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I had to look it up because I had no idea WTF was going on with this story (if it wasn’t made obvious by that, I don’t have a TV) so I had to Google it…I do know that Hitler’s already issued his reaction,

….that’s so adorable.

One of his first actions as Governor of Rhode Island was to unilaterally ban all state employees from making statements or comments on radio broadcasts.  Chafee’s always been an intellectual featherweight, and is regularly criticized by figures in talk radio, so I’m not surprised by his actions, but still, pretty damned horrific.  Good news is he’s already walking it back, stating it may be a “temporary” order, I’m guessing that means, “I know the state’ll get sued and lose its ass if I actually try and enforce it, but let me take my swipe at Rush Limbaugh first.”  Still damn scary that this clown has been given so much power so often by the people of his state.

The Denver Impound Racket

Posted: December 27, 2010 by doubleplusundead in Liberal Fascism
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So, most cities have a nuisance vehicle ordinance, which allows the city to tow and impound a person’s vehicle if it is parked where parking is prohibited, or if it has been left parked for too long in a space or hasn’t been feeding the meter over a long period of time.  Denver on the other hand has taken things to an extreme, and is very aggressive about towing and impounding people’s vehicles.  Not only are they aggressive, unlike most cities who will dismiss fines and impound fees if a person is found not guilty of the nuisance vehicle ordinance, Denver does not, and their impound fees are brutal.

“They told me my truck was going to be held under something called nuisance abatement,” said Robin McAnally.

McAnally was found not guilty of the misdemeanor charge Denver cited when it took his work truck, but Denver officials told him that it doesn’t matter; he still has to pay $5,000 to get his truck out of the impound lot.

McAnally doesn’t have the money, so the nuisance ordinance gives Denver the authority to sell his truck at auction and keep the proceeds, and then garnish his wages, including interest.

“My life was just over with from that point on,” McAnally said. “It was a nightmare and still is really.”

They pull this shit on the wrong person and it’s gonna get real ugly in a hurry, a guy can make one hell of a statement and mess with much less than $5000.


Dear. God. No.

No words can truly express how happy it makes me that he scored so low on the Hotair poll.  In 2008 you always had that core of Hucktard zealots that floated around the dextrosphere.  That seems to have collapsed for now.  Doesn’t mean he’s not still a threat, but that he did so poorly gives some comfort.  And you better fucking believe I’d stay home if Huck won.  But really, I’m not worried, I think Palin’s pretty much broken Huck, I think Huck’s done as far as national politics are concerned.

There will never be such a thing as too many Downfall videos,