The Oldest Despotism

Posted: May 2, 2015 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Obama's Fault

Of all the things that could bring us to the end how funny would it be if it was hydraulic despotism?

hydraulic despotism2



Of course, it is not that surprising or even funny that it would be brought on by enviro-fascists.

hydraulic despotism



I have to admit, I figured CA’s water problem would be the spark, I did not think it would be race riots.

Either way, it will start because of Democratic policies in Democratic areas and for that, the Tea Party cannot be forgiven.

  1. In a kind of interesting addition to this post, I was listening to NPR this morning ( it was playing over the speakers in my doctor’s office) and they had a feature on the California Drought, as seen through the eyes of teenagers who, according to NPR, have never known a time in their life when there wasn’t a drought. In the feature, the teens mention that the city where they live, Oakland, has always had great water- even better than bottled water- but that something had been done that changed the quality of the water. It turns out that the city had been drawing their water from the deeper parts of the resevoir, wherein lies the coldest, freshest water. But, in an effort to save that water for the salmon, had begun drawing their water from shallower parts of the resevoir. The change in the taste and quality of the water caused citizens to complain, so the city of Oakland has returned to drawing its water from the deeper parts again. But rest assured, salmon huggers; the Director of some touchy-feely department in the municipal government assured the listeners that they were working hard to come up with an alternative so the salmon will be able to have all the cold fresh water they want.

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