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Dude wants a boycott because Starbucks supported a bill allowing for gay marriage (PuffHo link advisory in effect) in Washington.

I’m still gonna support Starbucks because they continue to support the 2nd Amendment.  The Brady Campaign continues to call for Starbucks to bar people who carry from their shops, and Starbucks continues to kick the Bradys in the sack and refuse their requests.  Any company that kicks the Bradys in the nards is one I’ll buy from.

Gotta love some of the socons, ZOMG TEH QUEERS EVERYBODY PANIC as we’re 15 trillion in the fucking hole, shitheads on every level are trying to crush every bit of liberty we have left, we’re hurtling toward authoritarian rule and financial ruin and they’re worried about whether Michael and Steve can get married.  *facepalm*  Hey guys?  Learn to fucking prioritize.

Also, what’s the over/under on this pastor being a major closet case?  Seems like it’s a high ratio for pastors overly concerned about Teh Ghey.

Fun with zombies

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Fun one, though not as shooty as I typically like in my zombie games.

25 days is my best thus far.

Given my background in history and political science, I have a fascination with North Korea and its wacky Communist/Cult government, and Vice does some of the best/most interesting reporting on North Korea.  The Caller has an interview with Shane Smith of Vice regarding his visit to these camps.  Absolutely read the article, then watch the videos.

And can I just say this about the DC’s commenters?  Seriously?  You fucking mouthbreathers are whining about the fact that there are a few f-bombs being dropped by Smith and quoted by DC?  Grow the fuck up, this Vice guy brings us absolutely brilliant original reporting, I, someone absolutely fascinated by North Korea (given my history and political science background) had no fucking clue about these Siberian labor camps, and you’re bitching because he drops a few f-bombs and used phrases like drunk-y and murder-y to describe his various run-ins with violent drunken Russian hoodlums?  On top of the original reporting on yet more human rights violations that are routine with this absolutely sick, bizarre regime…and you’re bitching about a journalist using the word fuck in said reporting?  Get over your fucking selves you goddamned immature puritans.

I’m totally humming No Motherland Without You right now.

Also, here’s one for the Paultards,

Take a hint, guys. Also,

I’d totally watch this every morning,

Awesomeness all around

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This is pretty cool, and I’ll say this, I’ll never like his music, but Justin Timberlake definitely deserves some kudos here.


I have thus declared,

I’m the Generalissimo of delightfully cheesy 80’s music…it’s sort of like being a regular Generalissimo, but with a slightly better taste in music, but an even worse haircut and really *REALLY* gigantic shoulder pads.  And tons of blow, mustn’t forget the blow.

I had to look it up because I had no idea WTF was going on with this story (if it wasn’t made obvious by that, I don’t have a TV) so I had to Google it…I do know that Hitler’s already issued his reaction,



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Sometimes there really is no better way to comment on something you see other than an Allahesque dude

18 year old girl sitting next to him…and yes, he was in an aisle seat, turns when she hears a noise to see 25 year old junior college student Kyle Pearce blow manchowder all over the plane seat and run to the plane’s bathroom. BTW, if you’re ever flying United, avoid the aisle seat of row 18 of the plane with tail number N843UA.