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Dude from Infowars recorded the vid and shows the meaty parts at the beginning of this vid about how black Trump supporters are viciously attacked, cuz only some black lives matter!


You have to be ‘invited’ to see the video.
I still see the part of the vid  You can no longer see it but a couple minutes from the end when the woman is laying on the ground, curled into a ball as the mob jeers at her and trashes her stuff.
Because they’re tolerant and Trump supporters do not deserve any tolerance.

Inclusion and tolerance, it’s only for lefties and their, ‘mostly-peaceful’, friends. Like Black Lives Matter (but only certain black lives matter, the ones who are authentically black as per rich, white, lefties), protesters who are totally not Islamic and totally not jihadis (like members of the Islamic Jihad, for instance). Pretty much anybody but those who don’t hate Amerikkka.

Now, back to me being pissed off over a mob attacking a black (her black life doesn’t matter), homeless, possibly crazy, woman.

This really pisses me off, it was physically painful to watch.

A bunch of totally tolerant fuckheads attack a, black (Don’t black lives matter?) homeless woman. Notice they just keep doing it, nobody thinks to try to stop them. They think it’s fucking funny.

Aren’t there police in Hollywood? I figure, they were giving them space to do what they would. Cuz of the hatefulness of Trump.

Check out the comments of the fuckhead who took the video and thinks it’s funny. I wasn’t against the asshole who took the vid until I read the comments defending the actions of this violent mob of assholes who attacked a black (some black lives don’t matter) homeless woman.

If you are truly concerned about this lady, she was fine. After this altercation, we called emergency services (even though people said “let her be” on the video

Oh, that’s all good then, after attacking her they called someone to clean up the mess.

With the required, “Mostly Peaceful” quote.

* She was there for at least 3 hours, and most all of the time, it was peaceful,

This is messed up

people tried asking her reason for voting for Trump and protecting his star, but it is obvious she wasn’t in “all her senses” ,

So naturally they attacked her, kicked over her cart with all her possession and started ripping up her stuff.

Cuz the answer to speech you don’t like is to be “mostly peaceful”.

However, these “scumbags” not only tried to help her, bought her food and drink

and attacked her, but let’s not pay attention to that. Before attacking, someone brought her food and drink and after being attacked they called an ambulance. Let he who has not beat a homeless, black (some black lives don’t matter) woman cast the first stone. (splat!)

A little lying about who attacked her.

That’s not a man, it was a girl,

That big fat guy was a woman?

I love this one


The name of the video gives lie to that statement, Crazy 4 Trump, and from your comments that I’m quoting,  you also did it because you think it’s funny to attack Trump voter

: I can see the right wing has already taken my video out of context and using for their political agenda.

Cuz a mob of violent assholes attacking a homeless black (some black lives don’t matter) woman because of who they prefer in the election is not political.
How the fuck can people defend attacking this near helpless woman?

Because they’re hate-filled, immature, assholes who think violence is the answer to speech they don’t like.

I love this one.

*I’ve lived for over one year in downtown LA, and I got to cohabit with people exactly like this lady. Some are born with mental issues, some get there after abusing drugs. The point is, we used to have asylums (psychiatric wards) where they could go get treated.

But since we don’t have that many asylums anymore, we might as well get some entertainment by attacking them.

And of course, since it’s in California, none of the people who attacked this black (some black lives don’t matter), homeless woman will be arrested or charged with anything.

Cuz the rule of law is dead and she deserved it anyway. I mean, she disagrees with totally tolerant lefties so ipso facto and QED, needs to be violently attacked.

I hate people.

  1. imadenier says:

    …playback of this video has been disabled by the owner…

  2. Veeshir says:

    I figured that would happen.
    I should probably find out how to download them.

    It shows a mob surrounding her, knocking over her cart and throwing stuff around. The last couple minutes are laying on the ground, curled into a ball as the jeering crowd ravages her meager possessions.
    It’s disturbing to say the least.

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