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Seriously, we just had a huge revelation and nobody knows why or where it’s going and our fine media betters are totally not interested in figuring it out or letting anybody know if they do.
I switched to Foxnews this morning and saw them talking about Trump taking advantage of what Comey did, no mention of Hillary!, I switched to CNN and they were talking about Trump taking advantage of what Comey did with no mention of Hillary!’s felonious behavior.

Let’s see what the hell is going on.

Mark Steyn has some ideas in his article titled Occam’s Weiner, which makes sense. Dicks should not be multiplied unnecessarily.

So in the final week of the campaign the plot twists arrange themselves in a remarkably straightforward manner. The FBI isinvestigating the Clinton Foundation – because it’s a criminal enterprise: if you give a million bucks to the the Clintons’ charity, sixty grand goes to charity and the remaining 940,000 goes to fund the lifestyles of Bill, Hillary, Chelsea and their various malodorous associates – Sid Blumenthal, Terry McAuliffe, etc.

Too bad none of our fine media betters are interested. I could go on for 400 words about it, but I’ll save 600 by posting this.


But Trump is going to start a nuclear war!!!!

According to a new poll conducted by the independent Levada Center pollster, almost half of Russians (48 percent) fear worsening relations with the West over Syria could lead to a third world war.

It’s funny how Obama is the greatest POTUS in the history of ever and yet, he’s not responsible for anything that’s happened during his terms while  his Sec State who was all-in on the idiocy of US OUT OF EVERYWHERE!!!!!! is totally EXPERIENCED!!!!!!

Just not ‘funny ha-ha’.

Little bit of child abuse as abusers abuse their son.


Well, child abuse unless he self-identifies as a felon.

I’ll field this one.


The product they were selling was American power and prestige. To people who hate us, like the murderous dictators in Russia and China for instance.

As an aside, I didn’t realize Trump was Jake Busey’s father.


Let’s take a break from the endy of our civilization to focus on the funny…..err farce.

Hillary Clinton was resting, running out the clock, sitting on a supposed large lead, and hoping that the election was sooner than later. Now after the latest Weiner disclosures, she is crisscrossing the country, terrified of collapsing polls, and wishing that she had three more weeks rather than just one. With the Clintons, farce is the desert to scandal: the profiteering Clinton Foundation as a humanitarian treasure; Hillary the former corporate attorney as child and little-guy crusader; Bill Clinton, both sexual predator and feminist hero….

Yet no one thought discredited deviant Anthony Weiner could much harm Hillary—except of course “conspiratorial” Donald Trump.

RTWT, it’s equal parts fendy and fundy.

Not to brag, but I write a lot of the same stuff VDH does, I’m just angrier and foul-mouthed.


Coupla pics that illustrate our current election.


I saw this ad all over the place on the ‘tubes a week or two ago, I assume cuz I’m in AZ as I didn’t see anybody else noticing it.


He does realize AZ is still part of America, doesn’t he? I do know I’m not voting for him. I’ll vote in most races (cuz I’m a racist, duh), but I don’t want to encourage him so he can do without my support.

I’m thinking of turning in my Gadsden flag.


Pasty white is shiny, right?


The NY Post has been all over Trump stuff, but they still go after Hillary! and Obama.

In March 2015, Obama made the ridiculous claim that he had learned about Clinton’s e-mail server “the same time everybody else learned it, through news reports.” In fact, not only did he know she was using a private e-mail address for state business, but he had corresponded with her via that address.

But anybody who even so much as implied Obama was lying when he said that was called all kinds of names.


A campaign ad I can get behind.


I’d love to see the Clinton’s version of that. Opening shot, Bill Clinton beating off to Big Uns magazine. He looks at the camera and says”Vote for Hillary! so I can get back to boning interns.”


Instant Karma!

Police say 22 people were injured in a passenger car crash after a NASCAR race.

Most of them were probably hoping for a crash, just not one they were involved in.


This is karma, just not instant.

The university that has repeatedly defended the practice of affirmative action before the Supreme Court called a mock bake sale in which the prices of goods varied by the race of the customer “inflammatory and demeaning.”

Introspection is just so passe.


Speaking Funniest End Of Civilization Ever wise, what happens if we do nuclearly destroy ourselves?

