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IMPORTANT, ABOVE THE POST, UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now back to our post.

Comey comey comey, comey….comey! Comey comey, comey comey. Comey; “Comey” comey.


First, a lie.

Ex-FBI director James Comey said Thursday that he didn’t call for an independent counsel to probe Hillary Clinton’s private email server because there was no evidence that any crime had been committed.

Yeah see, you said she broke the law but didn’t mean to, so no harm no foul. So you’re lying.

Also notice that he saw that Lynch and Hillary were working together to subvert the rule of law and yet, he and all of Minitrue are throwing innuendo at Trump.

Also…. he said he leaked a memo (not the memo, he told a ‘journalist’ what it said), because of what Trump said.

So…. he’ll leak against Trump but exonerate a crook for Obama.


This Is CNN!

Read the responses, they’re pretty much all pointing out CNN is a bunch of lying liars who fake news.

Which led to this.

CNN has corrected a Tuesday report after the release of former FBI Director James Comey’s opening statement for his Thursday testimony in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee contradicted the report’s sources.

Aww, poor fakenewsers. It’s not so easy to fake news when the rest of the world doesn’t go along.



President Trump is winning on one key campaign promise, cutting regulations and virtually eliminating the release of new ones.

In fact, he has cut the output of costly regulations so deeply that a group that charts the federal government’s output of rules has called the shift “historic.”

He can’t do the GOP’s job and they’re certainly not going to, but he can undo Obama’s lawbreaking/lawmaking ‘pen and phone’ shit.


At S Fist we see this story.

A UC Berkeley student who says she was violently attacked by protesters on campus the night of a planned speech by Milo Yiannopoulos in February is now suing the university — along with a host of others including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi — for withholding police protection and allowing attacks like the one she suffered

Sue them senseless.

Well, except for Nancy Pelosi, sue her sensible. She certainly cannot get anymore senseless. But we do know the mayor is a member of one of the violent fascist groups so she has a darn good case.

Via the King of France.


Important Update to yesterday’s post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A mea wronga.

Yesterday I wrote

I bet if he runs against Trump in 2020 most of the GOP’s Senate contingent will Be For Biden!.

Today we see

“Biden will be interviewed by Romney during a Friday evening event in Park City, Utah, at the invitation-only summit, according to a Biden spokesman and participants briefed on the schedule. The speaker lineup for what is traditionally a gathering of Romney allies is packed with high-profile Republicans, among them House Speaker Paul Ryan and Sens. Lindsey Graham and John McCain.

So much of the GOPers in the Senate and a huge swathe of the GOPers in the House, including the leadership, are already planning Joe Biden’s 2020 run against Trump. I figured the House assholes would keep it on the downlow.

That should raise Trump’s victory by at least 2 points. How often does the same crew work for both candidates in an election?



Nother Update. I stopped writing this story a few years ago but it’s still a good reminder.

I have been following sunspot numbers for many years now. And while sunspot numbers have been decreasing steadily for several cycles to date, the current dearth is very unusual — especially for this point in the cycle — and, to quote my favorite Vulcan, “Fascinating.” I am definitely continuing to keep an eye on the activity, or rather lack thereof. For those of you who may not be familiar with my background, I am an astrophysicist turned rocket scientist turned author; my graduate work was in spotted variable star astronomy. This IS my principal field of expertise.

Yeah, we’ve been watching that since about 2002 or so, This is from 6/2006.

2 sunspots.

Now today we see

Yeah, the Sun just keeps not cooperating.


For those who are unclear on the term Vicious Cycle

Quincy-based Ermont Inc. has been selling cannabis-infused pizza for about three weeks to rave reviews.

Your munchies will give you the munchies.


  1. imadenier says:

    … so, professor, that ball of nuclear fire in the sky might … possibly … influence the earth’s climate … possibly … causing some measurable climate change without any human intervention !!!

    what a preposterous proposition…

    i did like this part “that we can use other data, such as Carbon-14 and other isotopic abundances in tree rings and ice cores, to be able to approximate solar activity in earlier timeframes before sunspot observations began, though it is not as accurate. And we don’t get actual sunspot numbers out of ‘em, but instead we get relative solar activity”

    that caveat makes it sound more scientific and less religiously infallible than the other commonly presented theory to me…

  2. veeshir says:

    If they correlate it with current tree ring data to get a baseline that could make it science.
    I’m not sure if they do that though.
    That’s how we got the hockey stick after all.

  3. Paco says:

    Ok, that picture of the retard chamber with the congressional label is the funniest thing I’ve seen all week.

  4. Mike_W says:

    “Yeah, the Sun just keeps not cooperating.”

    Globule Worming!!!
    Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humour?

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