The Unitypurgathon For 2012 Gathers Steam!

Posted: November 19, 2010 by Edward von Bear in FAIL, GOP FAIL
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Richard Lugar must be the stupidest fucking man alive if he thinks this will go under the radar.

Seriously, this fuckjacker needs to get a primary opponent. Fuck anybody who tells me that keeping his fucking ass around because he is “electable” in a state that probably will go red yet again in 2012. And fuck any Republican, be they primaried out of office or not, if they support the Dream Act.

  1. Lugar’s always been a POs.

    And sign me up for the Purgathon. Business as usual got us on to this lovely rapidly swirling trip around the inside of the porciline god. I’m not interested in the none of the expenses paid trip down the drain.

  2. davis,br says:

    You can leave an email for Senator Durbin here:

    I did. I was, actually, polite. I simply expressed my STRONG objections to the Dream Act. And mentioned that even though I was not a resident of his state, I WOULD BE contributing to his opponent’s campaign in the primary, and if he made it through the primary, to his Democrat opponent in the general.

    …what I didn’t add was And Fuck You Very Much, Asshole. Hopefully, that came through though.

    …yeah, yeah, cross posted. I got the wrong thread the first time.

  3. Rip VanBullwinkle says:

    There’s a good chance state senator Mike Delph will challenge Lugar in the ’12 primary.

  4. Richard Loogie will be spit out like the phlem-sucking dungbat he is.

  5. davis,br says:

    Jeezus. Red faced: now how in the fuck did I misread that? (Don’t answer that.) Now I s’pose I have to go leave a “Never mind” on DD’s site.

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