Two things.





In a thousand or a million years, the Earth is back to ‘normal’. I just hope future cockroach archaeologists dig up my bones and put them in their version of the British Museum.


Foreign first.

Obama’s smirt duhplomacy has been just crackerjack!

The State Department is ordering family members of employees posted to the U.S. Consulate General in Istanbul to leave because of security concerns.

Oh good.

So is it ISIS or perhaps one of Erdogan’s plausibly deniable local groups? Yes

The State Department said international and indigenous terrorist organizations in Turkey have been targeting U.S. as well as other foreign tourists.

That’s pretty much all the totally not Islamic groups that can get to Turkey.


This is one of those things that bothers me, we have to learn about this stuff from foreign outlets.

I wonder if this is true.

James Comey’s decision to revive the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server and her handling of classified material came after he could no longer resist mounting pressure by mutinous agents in the FBI, including some of his top deputies, according to a source close to the embattled FBI director….

‘Some people, including department heads, stopped talking to Jim, and even ignored his greetings when they passed him in the hall,’ said the source. ‘They felt that he betrayed them and brought disgrace on the bureau by letting Hillary off with a slap on the wrist.’…

He told his wife that he was depressed by the stack of resignation letters piling up on his desk from disaffected agents.


If so, I take back some of the stuff I’ve said about Hillary!’s Bitches….the FBI.

Is this true or misdirection?

Jim told me that Lynch and Obama are furious with him,’ the source said.

On the one hand, I could see the “Justice” Dept. trying to quash this.
On the other hand, I could see them pushing this to clear the field for M’Shell. (Yeah, I still have high hopes)

Should be interesting.

Related to the Weiner emails,



Tonight is Game 5 of the World Series with Cleveland up 3-1, they could close it out.

So… will the Cubs win to continue the Series? Will the asteroid hit the stadium with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th with Cleveland up by 1?

Or will the Power That Be let Cleveland win just to have the asteroid hit as the post-victory riots are going on? Or perhaps the asteroid will hit Chicago during their post-loss riots.


I will remind about my symbolism. Cleveland is where Trump won the nomination, Chicago is where Hillary! was whelped.

Not sure if it means anything, but really, in this election does anything important mean anything?


Above the Post, Heidi, Update!
So I actually watched some football this morning and they cut from OT in the Foreskins/Bengals game to go to the current game and the guy in the studio apologized and said the NFL made them do it. It was a darn good game. Oh well, I wasn’t planning on watching much football today anyway.
mcmahon 2

Now, to our post in its entirety!

This PEW poll is all about teh screwed up.

There’s a bunch of stuff that strikes me as not as simple as PEW makes it and just plain wrong, but this one is ridiculous.

ummmm-wutLook at that. 22% say that Obama was too personally critical of his opponents in 2008 and 35% in 2012.

Barack Obama, the man-child who does little but blame others for the problems he causes. Seriously?  Who’d they polll for this? MSNBC and Thinkprogress?

And Trump, who spends much of his time, and almost all his TV exposure, defending himself from personal, hate-filled attacks is too critical of his opponents?

Minitrue is earning their pay.


So Comey is looking at Hillary! again and Paco asks the question all of America is wondering.

So, what do you think James Comey is up to in reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails?

Remember when we used to assume that if the FBI was investigating you it was because you broke the law? Now we wonder what political reason they have.


Once in a while Akbar Britain shows us the way.

Mid Suffolk District Council issued the letter to residents in the Claydon and Barham wards asking them to confirm who lives at their address to check who is eligible to register to vote. However, the website given for residents to respond actually directs them to a porn site.


Here, the pornography is all candidate-related.


Let’s look at something a little lighter, the fruits of Hillary!’s and Obama’s labor.

The bucket of scorpions that is Syria.

Turkey is finding out why you do not want to get involved in Syria.

A bunch of jihadis are getting together to attack Turkey in Syria.

Syria bombs Turkey-backed jihadis.

ISIS bombs other set of jihadis at Turkey border-crossing.

So everybody but Russia is blowing them up. They have their priorities though.

Turkey bombs US-backed, Kurdish jihadis.


A petition to remove Joe Buck from the World Series.

