Posted: July 8, 2011 by veeshir in Crapblog News, PEBKAC

Did I spell that right?

As I intimated the other day, I’m leaving the East Coast.

Why? I left my gov’t bureaucrat job, (I might do a post on that job, I’m still deciding)

I’m moving to the greater Phoenix metropolitan area the end of the month. We might need a “WTF is wrong with Arizona” category.

No job yet, but I have some good leads. We’ll see what happens, so add one more to the unemployment rate.


I saved a bunch of cash when I realized I was done so I’ll be okay for a while, but I’ll really miss that big paycheck and benefits.

Eh, I just wasn’t cut out to be a bureaucrat, I hate checking boxes. That’s why my posts are mostly “uncategorized”, I’m just not a box checking kind of guy.

  1. SOYLENT GREEN says:

    No job yet?
    I’ve heard there are openings both running guns to Mexico, and, of course, silencing anyone who’s ever heard of running guns to Mexico.
    The latter sounds like the safer gig–pays better too, just sayin.’
    Of course, on the downside,it’s still a government gig.

  2. Veeshir says:

    No more .gov.
    It’s too bad, I would like to run guns to Mexico.

    Of course, I’d be trying to get them to the people being terrorized by the armed thugs instead of getting them to the thugs.

    Eh, maybe the next admin…

  3. Too bad you won’t be coming to Texas. Jobs are plentiful here, and the weather is comparable. We are only TEN miles from the Sun, as opposed to Phoenix’s five 😉

    • Veeshir says:

      I thought about it but I don’t know anybody, except electronically, in Texas. Who knows? while I’m in AZ I can always try to find a job in Texas. I just have a good lead on something in Mesa.

      I have always wanted to live in Texas. Well, ever since I read Zane Grey.

      I have a very good friend in Mesa and since I’m living on savings, Apache Junction is cheap and, she says, not a bad place to live. Just lots of rednecks with pick-ups and guns.
      Sorta like where I grew up, except they’ve taken the guns away over the last 40 years. I should fit right in.

      Another potential strike is that I’m a Giants fan who hates the Cowboys even more than 80s music.
      Almost as much as say, spammers or communists. .

  4. davisbr says:

    Did I spell that right

    No. Common mistake tho’: you have an extra “e” in the middle.

  5. davisbr says:

    …ahhhh. And that answers my ??? in a previous post.

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