstan.

So what does Obama’s decision to make a deal with all manner of secrets and send it to the UN first mean?

It means that what the US Congress has to say is already moot. The Russians, Chinese and EUnuchs will have “voted” and that’s that.

Iran won, we lost.

Get over it.

My hope is that the Iranians don’t get into a nukular war with Israel, I mean, they’re going to get into a nukular war, but I hope it’ll be with the other oil ticks who are busy buying their nukes from Pakistan.