I’m fer it, but only because I’m not watching much football. Having him announce baseball would mean I would not have to listen to him say, “It depends on the spot” 10 or 15 times a game.

Now, if the Giants were playing the Cowboys I’d be all fer agin it. It’s pretty darn annoying when Troy Aikman, who hates the Giants, and Joe Buck call that game. Aikman calling Giants/Cowboys games is like having MSNBC moderate a debate between Hillary! and Trump, while Buck plays along.

But since I’m not watching much football, it matters not.


Well, we know why Hayzeus has not been commenting lately. He’s busy trying to get a grant to write a scholarly article.

Following her explosion into international consciousness as bridesmaid of her sister Kate in 2011, Pippa Middleton’s posterior became as renowned as its owner, to the extent that the hype demonstrated over Middleton’s buttocks implies an intensely charged relationship to this body part, symptomatic of fetishism. I seek to investigate this characterisation of Middleton’s backside by utilising Freudian and Marxist interpretations of fetishism…


Well played my friend. Well played.

Premeditated Act Of Journalism!

Posted: October 29, 2016 by veeshir in Fun With Media, Win!

To wash out the taste of totally justified violence against political enemies let’s look at a journalist who doesn’t realize that today’s journalism is all about making sure stupid Americans know how to think.

Two weeks ago, I wrote a column about what Donald Trump calls “the dishonest media,” and I did so because as a member of the news media myself, I feel a sense of obligation to hold my profession to the same standard of accountability that I would expect for any public servants.


This guy obviously didn’t go to the Columbia School of ‘Journalism’ so doesn’t know what ‘journalism’ is all about.

Unfortunately, when I was working on the copy desk putting out the Sunday paper last week, I was so shocked by a story that I changed my plans for this column…..

The story, which passed muster at the Associated Press and no doubt made its way into hundreds of newspapers and probably thousands of websites, was a report on a Trump rally in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on Oct. 13.
It was so astoundingly biased that I had to extensively edit the story to remove the reporter’s personal opinions before running it on the following day’s front page.

It gets better.

Here’s the first paragraph as spewed by a  Minitrue outlet in good standing.

A beleaguered Donald Trump sought to undermine the legitimacy of the U.S. presidential election on Saturday, pressing unsubstantiated claims the contest is rigged against him, vowing anew to jail Hillary Clinton if he’s elected and throwing in a baseless insinuation his rival was on drugs in the last debate.”

Here’s how a real journalist would write the same information.

“A beleaguered Donald Trump questioned the legitimacy of the U.S. presidential election on Saturday, pressing claims the contest is rigged against him, vowing anew to jail Hillary Clinton if he’s elected and throwing in an insinuation that his rival was on drugs in the last debate.”


Huh. What happened to all the value-based adjectives and helpful insinuations? They’re the core of any good, straight news story!

Look at the comments, there are only a few but some are pretty funny (obtuse and angry). My favorite? Glad you asked.

Wouldn’t you agree that a reporter has the role of not only baldly reporting what was said but also to put in into context and add an objective and logical reasoning to the content and intent (of a speaker)?…


No. A journalist baldly reports the facts, op-eds and editorials are where they “put context”.

I wonder, would the people who think that way be happy if someone put “context” into some of the hateful, arrogant and dishonest things the Golden Cow spews?

Actually, I don’t wonder, I just like making myself laugh.


Yesterday I was looking at the AP styleguide I bought for a journalism class in college and wondered who used it anymore.

Now I know.  Frank Miele in Montana, he probably got a bunch of them out of a dumpster somewhere.


via Weasel Zippers


Posted: October 28, 2016 by veeshir in Hillary!, Why I Hate People


Dude from Infowars recorded the vid and shows the meaty parts at the beginning of this vid about how black Trump supporters are viciously attacked, cuz only some black lives matter!


You have to be ‘invited’ to see the video.
I still see the part of the vid  You can no longer see it but a couple minutes from the end when the woman is laying on the ground, curled into a ball as the mob jeers at her and trashes her stuff.
Because they’re tolerant and Trump supporters do not deserve any tolerance.

Inclusion and tolerance, it’s only for lefties and their, ‘mostly-peaceful’, friends. Like Black Lives Matter (but only certain black lives matter, the ones who are authentically black as per rich, white, lefties), protesters who are totally not Islamic and totally not jihadis (like members of the Islamic Jihad, for instance). Pretty much anybody but those who don’t hate Amerikkka.

