Romney meets with Reichsmarschall Bloomberg to talk gun control

Posted: May 2, 2012 by doubleplusundead in GOP FAIL

Dumb. Fucking. Moron.  Hey Mitt?  You need the NRA vote.  Need it.  YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE IT, STUPID!  Did you not watch the ’94 and ’00 elections?  Reichsmarschall Bloomberg is not someone you need to be courting, he’s not going to deliver NY to you, NO ONE will deliver NY to you, it’s a lost state.  Commie controlled.  It’s Indian Country.   As far as GOP presidential candidates go, NY, MA, IL and CA might as well be marked “Dragons be Here” on their electoral maps.

Mitt gains nothing politically by doing this, but he has plenty to lose by doing this.  Does he NOT realize that half the GOP base has hit the stage where they’re hoarding guns and ammo?  That people who would have never EVER considered owning a firearm in the past are kitting out with ARs and AKs, piles of mags and ammo and carry guns and permits?   That gun and ammo sales have been recordbreaking for years now?  That AR15 and variants thereof have been the number one rifle sold in America for a decade now?  The public sees the deep fractures that are developing in American society, the instability, the media, liberal leadership and pundit class agitating for riot and violence and the hopeless situation in DC, and they’re arming up to defend their homesteads.

Mitt better realize that allying with Reichsmarschall Bloomberg is going to be a disaster for him.  God help us all if Mitt picks that Nanny Stater fascist to be his VP.

  1. Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder says:

    Perhaps the person who wrote his very fine speech the other night has set this up with the intention that Romney will alienate and anger the mayor of NYC. Getting Bloomberg to denounce Romney as a paleo-conservative-ayn-rand enemy of all things Liberal could be just the back-handed endorsement this guy needs.

    Yeah, I’m whistling in the dark.

  2. fullroman051 says:

    Actually, Mittens O’Romney can annoy all the gun owners he wants. Our only option will be to (shudder) vote for Teh One or not vote. Either way, the bar for getting votes is quite low. He only has to ‘appear’ to be less likely to eff up the nation as bad as than Teh One has: That’s a damned easy hurdle even for the Waffle-Mitten.

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