I Just Can’t Take It Seriously

Posted: May 12, 2017 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Liberal FAIL, PEBKAC, The "Justice" Dept., Trump 2020 Reelection Team

I try, I really do, but then I read articles like this one about Trump telling Comey not to ‘leak’ a bunch of lies to papers.

But FBI officials contradicted Trump’s claims, saying the dinner was requested by the White House. A former senior FBI official said Comey also would never have told the president he was not under investigation, The Hill reported.

Anonymous FBI officials. Let’s not forget that. And the Hill is untrustworthy, as has been well chronicled on this page (no, really. You should read the posts!)

The New York Times, citing “two people who have heard his account of the dinner,” said  Trump asked Comey for his loyalty at the dinner.

Comey reportedly replied that he would offer his honesty.

The NY Times are a bunch of lying sacks of fake-newsers and untrustworthy, their “anonymous sources” are lying sacks of shit until proven treasonous.

The bit about “I can only offer my honesty!” really makes me laugh my ass off. That’s what you see in bad fiction.

Bad fiction like anything from the NY Times or the Hill for instance.


So since it’s utterly ridiculous out there, let’s keep with that theme?


What the hell is that?


I am no closer to figuring out if the President Hillary Clinton blog is done by a Hillary fan, a sane person or FrnakJ

Cases in point.

Failed presidential candidate sez

On Monday, Donald Trump said that the Civil War might have been averted if only American slaves were “better negotiators.”

That’s fucking funny.

This one is funny too, it might even be funny on purpose

According to photos released by North Korea’s state news agency, at the May Day Festival in Pyongyang, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un was seen sporting a trim white pantsuit – communicating his respect, and possibly his surrender, to President Hillary Rodham Clinton.

If all the posts were like that I’d lean heavily toward FrnakJ or a sane person, but then we have posts like this.

On Wednesday, FBI Director James Comey announced that the agency’s investigation of Donald Trump had produced “enormous, incontrovertible and disturbing evidence” that the failed former presidential candidate committed treason …

At a press conference, Comey said it’s the FBI’s recommendation that the Department of Justice indict Trump as a traitor – a crime that, if proven in court, is punishable by death.

“Hillary Clinton’s staggering 3 million-vote victory at the ballot box ensured that Trump’s brazen attempt to contravene American democracy and betray his fellow citizens were ultimately unsuccessful…

At one point, Comey referred to Trump as “the greatest traitor since Benedict Arnold.” Chants of “Lock Him Up” and “Kill The Traitor” could be heard from the streets.

Comey apologized to Clinton for both violating her Constitutional rights and abusing the powers of his office and violating her rights in the course of investigating her emails in communications with Congress.

That’s a pitch perfect line from an angry Hillary voter.

So no closer to figuring it out, but at least it makes me laugh.

Let’s do some David Thompson links.

Well, we already did one, that first lemur looking thing.

His Friday Ephemera are often twitter-heavy.


I’ll teach alexthechick to blow this pizza joint!

How to fight in stompy boots, as related by Stevie Nicks!


Two chicken nugget winners!


Shit, is this becoming a cat blog?

No! Let’s do some aircraft identification!

I think that’s a P-47 Thunderbolt, at least according to the chart partway down on that page.


Don’t forget, vote early and often!

Otherwise you might end up with hundreds of traffic lights, not strippers and Hillary as POTUS!

Too horrible to contemplate!

  1. Paco says:

    That second photo of chicken nuggets looks like a nuggets kit (some disassembly required).

    Hilarious videos, incidentally.

  2. Mike_W says:

    Cats can be remarkably dangerous, and tough, when caught doing something wrong.

    • veeshir says:

      Pretty cool but totally unrealistic.
      They should have used Kagogi the Destroyer.
      But then, they probably wanted their virtual city to be standing at the end of the game so maybe it was a good call.

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