Now, back to me being pissed off over a mob attacking a black (her black life doesn’t matter), homeless, possibly crazy, woman.

This really pisses me off, it was physically painful to watch.

A bunch of totally tolerant fuckheads attack a, black (Don’t black lives matter?) homeless woman. Notice they just keep doing it, nobody thinks to try to stop them. They think it’s fucking funny.

Aren’t there police in Hollywood? I figure, they were giving them space to do what they would. Cuz of the hatefulness of Trump.

Check out the comments of the fuckhead who took the video and thinks it’s funny. I wasn’t against the asshole who took the vid until I read the comments defending the actions of this violent mob of assholes who attacked a black (some black lives don’t matter) homeless woman.

If you are truly concerned about this lady, she was fine. After this altercation, we called emergency services (even though people said “let her be” on the video

Oh, that’s all good then, after attacking her they called someone to clean up the mess.

With the required, “Mostly Peaceful” quote.

* She was there for at least 3 hours, and most all of the time, it was peaceful,

This is messed up

people tried asking her reason for voting for Trump and protecting his star, but it is obvious she wasn’t in “all her senses” ,

So naturally they attacked her, kicked over her cart with all her possession and started ripping up her stuff.

Cuz the answer to speech you don’t like is to be “mostly peaceful”.

However, these “scumbags” not only tried to help her, bought her food and drink

and attacked her, but let’s not pay attention to that. Before attacking, someone brought her food and drink and after being attacked they called an ambulance. Let he who has not beat a homeless, black (some black lives don’t matter) woman cast the first stone. (splat!)

A little lying about who attacked her.

That’s not a man, it was a girl,

That big fat guy was a woman?

I love this one


The name of the video gives lie to that statement, Crazy 4 Trump, and from your comments that I’m quoting,  you also did it because you think it’s funny to attack Trump voter

: I can see the right wing has already taken my video out of context and using for their political agenda.

Cuz a mob of violent assholes attacking a homeless black (some black lives don’t matter) woman because of who they prefer in the election is not political.
How the fuck can people defend attacking this near helpless woman?

Because they’re hate-filled, immature, assholes who think violence is the answer to speech they don’t like.

I love this one.

*I’ve lived for over one year in downtown LA, and I got to cohabit with people exactly like this lady. Some are born with mental issues, some get there after abusing drugs. The point is, we used to have asylums (psychiatric wards) where they could go get treated.

But since we don’t have that many asylums anymore, we might as well get some entertainment by attacking them.

And of course, since it’s in California, none of the people who attacked this black (some black lives don’t matter), homeless woman will be arrested or charged with anything.

Cuz the rule of law is dead and she deserved it anyway. I mean, she disagrees with totally tolerant lefties so ipso facto and QED, needs to be violently attacked.

I hate people.


Posted: October 28, 2016 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Hillary!, The "Justice" Dept.

Is the “revolt” of FBI agents actually happening?

Comey’s letter to the feckless assholes in Congress.

Is Comey trying to re-fix the election with this move?

More importantly, why didn’t I take him in Stoaty’s Dead Pool? His odds just went from ‘low’ to ‘very high’.


The World Series continues tonight. I still do not think Whoever or whatever is messing with us is going to allow either the Cubs or the Indians win the World Series.

The real question is: Can Hillary! physically survive the next week and a half?

An artist’s rendition of Hillary! on Wed. 11/9



To News Or Not To News?

Posted: October 28, 2016 by veeshir in Fun With Media, Trump, We're boned

We all know how our fine media betters come down on that question.


Eastern Europe is gearing up for war,

It seems to be a closely guarded secret, but preparations for war are going on in Europe. A Russian fleet that includes that country’s only aircraft carrier made a point of sailing through the English Channel and along the European coast en route to Syria. Nuclear-capable Russian ships are making a demonstration in the Baltic Sea, and Russian troops, reportedly equipped with nuclear weapons, have moved near Russia’s borders with Poland and Lithuania. In response, NATO countries are hurrying troops and ships into the potential war zone.

But Trump will start a nuclear war!!!!!!!


