In other words…

Posted: April 6, 2011 by Sean M. in Lame, News

bring on the cheating:

To borrow from the language of polling, the margin of uncertainty tied to outstanding precincts, absentee ballots and possible tabulation errors is just bigger than the margin separating the two candidates.

I’m quite sure that if there was a slim margin of victory for the liberal judge, people like Josh Marshall would be looking at “tabulation errors” and trying to find ballots in election officials’ car trunks and everything.


  1. Despite being kicked in the nuts over and over by the GOP/RNC fistfuckers, the loyal GOP voters still will fight for them. Let’s hope the GOP/RNC fistfuckers don’t spit in our face again or let us down by abandoning the recount efforts

  2. […] Sean M cynically noted a few days ago, “bring on the cheating.” […]

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