The Iranian/Saudi (Sunni/Shiite) war is seriously heating up,

Coalition forces destroyed the missile 65 km (40 miles) from the holy city before it could do any damage, and retaliated against the launch site inside Yemen, said the statement, carried on the state news agency SPA. Mecca is home to the most sacred sites in Islam, including the Grand Mosque.

The Shi’ite Muslim Houthis confirmed the launch of a Burkan-1 ballistic missile into Saudi Arabia in a statement on their official news agency, but said it had been aimed at King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah, the kingdom’s busiest airport.

But Trump said pussy!


An evergreen lede if only our fine media betters could be assed to do their jobs.

Yesterday saw what could be the most meaningful release in the ongoing WikiLeaks saga.

But some women are claiming Trump hit on them!

To give them credit, some of the newspapers are covering this one in their own inimitable way.

Yesterday saw what could be the most meaningful release in the ongoing WikiLeaks saga.  It so big that the New York Times, Washington Post, and other MSM pilot fish are devoting lots of space to it.  In it was a 13-page memo written by Doug Band, defending his overlapping roles as fundraiser, agent for Bill Clinton speaking fees, honorary chancellorships, and other cash-generating activities and honors, and hustling founder of a big bucks consulting firm coincidentally signing up clients who are also donating to the Clinton Foundation and hiring the former president, via Band’s solicitations.

The Band Memo came as an outgrowth of Chelsea Clinton’s horrified response when she discovered how Band, an obvious grifter in my opinion and probably hers, too, was lining his pockets.


By covering it, I mean with headlines using their old standby “Trump’s Attacking Hillary! Over Hacked Emails!”.

You know, how they cover every Dem scandal (when they can be bothered to actually cover one of them).


This exception to that rule cracks me up.

Hacked Transcripts Reveal a Genial Hillary Clinton at Goldman Sachs Events

We’ve found out how to make Hillary! genial, throw gobs of money at her and she’ll pretend to be nice for a while, until she passes out I guess.

We interrupt this post to bring you an important, Hillary!’s a Wymyn’s Champion Alert!


Now, back to our post!


This is interesting, we need furrin newspapers to properly cover American politics.

Increasingly, it seems, there is just one party running in this election. With the other one too busy distancing itself from its embarrassing candidate, this contest is essentially between the Democratic Party and Donald Trump. If you found the recent vote-rigging scandal in one-party China ironic, what would you call this one-party election in the bastion of democracy?

Someone’s noticed. Too bad not very many Americans do.


Is it possible to speed up the end of our civilization?

Joe Biden could find himself with a new job in Washington after the election if Hillary Clinton wins, as the Democratic nominee is reportedly considering hiring the VP as her Secretary of State.

Yes, yes it is.

Although…the signs were all there. Hagel::Kerry::Biden, it’s a race to the left side of any bell-curve.


Hillary! doesn’t want your guns!

Mrs. Clinton’s platform calls for an expansion of background checks for all firearms purchases. She’s also called for a reinstatement of the national assault weapons ban and a prohibition on high-capacity magazines.


She just wants to get the gov’t involved in every private transaction (that only law-abiding will follow), a weapons ban that did not slow crime and whose repeal did not increase it and to make it take an extra 8 seconds to fire 30 rounds.

Oh yeah! Well, where are Trump’s taxes?


She’s gonna have to get cracking on the whole, disarming America, thing.

For the total count of firearms in the USA to be 300 million, the following must be true:

(A2K + all firearms made and sold by non-A2K FFLs from 1999-2015 + all firearms made byeveryone 1899-1999 +  all firearms imported 1899-1999 + all firearms made or imported since October, 2015) – firearms exported = 300M.

It seems unlikely that 5/6 of all firearms were made or imported in the last 17 years.

But Trump’s supporters are deplorable racist homophobes!


Not Hillary! related..

As DeBlasio is busily siding with criminals against the police, taking away Big Gulps with extra sugar and corruptioning, he’s also trying to take away the very best thing about The City.

Deputy Health Commissioner Corinne Schiff made the claim at a City Council hearing Wednesday, in an apparent effort to sink a bill that would nearly double the number of food-vendor permits in the city by 2023.

“Meat grilling is a significant source of air pollution in the city,” Schiff said. “One additional vendor grilling meat emits an amount of particle pollution in one day equivalent to what a diesel truck emits driving 3,500 miles.”

Whenever I used to go I would just travel from a seller of meat on a stick to another seller of meat on a stick to a hot dog vendor.

The funny part about NYC is that it’s a fight between totalitarians and a big-gov’t iceholes.

The new bill would boost the number of permits to 8,000 by 2023 and also create an enforcement team to sniff out violations.

More Gov’t!!!!!!!!

In our fine media better’s defense, Trump would have no problem with that last bit.



Stay weird, Nederland. Yes, the same Nederland that’s home of Frozen Dead Guy Days.

To sum up the article (but you should read the whole thing)… Nederland was home to a Mansonesque cult in the 70s. One of the cult leaders was killed by a city marshal, who then dumped the body down a mine shaft. 45 years later, a little person attempts to avenge the death of his cult leader friend by planting a bomb at the police station – but the marshal has been dead for over a decade. The bomb was to be detonated by cell phone but failed to go off.

Let’s link!

This situation is Hillary!esque in its chutzpah.  Headline and subhed

When Will Liberals Answer For Obamacare’s Failures?
Is there any accountability in politics for being completely wrong? Not for defenders of Obamacare.


The better question should be, “Why should the GOP fix the problems with Obamacare we were all called assholes and idiots for saying would happen?”

The self-answering question is, “Why the hell is the GOP going to fix Obamacare when the only people who want it are members of the We’re Better And Smarter Than You party?”


I saw this linked a lot yesterday,

Hillary Clinton began conducting focus groups and polling swing state voters as early as December 2014 to figure out how to brand herself and find a “rationale” for running for president.

Nobody seemed surprised that it was only two years, I’d say she’s been planning this since at least 1952 and she’s been working on hood-winking folks since probably before that so this is actually surprising, but not for the reason I’ve seen mentioned.


I’d say this article leads us to much more interesting question than the last one.

Hillary Clinton needed a helping hand to trek up a single step during a visit in Florida today.

Look at the video as the guy hovers behind her to keep her from falling.

The more interesting question would be, “For how long as Hillary! been focus-grouping and polling Drs to see how she and Minitrue can keep Americans in the dark as to her serious illnesses?”


In, ‘Hey, that’s my schtick!!!‘ news,

The president of a major labor union (Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA) V) sent a blistering letter to its members on Wednesday calling out other unions, dubbing them “bottom-feeding organizations” for their opposition to a controversial oil pipeline project….

He called out five “job-killing” unions by name: the Communications Workers of America (CWA), National Nurses United (NNU), the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU), the American Postal Workers Union (APWU), and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

Hoist on your own petard isn’t as funny as hoist on your own retard, but still pretty funny. It is nice seeing SEIU thugs going after someone besides me.


So after a reasonable grand jury refused to indict,

Washington-based federal prosecutors plan to aggressively pursue charges against NYPD cop Daniel Pantaleo for the chokehold death of Eric Garner on Staten Island, a law enforcement source told The Post on Tuesday.

“It’s going to happen sooner than later,” the source said of an indictment. “Washington wants to indict him.”

Federal investigators in Brooklyn were replaced by DC counterparts because of their reluctance to bring charges, the source said.

The Dept. of “Justice”, bored with shitting, pissing and dancing on the grave of the rule of law, decided to dig up its corpse and put on a puppet show with it.


This one is confusing, who is trying to get Israel to jump into their bucket of scorpions?

The Israel Defense Forces announced that one of its soldiers was injured after being fired upon from the Lebanese border, a claim denied by the Lebanese army.

Israel has a leader and pols who are so much smarter than ours so hopefully they do not allow themselves to be sucked into stupidity. They’re much more into the Nuke the Moon strategy of letting their enemies know they’re not interested in “proportionality” or what the NY Times thinks.


For those who have quantum vehicles, there’s good news!

Someone is actually filing suit to get the “ballot selfie” law overturned.

I was going to write some about this, but there’s nothing I could say that our three readers wouldn’t realize on their own. I’m just glad I work for a company where it wouldn’t fly to be asked for a ballot selfie to confirm I voted the way my boss wants me to. Some of us aren’t so lucky.